Joey Bidey, “the Demented One,” is in full effect, as he, just like a Pez candy dispenser, dispenses out the Islamic, Socialist and Anarchistic shit from Soros and Obama. You can go to the bank on my prediction for the near term, until we get real close to the ’22 Congressional elections: Biden, following orders from two of the most evil men in the world, will do to us, what Bubba did the Charlie in the showers and we too will be swinging from a rope, the rope that should have been on Charlie’s soap. This is Obama’s legacy play.

Schweizer: ‘Very Clear’ Hunter, Joe Biden ‘Have Had Intertwined Finances’

Obama was as big a thief as Biden, but did a better job of hiding it in Book and Netscape deals where money could be washed. His first deal in politics was one of them, where the Chicago gangster Tony Rezco gave him land for nothing.


Schweizer: ‘Beijing Has Leverage’ over Biden Family — ‘This Demands Investigation’

Biden Withholds Secret Iran Agreement from Congress as he is prepared to “give away the store.”

Just like in Afghanistan, Biden Has No Plan to Evacuate U.S Citizens from Ukraine if Russia Invades

State Department tells stranded Americans to ‘plan accordingly’ and arrange flights home.

Pentagon places 8,500 troops on high alert for possible eastern Europe deployment

The State Department said the Russians know “we are prepared to engage.” War has always been part of the Demorat playbook, whether to make a buck or cover up the shit they do and keep your eye off of the ball.

Russia May Invade Ukraine Because of Biden’s Disastrous Message to Putin

The Neocons’ Primary War Tactic: Branding Opponents of U.S. Intervention as Traitors

By rehabilitating neocons and elevating them as thought leaders, liberals live in their framework. Thus are opponents of U.S. involvement in Ukraine deemed treasonous.

Joe diGenova: It’s Very Clear Ray Epps Was Operating as a ‘Cut-Out’ for FBI (VIDEO)

Biden Family Planned to Share Office Space with Company Employing ‘F**king Spy Chief of China’

The Gateway Pundit Signs Agreement with True the Vote – Includes Never Before Seen Video from Major Battleground State for Ballot Trafficking Investigation

CNN: Fox News ‘Invented’ Stories That Biden Is a ‘Senile President’

Far-left ‘news’ network claims Biden admin is framed as ‘a clown car driving off a cliff’ LOL


Chuck Schumer’s Campaign Pumped with Cash from Russian Pipeline-Linked Firms

European companies that fund Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline donated to Democrat leader

Physician Assistant Who Saved Hundreds Of COVID Patients From ‘Needlessly Dying In Hospitals’ Reveals Exactly Why His Medical License Is Suspended

Israeli Medical Discovery Could Stop Spread of Pancreatic Cancer

Chicago Fed Economic Activity Index Unexpectedly Plunges as Production and Consumption Weaken
U.S. Economy Slows to ‘Near Standstill’ as Omicron, Supply Chain Delays, and Inflation Surge

HOT MIC: Joe Biden Calls Fox News Reporter ‘Stupid Son of a B***h’ over Inflation QuestionPresident Joe Biden got caught calling Fox News reporter Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a bitch” over a question about inflation on Monday.


When the government pays hospitals six times as much for a CHINESE VIRUS, than others, that tells you they already know how hospitals will react. It’s the “greed factor.” As a direct result of this, more than half of all “so called” China Virus deaths were from other causes.

This then clearly tells one that the government a)started this due to a man made manipulated virus and b) promoted it so as to create the ultimate fear in order to c) control the population and cover their asses from the evil shit they they do and are still doing, by taking your eye off of the real issues.

This will go down in history as the “GREAT COVID SCAM.

Judge strikes down New York’s mask mandate as illegal

Court rules that Gov. Hochul(her name, fittingly, sounds like one clear their throat) could not impose the mandate without approval from the legislature.

DOJ awards anti-crime grants to Soros-tied groups backing anti-cop reforms linked to crime explosion
Biden on hot mic calls Fox News’ Peter Doocy ‘a stupid son of a bitch’ Our demented leader. MUST WATCH: Reporter’s Reaction to Biden Calling Him a ‘Stupid SOB’
Psaki says crime surge due to ‘underfunding’ police despite Biden’s 2020 calls to ‘redirect’ funds You know she will be walking this one back, real soon. LOL

Former New York DEMOCRAT Assembly Speaker Silver dies in prison

Gingrich says Jan. 6 commission members could face jail time if GOP retakes House From your mouth sir, to Gd’s ears.

Virginia attorney general fires university attorneys, including one who is Jan. 6 investigator
Israel, Jewish groups considering emergency airlift of 75,000 Ukrainian Jews if Russia invades

COVID Medical Panel: DoD whistle-blowers on vaccines – 500% increase in miscarriages, 300% increase in cancer, 1000% increase in neurological

Mini-Mengele Fauci warns, ‘We may need fourth booster’, He proclaims, ‘More pain and suffering’ for areas not fully vaccinated.

He’s a madman – the most powerful unelected official on earth and he is mad.

HEART-WRENCHING: Surviving Diaries of Jewish Children Murdered in Holocaust

One of Biden’s Afghan Refugees Convicted of Raping 3-Year-Old

Afghan Muslim migrant tries to kill woman because ‘women shouldn’t work,’ says ‘I sent her to paradise’

Here is yet another manifestation of the culture of violence that arises from religious texts which sanction the beating of disobedient women (Qur’an 4:34).

Crosses to disappear from nation’s largest cemetery because they upset ‘other religions’

Muslim Conservative MP accuses Tory government of firing her for her ‘Muslimness’

If it is not ‘racism’ it’s ‘Muslimness’ rather than incompetence or wrong doing. Enough of this fecking bullshit.

Palestinians Destroying Biblical Sites in Judea and Samaria

These savage mofos would be on a killing spree, rioting, burning and stone throwing even if you simply said shit about the Koran. Imagine if you destroyed a Mosque? Hey, maybe we should start doing that, as remember, IT ALWAYS STARTS IN THE MOSQUE.

“Omicron Transmission is Likely Facilitated by The Vaccines”: Dr. Malone Warns That If We Keep Vaccinating, We Risk Developing a More “Pathogenic Virus” – (VIDEO)

FLASHBACK: Joe Biden Lies and Shows His Integrity Back in 1987 – The Same Guy Who Won 81 Million Votes in 2020

General Flynn: Biden Could Cause ‘Hundreds of Millions’ of Deaths over Ukraine

Never Forgive or Forget the Enablers of the Destructive Covid Panic

After nearly two years of America pursuing politically motivated policies to “eradicate” an unstoppable respiratory virus, an increasing number of liberal politicians, commentators, and publications have begun to speak out about the failures and human cost of lockdowns and the vaccine/mask mandates.  They, along with many on the right, are applauding those who now claim that government Covid policy was a “catastrophic moral crime.” 

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Excludes Hollywood’s Jewish Founders and Filmmakers

It is outrageous and revolting that the Jewish founders of Hollywood were excluded. The organizers may have said they will make amends, but it could be argued that the damage is already done.

Soros-backed prosecutor ordered to turn over concealed records to Just the News

Documents concern St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner’s alleged misconduct in botched prosecution of ex-Missouri governor

RED-HANDED: $6 Million Biden Family Deal Was with Ye Jianming Who Had Ties to Spy-Linked ‘United Front’ Group – Schweizer: Hunter Was ‘U.S. representative for an intelligence- and military-linked Chinese company’

PBS Kids Officially Ending ‘Arthur’ After Pushing Woke BLM, Queer Propaganda

More on the Government-Sponsored ‘Patriot Front’ Showing More Government Ties

Stalinesque Cruelty: Biden’s FDA Blocks Florida from Using Life-Saving Monoclonal Antibody Treatments for COVID Patients

“Indefensible Edict” – DeSantis Rages After Biden’s FDA Restricts Use Of Monoclonal Antibody Treatments

REMINDER: Merrick Garland’s DOJ Quietly Dismissed Charges Against 31 Violent Antifa Terrorists — While 40 J-6ers Rot in Prison Over a Year Now with No Rights

INSANE: Masked Karens Attack Unmasked Black Man In Elevator And Scream “Black Lives Matter” Repeatedly (VIDEO)

The left has given the mentally ill a voice TO BE CRAZY!

Pelosi’s Capitol Police Gathering “Intelligence” on Hill Staffers and Citizens Who Meet with Lawmakers

The Crime Wave Nobody Sees: Yet Another Muslim Rape Gang in the UK

Big Tech Thugs and Their Allies

Report: Boston Hospital Drops Man from Heart Transplant List Because He’s Unvaccinated

MSNBC Host Calls on Leftists to ‘Pick Up a Weapon’ and Fight American ‘War’

You can betcha the J6 phony committee won’t be investigating this.

Democrat Rep Caught Bribing Primary Challenger to Drop Out of Race

Demorat politics as usual.

Biden’s Weak Iran Policy is Reason for Attacks on US Allies, Says Arab Media

The Importance of Upholding the Constitution, the Right to Counsel and the Presumption of Innocence

Consumer Confidence Dragged Down As Bidenflation and Omicron Crush Hope

Reporting for Reuters: COCKROACH Henriette Chacar, Who Stated Israel Practices ‘Apartheid’ and is ‘Built on Jewish Supremacy’

Hospitals Using Toxic, FDA-Approved Drug For Covid-19 Treatment

Is China Using Its COVID Policy To Destroy The Global Economy? This way we become more dependent on their cheap shit.

Florida Shuts Down Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Sites After FDA Revokes Authorization

Biden Admin’s Mass Release of Single Adult Males Illegals Across USA

This is a massive, massive scoop from @BillFOXLA. Biden’s resettling single adult male illegal aliens across the USA. In a healthy democracy, this scandal would be the biggest news story in country right now. 

Ukraine Slams Biden For Urging Americans To Leave: ‘Americans are safer in Kyiv than they are in LA’ Biden’s war hysteria.

FDA halts use of Regeneron, other monoclonal antibody COVID treatment, DeSantis says move ‘reckless’ Yet do nothing about dangers of vax. TOO MUCH PROFIT IN VAX!
House ethics panel votes to move forward with bribery investigation of Illinois Dem. Marie Newman

Latest Actions by Durham Indicate a Broken Investigation by a Broken DOJ

Biden’s Deputy National Security Adviser Says Americans Should Care About Ukraine Because ‘Borders Should be Inviolate” — As Record 518,360 Illegals Invade US Border in First Fiscal Quarter of Year

Top American Medical Journal Study Confirms the Risk of Myocarditis and Pericarditis After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines – Risks is Highest After Second Vaccine in Adolescent Males and Young Men

StL Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Loses Appeal After Hiding Communications with Soros Operatives, Political Insiders in Plot to Take Down Missouri Governor Greitens

Outraged father sues Florida school district for having secret gender identity meetings with daughter who then tried to commit suicide

WATCH: Fox News reporter Bill Melugin catches Biden admin mass releasing illegals that are supposed to be DEPORTED

CNN Announces 2022 Prom Queen Nominations


We are in an age where nothing you hear or see can be trusted as the ‘Information Highway’ is now the ‘Highway To Hell.’ What you see and here is not truth or fact, but the slant that the elites want you to hear or see in order to best serve their interests.

It is collusion on one grand scale between the elites, press propagandists and government. All are full of shit, all lying to you and all doing their desperate best to control you in order to meet their needs and in most circumstances at the expense of yours.

We may be the ‘Home Of The Brave’ but we are no longer the ‘Land Of The Free.’ Freedom means the freedom of choice and your choices in every walk of life are skewed by disinformation, propaganda and out and out lies. They are all lying to you, the press propagandists, the government and the elites that control you and all else.

How Propagandists Co-Opted ‘Fact-Checkers’ and the Press to Control the Information Landscape

“Virtually every piece of information that can be co-opted has been, whether it’s Wikipedia online, fact-checkers, the news,” says five-time Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson. “This is all part of a very well-funded, well-organized landscape that dictates and slants the information they want us to have.”


Has anyone noticed how over the past couple years, particularly in the last six months Google, the Worlds most common starting point for all internet browsing, has become no more than a search engine for Western State propaganda?

Obama’s Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act H.R. 5181

“A bill to implement the U.S.’ very own de facto Ministry of Truth had been quietly introduced in Congress. As with any legislation attempting to dodge the public spotlight the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016 marks a further curtailment of press freedom and another avenue to stultify avenues of accurate information. Introduced by Congressmen Adam Kinzinger and Ted Lieu, H.R. 5181 seeks a “whole-government approach without the bureaucratic restrictions” to counter “foreign disinformation and manipulation,” which they believe threaten the world’s “security and stability.”

White House Press Secretary Slips and Says Who She’s Really Reporting To and It’s Not Biden

Facebook admits in court ‘fact-checks’ are really just leftwing corporate groupthink. While most people are taught the very basic difference between fact and opinion at a young age, some time in elementary school, Facebook is still struggling.

Facebook caught funding CCP-linked “Marxist Journalism” programs to brainwash users with left-wing propaganda

Mark Zuckerberg is funneling millions of dollars to the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), a Beijing-based “journalism” school that trains people to work for the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) state-run propaganda outlets.

Biden’s DOJ Files Motion to Intervene In President Trump’s Facebook Lawsuit

If anyone wondered why Facebook rigged the 2020 election for the Democrats, now you know.

The leftwing media writes propaganda for Dems & then Big Tech censors & silences anyone who dares to dissent

‘The View’ Co-Host Ana Navarro Pushes Unhinged Conspiracy Theories to Delegitimize 2022 Midterms

Psaki Says Florida – Where Schools Have Been 100% Open Since Fall 2020 – Has “Done Little” to Distribute Money to Keep Schools Open

China Sends 34 Fighter Jets, One Bomber, and 4 Aircraft With Electronic Warfare Capabilities Into Taiwan Air Defense Zone

The only thing missing was a banner flying from the rear of the bomber saying ‘FUCK YOU, JOE BIDEN.’

Who are the Oath Keepers?

Hearing the Department of Justice describe them, one would think that the Oath Keepers are the scariest bunch of anti-American knuckleheads to come down the pike since the Ku Klux Klan. 

The Top 10 COVID Villains of 2021

And most of them — but not all! — are set to keep going strong in 2022.

The Corruption of Science by Money and Marxism

Individual scientists are often well meaning and honest. But they are caught up in a system where conformity is enforced. 

Georgia sues Biden administration for rejecting Medicaid work requirement

Fraudsters cash in as Dems shovel out billions and billions in “COVID relief”

It was always about Democrats funneling cash to their criminals. Meanwhile no one can get ivermectin, HCQ, monoclonal antibodies – proven treatment for Covid.

More voters believe Trump was legitimately elected than Biden, poll

Former Clinton Cabinet Member, Obnoxious Midget and Democrat Bigwig Calls for Violence Against Senator Krysten Sinema

German chancellor turned down Biden invite to discuss Ukraine crisis

Another epic fail for the Biden clown car …..

Biden Against Israel Pipeline to Europe, Fine With Putin’s Pipeline What’s wrong with EastMed and Keystone that isn’t wrong with Russia’s NordStream 2? Our “collective interest” apparently includes a Russian pipeline to Europe, and appeasing Erdogan in Turkey, but not a Mediterranean pipeline. This also suits Biden’s anti Israel policy.

Bari Weiss: Sotomayor’s False COVID Statements Are the Misinformation You’re Going to Believe if You Watch Cable News All Day

Trump Media CEO Devin Nunes: Taking on Woke Big Tech the ‘Battle of All Battles’

Poll: Approval of the Democrat-led Congress Sinks to 18 Percent

Putin’s Real Puppet – After Killing XL Pipeline, Biden Regime Imports Oil from Russia at Record Levels

WATCH: “We Dont Want Two States. We Want ’48” – Pro-Palestine Group At Arizona State University Calls For The Invasion Of Israel

Tony Podesta, Given Immunity by Mueller Gang, Now Making Millions from Chinese Telecom Company Huawei

Why Is The Airline Industry So Concerned With The 5G Network?

The airline industry has raised concerns about how this technology could impact operations and what to do to guarantee safety.

Dark Side Of Metaverse Exposed: Why Your Kids Need To Stay Away From VRChat

VRChat is “not a place for children.” 

Biden TSA confirms they are allowing illegals to FLY using arrest warrants as proper ID

Must-see TV: Mark Levin interview with Peter Schweizer exposes $31 million in CCP money to the Biden family and much more

Here We Go… New York Governor Hochul Signs Bill to Allow Mail-in Voting in 2022 Election — It Will Help Her Reelection

State Department orders families of U.S. Embassy personnel in Kiev to prepare for evacuation

Threat of Russian invasion appears to be growing. You would think that all of the money Hunter and Mr. Ten Percent took out of Ukraine, that he would take care of his pals?

Investigators Reveal Cult, Murder, and Spies Around Photos of ‘Chinese Troops’ in Canada

Irish police investigate claim dead man taken to post Office to claim pension

Yes..this should be a movie!

This is child abuse!

‘Woke’ University Slaps Warning on George Orwell’s 1984: ‘Offensive and Upsetting’

Sometimes bitches, the truth has a way of being that way.

The 1/6 Select Committee Witch Hunt

The Select Committee set up by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to investigate the January 6 riot is acting as a judicial branch with no constitutional limits whatsoever.

Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul was involved in FIVE companies probed by the feds as shocking paper trail connects him to a slew of fraudsters and convicted criminals

Like mother, like son.

America Heading for a Systems Collapse

Radical socialism, nationalization, corruption, jailing opponents, and the destruction of constitutional norms

Nebraska radical curriculum derailed after pressure by parent’s group

Power to the parents! Proposed Nebraska statewide “health” curriculum derailed after pressure by MassResistance group. Outrageous curriculum included sexuality, LGBT propaganda, Critical Race Theory, and more.

Facebook Bans Criticizing Taliban and Ben and Jerry’s

What do Facebook, Ben and Jerry’s, and the Taliban all have in common? They support terrorists. Facebook has threatened to ban the head of the watchdog group UN Watch due to alleged content violations, including a post denouncing the Taliban and the movement to boycott Israel. 

Schweizer, Red Handed, Exposes How Silicon Valley Has Sold Itself to Communist China

Denver Elementary School Teaching Kids to ‘Disrupt the Nuclear Family’ and Support BLM

Kamala Harris Says One of Her “Expectations” This Year is Mass Amnesty For Millions of Illegal Aliens (VIDEO)

Just When You Thought Things Could Not Get Any Worse… ‘Bare Shelves Biden’ Bans Unvaccinated Truckers from Mexico and Canada into the US


Lockdowns, Masks, and Vaccines Have All Been Complete Failures, But That’s Not the Real Problem

While the failure of COVID restrictions is certainly reason to end them, as the world seems to be recognizing right now, it’s far from the most important reason.

On Bill Maher’s most recent show, Bari Weiss stumbles upon the most important problem with these restrictions, passionately telling Maher and his audience: I’m sorry, if you believe the science, you will look at the data that we did not have two years ago, and you will find out that cloth masks do not do anything.  You will realize that you can show your vaccine passport at a restaurant and still be asymptomatic and carrying Omicron.

And you will realize, most importantly, that this is going to be remembered by the younger generation as a catastrophic moral crime…

People are killing themselves.  They’re anxious.  They are depressed.  They are lonely.  That is why we need to end it, more than any inconvenience to that it’s been to the rest of us.  I think…it’s a pandemic of bureaucracy!

And the audience, undoubtedly comprised of mostly leftwing mask mavens and Fauci cultists, roared its applause.  

Will We Purposely Add CO2 to the Atmosphere Soon?

Patrick Moore’s new book about the dangerous hysteria around climate change indicates that we’re completely misdiagnosing the Earth’s CO2 problem.

As Iran was about lose its UN General Assembly vote for nonpayment of dues, the US arranged funds to cover the debt and keep Iran voting
Imagine if President Trump had bailed out the UN arrears of a US foe. The articles of impeachment would have been drafted within hours.

Biden Frees Gitmo Terrorist Linked to Chanukah Murder of Israeli Children

The Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘Useful Idiots’ at the Broward County School Board

Democrats, mainstream media get another Russia story wrong, adding to long list

Repeated errors raise concerns of desensitizing Americans to threat as prospect of Russian invasion of Ukraine looms.

House has delayed passage of Senate chip funding bill for 7 months as vehicle prices keep rising

Jan 6 BOMBSHELL: Ashli Babbitt Pleaded With Police To Stop Antifa False Flag On Jan 6th


Hunter Tangled Up with Chinese Intel-Linked Business Partners…

Five Deals Between Biden Family and People with High-Level CCP Intel Ties

Soros Open Society and the Founding of the Nation’s Largest Voter Roll Clean-Up Operation

Top German Professor on Fauci‘s Bombshell E-Mails: “He bears full responsibility; he should be held liable”

China’s Scientific Spies Operating in the U.S. Have Chinese State Security Code Names – Why is US Allowing This?

Nothing to See Here… CDC Is Monitoring Local Residents for Cold-like Symptoms Following Crash of Semi Carrying 100 CDC Test Monkeys

Joe Biden Weighs Deploying THOUSANDS of US Troops to Ukraine

Bobby Kennedy Jr. Gives Historic Speech at Lincoln Memorial Today for March Against Vaccine Mandates and Medical Tyranny

CBS Host Stunned NOT ONE Participant in Face the Nation’s Focus Group Believes America is in a Better Place After One Year of Joe Biden (VIDEO)


The Nazi pig, George Soros, has wrecked nations, banks and is trying to drive America into the ground, all so he can short the dollar and get rich. How, buy backing and literally installing people in power who will create chaos. Obama and Biden are just a few, as it is Obama pulling Biden’s strings as Soros pulls his. What is also criminal is that he has spent millions installing people in power who can impact your daily life. DA’s, as L.A.’s George Gascon to Schoolboards are wrecking havoc and are all aboard the Soros Train To Nowhere, as we end in chaos, and eventually Socialism.

George Soros has blood on his hands for the rise in killings nationwide

The crime wave sweeping across the country is the direct result of a years-long campaign by George Soros to bankroll the election of far-left district attorneys committed to undermining law and order.

Over the past six years or so, Soros has poured tens of millions of dollars into the campaigns of DA candidates from coast to coast, achieving a remarkable degree of success by simply overwhelming all the other candidates. Whereas normal DA candidates typically run on five-figure budgets, Soros-backed DA candidates routinely enjoy seven-figure war chests.

Marxist Los Angeles DA George Gascón Charges 26-Year-Old Transgender as Juvenile in Sex Assault of 10-Year-Old Girl

THE DEVIL HIMSELF: George Soros Funnels $1M To Defund the Police as Violent Crime Surges

Soros General Demands Purge of Military

George Soros: The Global Puppeteer Exposed


PA state Senate president urges impeachment proceedings against Soros-backed Philadelphia prosecutor
Colorado Soros-Backed Secretary of State Attacks Mesa County, Colorado Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters Again

The Rise of the New Socialism—and What You Can Do about It

The Great Reset, comes straight from the socialist witch’s kitchen and represents a reissue of well-known socialist ideas in a new guise.

Congress’s 1/6 Committee Claims Absolute Power as it Investigates Citizens With No Judicial Limits

The Committee plotted with JPMorgan and its lawyer, former Obama AG Loretta Lynch, to obtain a citizen’s financial records with no possibility of judicial review

CASE CLOSED: President Trump on Jan. 6: “I Authorized National Guard on Jan. 6 – Pelosi Turned It Down” (Video)

White House Defends Biden After He Claims Midterm Elections Could ‘Easily Be Illegitimate’


Noncitizen Voting Push Is Part of Agenda to Rid America of Citizenship: Election Expert

Senate Republicans block voting rights bill, with Schumer joining ‘nays’

Freedom to ‘STEAL’ your Vote: John R. Lewis Act failed in the Senate by 51-49.

MLK niece Alveda King: Biden ‘race baiting, playing the race card’ with voting reform ‘word salad’ rhetoric

Is America Heading for a Systems Collapse?

In modern times, as in ancient Rome, several nations have suffered a “systems collapse.” The term describes the sudden inability of once-prosperous populations to continue with what had ensured the good life as they knew it.

Teacher Unions Used Pandemic to Funnel Millions to Divisive Political Groups: Government Accountability Institute

CDC Director Makes Shocking Admission about COVID

New Emails Confirm Top Scientists Told Fauci That Natural Origin of COVID-19 Was ‘Highly Unlikely’ | Truth Over News

Robert Reich calls for ‘violence’ against Kyrsten Sinema after she voted to protect the filibuster with Republicans

The January 6 Narrative is Starting to Unravel

Did the federal government have some involvement in January 6?  We don’t know the answer to that question — and that’s a problem for a constitutional republic.


White House: Biden Pounds War Drums, Russia Could Launch Attack on Ukraine ‘at Any Point’… ‘No option is off the table’

Report: Sonia Sotomayor Still Working Remotely Because Neil Gorsuch Won’t Wear Mask in Court LOL

Transport Sec Buttigieg Silent on Looting from Cargo Trains in Los Angeles

I guess he’s happy to let America ‘take it in the ass?’

Six Facts, you may not be aware of on the Texas Synagogue Terror Attack

‘COVER-UP’: FBI Slammed for Downplaying Antisemitic Nature of Texas Synagogue Attack

MORE LIES: FBI Lied About Texas Hostage Standoff — It was the Rabbi Who Rescued the Hostages

Defense requests immunity for FBI agents, informants in Whitmer kidnapping plot Admission of guilt?

While the FBI hunts patriotic Americans, China’s “Scientific Double Agents” Operate Freely in U.S. Universities

Pamela Geller On Joe Hoft Podcast: Texas Jihadi Came To USA To Conduct Terror Operation

Listen as Pamela Geller exposes the Texas jihad, the Biden terror regime the ruin of NYC, etc

CNN Makes Outrageous Comment about Muslim Terrorist Taking Jewish Hostages

If Ivermectin Recognized, Justification for Lockdowns and Vaccine Mandates Would Evaporate: Doctor

New research suggests COVID was less deadly than thought in first year of pandemic

Meta-research pioneer John Ioannidis of Stanford cuts “infection fatality rate” by half for age groups including young people, using international “seroprevalence” review.

US Rabbis Blast American Islamic Group’s Report on Islamophobia as ‘Antisemitic’ Fake News

In the act of their killing you, they scream Islamophobia. Lying Taqiyya scum. “In every case, CAIR is deliberately claiming that to reject terrorism is anti-Muslim.” Well feck them!

The gunman who on Saturday took four people hostage inside the Congregation Beth-Israel Synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, was probed by the UK’s domestic intelligence service MI5 in 2020 as a potential “terrorist threat.” And…WE GAVE THIS COCKROACH A VISA TO COME HERE. Texas Synagogue Hostage-Taker Raised No Red Flags: White House Treasonous Leftards!

Terror Regime: Biden Halted Terror-Vetting Procedures Which Would Have STOPPED Texas Jihadi From Entering the Country


Dr. Fauci Hopes COVID Vaccine Is Approved Soon for Children Under 5-Years-Old MO MONEY, MO MONEY, MO MONEY!

Why Was Texas Synagogue Jihadi Allowed Into U.S. TWO WEEKS Ago Despite ‘Long Criminal Record’? To kill Jews, of course!

Psaki, the lying cockroach ‘claims’ Texas synagogue jihadi was checked ‘multiple times’ before being admitted to the U.S. NOT TRUE!

Texas synagogue attack: yet more evidence of FBI corruption

NYT, BBC Get HonestReporting’s Memo, Update Reporting to Reflect Antisemitic Motive Behind Texas Synagogue Attack

After synagogue incident, Muslim spokesmen ignore Islamic antisemitism, focus on ‘Islamophobia’ and criticize Israel

The perennial victims!

Blackburn Muslim Community Backtracks on Hoping Texas Terrorist Goes to ‘Highest Ranks of Paradise’

CNN: ‘Everyone’ (meaning leftards) Excited by Prospect of Hillary Clinton’s Comeback

Biden Officials Defy Critical Civil Rights Law

No wonder the Biden administration shifting attention away from actual civil rights law to its new “civil rights” laws—

it’s violating the actual law all the time.

While Shuttering Your Family Business and Getting You Fired, Fauci Made $1.7 Million On His Lies

This corrupt fascist gnome is the most powerful unelected official in the world.

Career Criminal Admits Pushing New York City Women In Front of Subway Train That Killed Her The murderer is a career violent criminal. There was a warrant out for his arrest. More tragedies like this will occur because of New York City’s incredibly lenient law 

China’s Trade Surplus Surges To Record $676.4B in 2021

This can’t continue. The Republican Party must make repatriating our manufacturing back to the United States a major issue in 2022 and 2024. President Trump or Governor DeSantis will take the fight to China when they take office in January 2025.

Residence permit of imam of nation’s largest mosque withdrawn, he’s a ‘serious danger to national security’

Aren’t they all? Remember, IT ALWAYS STARTS IN THE MOSQUE!

Convicted Pedophile Pleads Guilty to Funneling Foreign Cash to Hillary’s Campaign

He’s Only Been in Office a Year, But Seems Like Forever


Stephen Colbert argues for eliminating the Senate because of the filibuster and he’s not joking…

Germany threatens to STOP Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline if it invades Ukraine The U.S. is NOT!

TOMMY ROBINSON TRUTH BOMBS: On His Upcoming Movie “The Rape of Britain” MUSLIM Fathers and Sons Rape Girls Together

SICKENING: Teacher Caught Taping Mask To Young Child’s Face In Class – Outraged Parents Plan Demonstration at Upcoming School Board Meeting

Judicial Watch: FBI Letter Shows Pfizer Tied to Investigative File Targeting Project Veritas


Senate Democrats Predict Garland Will Prosecute Trump over January 6

Social Media NOT Censoring Muslim Hate Speech and Incitement to Murder

Why They Want to Keep the “Health Emergency” Going Forever

When the Democratic Colorado governor slightly scaled back covid mandates, he met furious opposition from the Left. Expect these people to push mandates forever.

New Footage Shows Ashli Babbitt Confronting Police for Not Stopping Rioters

Israeli Tech Can Protect Your Home from Extreme Weather, Here’s How
NPR Story About Neil Gorsuch Refusing to Wear Mask Debunked as Fake News

Kamala Harris Claims Attending Honduran President’s Inauguration Will Deter Illegal Immigration Of course it will you moron. LOL and this is the VP of America.

Reps. and terrorists Tlaib, Omar participated in events with groups who called for release of ‘Lady al-Qaeda’

FBI seen taking evidence from Texas Democrat congressman’s home

Did he stray too much from the farm, as he spoke out against the illegal invasion?

DHS Chief Mayorkas: ‘Justice and Equity’ for Illegal Aliens Is Joe Biden’s Agenda WTF?

DOJ: Illegal Alien Stole Disabled U.S. Veteran’s Identity to Get Welfare

MASSIVE PLUNGE: Since Boycott, Ben & Jerry’s Parent Company Value Drops by Unbelievable Amount 🙂

Facebook Threatens This Pro-Israel Group with Termination

Six Muslims rape and sexually abuse eight girls as young as 12, lured them over Facebook

Fairfax schools inform students they’re ‘privileged’ if they’re a ‘military kid,’ or ‘white,’ ‘male,’ or ‘Christian’

Trucking group chief says industry ‘at edge of cliff,’ says bad policies exacerbating supply chain crisis

Minn parents group claims schools indoctrinating preschoolers on transgender, equity issues

55% want you fined. 59% confined. Dems want unvaxxed put in CAMPS. To take their KIDS. And it gets WORSE.


Poll: Biden’s Job Approval Crashes to 34 Percent

Journal Pulls COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events Analysis

Supreme Court Hears Case of Christian Flag Owners Suing Boston

Liberal Justice and cockroach, Elena Kagan asked early on in the hearing: “Does the city really have to put a swastika flag if the flagpole is a designated public forum?” Mazie reported. Later on, Kagan also asked whether Boston should have to fly a “KKK flag.” Thus the pinko pinche putz equates Christians with Nazis.

Joe Biden: ‘I’ve No Idea’ Why Americans Believe I’m Not Mentally Fit to Be President LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Texas Synagogue Terrorist and Islamic Dog’s Final Words Revealed

Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State, Dominion, and Democrat Senators Beg PA Supreme Court to Stop Investigation of Fulton County Voting Machines NOW WHY WOULD THOSE FECKERS DO THAT???

CDC Reveals Natural Immunity Acquired Through Previous Infection of COVID-19 Provides More Protection than Vaccines WHO WOULDA’ THUNK IT???

CAIR/HAMSD Terrorists Revives its Campaign to Free Aafia Siddiqui, a fellow terrorist.

Chuck Schumer Staffer’s History of ‘Homophobic Tweets’ Exposed

Squinty Scarborough: Give Biden 2 Hours and He’ll Be Talking About 7-11 Stores. 🤣🤣🤣

Clean Up on Aisle 6 Biden claims America is ‘more unified’ today than when he took office LOLZ

Leaked emails from LA mayor’s top aide rip ‘annoying’ BLM, and ‘f–ing’ lefty priorities: report

WATCH: Biden the senile old feck that he is, laughs at Fox News reporter, says her question is STUPID

One of the most hostile reporters to President Trump posted the most unbelievable tweets about Biden’s presser This one will have you rolling on the floor. The chutzpa of these asstards.

NPR says its debunked reporting on SCOTUS mask issue was ‘solid,’ word choice ‘misleading’ IN OTHERWORDS THEY MISLED YOU VIA ‘WORD CHOICE.’

Elections Expert Reveals Over 550,000 Registered Voters In Wisconsin Have a Registration Date of 1/1/1918 – 115,252 of Them VOTED in 2020 (VIDEO)

Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm Violated A Stock Disclosure Law Nine Times Last Year

CA Governor Newsom Apologizes For Saying “Gangs” When Discussing Organized Criminal Gangs Looting Trains (VIDEO)

TSA Allows Illegal Aliens to Board Plane Using Criminal Arrest Warrant as Form of ID

ERIC Investigation, Part 2: The Largest U.S. Counties Removed Only ZERO to TWO Ineligible Voters From Their Voter Rolls the Last 4 Years

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CASE CLOSED: President Trump on Jan. 6: “I Authorized National Guard on Jan. 6 – Pelosi Turned It Down” (Video)

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Dr. Fauci Hopes COVID Vaccine Is Approved Soon for Children Under 5-Years-Old

UPDATE: Elections Expert Reveals Over 550,000 Registered Voters In Wisconsin Have a Registration Date of 1/1/1918 – 115,252 of Them VOTED in 2020 (VIDEO)

Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm Violated A Stock Disclosure Law Nine Times Last Year

CA Governor Newsom Apologizes For Saying “Gangs” When Discussing Organized Criminal Gangs Looting Trains (VIDEO)

TSA Allows Illegal Aliens to Board Plane Using Criminal Arrest Warrant as Form of ID

Democrat Regime: Arrest Warrants Can Be Used as ID for Illegals in Airports

The coup continues. Rep. Lance Gooden, R-Texas, had sent a letter to TSA after a whistleblower claimed the agency was allowing ‘unknown migrants’ to board commercial airlines in the U.S.

“They’ve Given Up at Least 1 and Maybe 2 Congressional Seats!” – Eric Greitens Goes Off on Pathetic Missouri RINOs and Their Redistricting Map (VIDEO)

Senior FBI Official Caught Abusing Authority, Lies to Inspector General – Corrupt DOJ Declines to Criminally Prosecute

After Amassing a Net Worth of $120 Million Nancy Pelosi Says She’s Open to Stock Trading Ban for Congress

VIDEO: Guest on Tucker Carlson Sounds The Alarm Over Biden “Sleepwalking” the US to War With Russia – “It’s Not Just Nuts It’s Dangerous” – We’re “On the Precipice” Of Conflict Unseen Since WWII

DOJ: Illegal Alien Stole Disabled U.S. Veteran’s Identity to Get Welfare

Hunter Biden ‘invested in a Chinese company linked to Communist Party’

Michael Flynn: Massive, Nationwide Corruption Is about to Be Exposed

‘CAT OUT OF THE BAG’: AP Reporter Admits Covering Up for Arafat in 2001, Here’s What Arafat Actually Said

While Israel Preserves Al Aqsa, Muslim Savages Destroy Other Religions’ Holy Sites When Given a Chance

Texas Synagogue Jihadi: ‘F**king Jews … I’ve come to die’, Says He Came to USA On Jihadi Mission

Biden and the Democrat party of jihad and Jew hatred, “motive unknown.”

Texas Temple Terrorist Wanted to Serve as Model for UK Muslims Attacking U.S.

Samuel Hayek’s message will remain, hanging in the air, to haunt those Jews who refused to listen

Biden Frees Gitmo Terrorist Linked to Chanukah Murder of Israeli Children

Mark Dice Video: Asking Leftists to Contribute to Reparations for Black Americans


Aside from the policies, which are anywhere from hard core Socialism to just plain ignorant, we have a White House that is run by Bozo The Clown.

WATCH JOE BREAK DOWN: President Launches Incoherent Rant About ???

Crumbling before our very eyes. It’s no wonder why our adversaries are laughing at us. How much longer can the media provide favorable coverage to this gong show administration?

What must go through the minds of our allies and enemies as the try to negotiate with this old fool? It is no wonder Joey just was rebuffed by Vladimir Putin, when he tried to negotiate with him for peace in the Ukraine. Note, we got nothing out of the negotiations. Gee, wonder why?

Biden called Kamala ‘President Harris,’ and anyone opposing his radical agenda his ‘domestic enemy’

Russia Threatens To Send Armed Troops Into Cuba In Another EPIC BIDEN FAIL

Biden gave them the pipeline ……. what will he give them now?

Biden’s rough week: A Supreme Court loss, continued economic woes, pushback from Democrats

Inflation, joblessness and vaccine mandates have been issues for the Biden administration for months, and poll numbers this week showed voters are unhappy with the president’s work one year into his presidency.

Watch CNN- yes CNN anchors slam Biden’s BAD horrible NO good BRUISING week. In EXCRUCIATING detail. LOL

[SHOCK VIDEO] CNN host DEBUNKS Biden’s lies about the new Georgia election law

…Axios: Biden Finishes First Year on ‘Epic Losing Streak’…

…Biden’s Bungling Surged the Virus and Killed the Economy

North Korea Threatens Biden then Launches Two More Ballistic Missiles for Third Time This Month – Biden Goes Silent

U.S. retail sales fell by 1.9% in December

“This Is – Not Stagflation, We’re Entering the Abyss of Something Much Darker” – Steve Bannon on Biden’s Monumental Destruction of US Economy

DirecTV Cancels OAN after Joe Biden Orders Media Outlets and Tech Giants to Banish Voices that Deviate from the Regime’s Official Narrative

Biden’s Bungling Surged the Virus and Killed the Economy

Biden Administration in Desperation Move Gins Up Russia as Boogeyman

In Historic Democrat/Socialist fashion, they look to war to cover up their sins.

Top Obama Economist Issues Severe Warning about Biden’s Economy

Joe Biden’s Jim Crow 2.0 tour collides with reality: Blacks strongly support voter ID


Maine Doctor Loses License, Ordered to Undergo Psych Evaluation for Treating Covid Patients with Ivermectin, ‘Spreading Covid Misinformation’

Google Executive in Charge of ‘Tackling Disinformation’ Becomes DHS Senior Leader

Now he is not just a lying sack of shit, but our sack of shit.

Jeffrey Epstein Brought EIGHT Young Girls With Him To See Bill Clinton At The White House

And Hillary covered for that pig as he terrorized his victims. That’s the Democrat choice to replace the demented child-perv segregationist in the White House.

Zuckerberg Directly Implicated in Huge Backroom Deal in 2018: Law Enforcement Bombshell

MSNBC’s Jason Johnson: Republican Party is ‘a dime store front for a terrorist movement,’ ‘they’re the PLO to Hamas’

Are cockroaches like Jason Johnson crazy, ignorant or just simply treasonous as they continue to yell fire in a crowded theater. Will scum like this ever be punished for this propaganda?

Law student government rejects free speech group because debate can cause ‘real harm’ Free speech along with Elvis has left the building!

Nearly 4-in-10 Illegal Aliens Refusing Coronavirus Vaccine as Americans Hit with Mandates

Members of Congress Forced to Wear Masks that Read ‘Made in China’

DEVELOPING… Mike Lindell’s Multi-Million Dollar Businesses and Charities Just Got Completely De-Banked (VIDEO)

Senate Democrats Use the Jim Crow Filibuster to Protect the Kremlin

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has 55 Senators in support of his bill to sanction a Russian pipeline company. Why are the pro-democracy Democrats blocking its enactment?

What’s Going On With Nancy Pelosi’s Son?

“Pelosi Jr.’s links to alleged lawbreakers include…”

Chinese Spy Infiltrated UK Parliament, Britain’s MI5 Spy Service Warns

Don’t say THAT! Microsoft adds WOKENESS checker to Word and it’s HILARIOUSLY dumb.

The Army is preparing for something that will leave you stunned

The Democrats Are Attempting A Coup By Lawfare

The attempt to disqualify Republicans as “insurrectionists” sees leftists copying the tactics of King George III and Parliament—tactics the Founders despised.

Top Obama Official Pleads Guilty to Defrauding U.S Government

Chicago Car Dealer Targeted by City Inspector after Argument with Mayor Lightfoot WOWIE, SHADES OF THE DALEY MACHINE.

WHO Recommends Two New Drugs To Treat COVID-19 Patients: All You Need To Know

The group of international experts based their recommendation on “moderate certainty evidence” that it improves survival and reduces the need for ventilation.

Biden Monthly child tax credit to stop this weekend: What families should know

Three Down, Seven to Go! – 3rd Never-Trump RINO Who Voted to Impeach Announces Retirement – Update: President Trump Celebrates
J6er Micajah Jackson Talks with Gateway Pundit After He Confronts Luke Robinson — Luke Was Carrying a Gun, Wearing an Earpiece at Jan. 6 Protest But Was Later Removed from FBI Most-Wanted List for Some Reason

Documents Show Bill Gates, in order to expand his elitist, letard agenda, gave $319 million To Media


How Fauci has profited from the pandemic: Senator he called ‘moron’ leaks his unredacted financial disclosures that show he raked in $5,000 from one virtual event and he and his wife are worth at least $10 million.

It’s a Miracle’: Wonder Dog Leads Police to Her Owner’s Car Wreck, Helps Save Two Lives

New Information Shows Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos Was Intimately Behind the Insertion of Drop Boxes Across the Country

CNN Claims “Racism” When Senator Opposes Biden Nominee Who Had Driver’s License Suspended 3 Times


President Joe Biden saw a flurry of setbacks on a range of key issues this week, making it one of his toughest since taking office.

Biden’s rough week: A Supreme Court loss, continued economic woes, pushback from Democrats. Biden addressed those difficulties in a speech Friday after losses in Congress, the Supreme Court, the court of public opinion and with the economy.

The Emerging Role of Vitamin C in the Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19

CDC Advises More Americans to Wear N95 Masks in Updated Guidance

This is what the government should have called for all along, but they didn’t, as the mask was never intended to protect you but to be an act of compliance to your masters.

Mediocrity in power

There is a famous saying: “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” There is a corollary: Those who can’t teach, govern.

Exposed: The Selective Bigotry of the Campus Diversity Industry

A monster industry, promoting anti-Semitism.

Tennis star Djokovic deported from Australia, deprived of chance to defend Open title

Novak Djokovic deported for failing to obtain a COVID-19 vaccine despite having natural immunity. IT HAS NEVER BEEN ABOUT IMMUNITY. IT’S ABOUT COMPLIANCE AND CONTROL.

Denial of Natural Immunity in Vaccine Mandate ‘Unprecedented in Modern History’

Everything the Democrat insurrectionists are doing is unprecedented in American history.

The American Islamist Campaign to Free Terrorist Aafia Siddiqui. Congregation Beth Israel was attacked as part of this campaign

Texas Synagogue Rabbi And Jewish Congregants RESCUED, Muslim Terrorist DEAD.

Terror-Tied CAIR Hosted Many Rallies To Free Aafia Siddiqui aka Lady Al-Qaeda, Sister Of Texas Synagogue Hostage Hostage-Taker

The terror group is a darling of the media.

FBI, Dirty Cops and Enemy of Democracy, Spokesman on Muslim Hostage-Taker at Texas Synagogue: “We’re Continuing to Work to Find Motive”

PAPERS PLEASE! National Covid Card Quietly Emerges

This is just the beginning. If you can’t see that, you’re ignorant of history.

Terror-President Biden Planning Executive Edict To Dismantle, Defund Police: Report

Dictatorial decrees legitimizing chaos, crime and madness.

Nancy Pelosi Makes Millions Off Tech Stocks – And Scoffs At Push To Ban Congressional Trades

Pelosi has made tens of millions of dollars on insider information made available to government officials. What isn’t she being charged?

Virginia: Muslim lawmaker repeats claim that a student pulled off Muslima’s hijab after claim was proven false TAQIYYA (lying) is in the Kookran and a way of life for the cockroaches.

The Islamists Around New York’s Mayor Eric Adams Love Jihad



Yes Eric, it’s called ‘The Cloward & Piven Strategy.

Oxfam: Coronavirus Created 20 ‘Pandemic Billionaires’ in Asia

Virginia’s New Attorney General Fires 30 Staff Members, Announces Major Investigations within Hours of Taking Office

Virginia Governor Youngkin Signs 11 Executive Actions on First Day in Office Including Banning CRT, Ending Vax Mandate, Ending School Mask Mandate, etc.

Leaked Fauci Financials Expose How Millionaire Doctor Profited From Pandemic

The Lab Leak: The Plots & Schemes Of Jeremy Farrar, Anthony Fauci, And Francis Collins

the breathtaking results of the pandemic response: economic carnage, cultural destruction, large amounts of unnecessary death, and an incredible paper trail of incompetence, fear, secrecy, plotting, and neglect of genuine health concerns…

Politicizing COVID-19 From The Start

Politicizing the pandemic is a euphemism. In truth, thousands of Americans have died needlessly because of weaponized disinformation about China’s culpability, vaccines, useful drugs, lockdowns, racial preferences, and long-care facilities.

COVID-stricken Socialist Ass Clown and whiner, AOC surfaces with update: Omicron not ‘mild,’ returning to work after 5 days ‘sociopathic’

‘She goes crazy’: Tlaib ripped by primary challenger for ‘carrying the water of Palestine’

Fmr Obama WH adviser pleads guilty to stealing $218K from schools he founded

Ghislaine Maxwell to Expose Names of 8 Powerful Men Linked to Epstein’s Crimes

Israeli Implant Could Ease Congestive Heart Failure

SUPER COOL: Israeli Tech Allows US Shoppers to Buy Food Without ‘Checking Out’

Poll Finds Close To Half Of Democratic Voters Want COVID Internment Camps For The Unvaxx’d

Majority want unvaxxed locked in their homes, close to half want people jailed for questioning jabs…



Michigan ASSCLOWN AG Dana Nessel Suggests “White Supremacy” to Blame for Texas Synagogue Islamist Attack


FBI Labels Trump Supporters Terrorists But Can’t Understand Why Jihadi Holds Hostages in Jewish Synagogue?

FBI-Dirty Cops: Colleyville hostage crisis was not anti-Semitism, ‘we are continuing to work to find motive’

1,400 years of Islamic Jew hatred. The root cause of Islamic Jew hatred. is Islamic text and teachings. The root cause of the hatred of Israel – Islamic Jew hatred. Now ask yourself, who is Biden’s new “domestic terrorism” department going to target?

Danny Danon Slams FBI For Saying Synagogue Attack Was NOT Antisemitic

Muslim Terrorist Hostage Crisis at Synagogue Parallels Hamas-Linked CAIR Campaign for ‘Lady Al Qaeda’

Texas Synagogue Attack Was Motivated By Antisemitism… But Apparently Not at The New York Times & BBC

ACT NOW: US Rep. Kat Cammack Sounds Alarm – Dems Breaking All the Rules to End Free and Fair Elections Forevermore – Hiding HR1 in a NASA Bill – Contact Senators Now – List Attached

If They Can’t Cheat, They Can’t Win: Communist Brennan Center Horrified After 19 States Pass 34 Election Security Laws in 2021

Profit$ of Doom: Globalist Elites Doubled Wealth During Pandemic

Green New $teal-Guvs Using federal Corona Funds–to Fight ‘Climate Change’

New Virginia AG Launches probes into Loudoun County Schools, Parole Board

China Moves Crime Money to Fuel Fentanyl Crisis in the West

DHS and DOJ Contradict Each Other On Claims About School Board Meetings Both are full of shit.

Biden Frees Alternate 9/11 Hijacker and Military Base Truck Bomb Plotter

This is Obama’s doing. Traitors both. It’s like …… he wants bloodshed in the cause of Allah.

Glazov Gang: Dr. Peter McCullough – The Haunting World of Suppressing Covid Treatments

Ocasio-Cortez and Her Anti-Semitic Assistant

The Plandemic – And Refusing to Accept Reality

Fauci Invested in Chinese Companies Tied to Beijing Through Fund—Includes Companies Considered National Risk to US

Former Clinton Advisor: ‘Good Chance’ Hillary Will Run in 2024

Duke University Muslim Scholar On Faith Issues Call to Deal With ‘Antisemitism Problem’ in Muslim Communities

Finally, stating the obvious. I wonder if this scholar is prepared for the smear campaign that will be lodged against him.

Texas Synagogue: Jew-Hating Jihadi’s UK Community Hopes Allah Will ‘Bless Him With The Highest Ranks of Paradise’

But Biden and his FBI says motive will never be known. That’s complicit.

Biden’s handlers ditch Greece’s EastMed pipeline project in order to appease Turkey

Why? because it 1-carries Israeli gas and 2-Obama, via Biden, carries Muslim Water!

The Biden Administration’s ‘Diplomacy’ with the Iranian Regime

Democrats have another crime problem: several officeholders face felony corruption or sex charges

Biden plans new restraints on law enforcement, even as blacks oppose cutting police spending: report
Guaranteed income for black women launched in Atlanta in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. WTF?

A rabbi who was among four Jewish congregants taken captive at a Dallas-area synagogue said that he and others managed to escape after he threw a chair at the hostage-taker.

Ashli Babbitt Tried to Stop Attack on Capitol Speaker’s Lobby, Video Shows

Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Were Dating When He Raped Epstein Victim’: Report

Dr. Jill – I didn’t expect ‘healing role’ as first lady. 🙃

Rand Paul Wonders If YouTube Will “Kiss My… And Apologize” After CDC Admits Cloth Masks Aren’t Effective

Senator asks if “snot-nosed censors” will apologize to him…

Talent Agency Drops Lara Logan After She Compares Killer Fauci to Nazi Dr. Mengele

We All Know It’s True: 58% of Voters Now Believe Cheating was Likely in 2020 Election — Up from 54%

Pennsylvania Official Appears To Admit Election Laws Were Broken In 2020 (VIDEO)

BREAKING BIG: Judge Gableman Issues Subpoenas to Voting Machine Companies Including Dominion Voting Machines in Wisconsin 2020 Election Investigation

Michigan Democrats Face Backlash After Telling Parents They Should Not Be Involved in What Public Schools Teach Their Children

Why Did the FBI Violate Protocol and Launch SWAT Assault After All Hostages Escaped?

Pelosi’s Top Pick For Chairwoman of the Transportation Committee Repeatedly Crashes Her Car Into Parked Vehicle, Walks Away (VIDEO)

MSNBC Contributor Says Manchin and Sinema ‘Are the White People’ MLK Jr. ‘Warned Us About’ WTF?

Flashback: Biden Said ‘Dr. King’s Assassination Did Not Have the Worldwide Impact That George Floyd’s Death Did’

Obama DoD OIG Official Sentenced to 7.5 Years in Prison For Accepting Bribes and Defrauding US Government

NBA Owner Who Said ‘Nobody Cares’ About Uyghur Genocide Is Democrat Mega-donor

Exclusive — James O’Keefe: Pharmaceutical Companies Drive COVID-19 Media Corruption


The Biden cabal have weaponized government

The Biden bunch have been using the government to set up every possible scenario, in order to grab more and more control, right down to the classroom

Rep. Gohmert: Jan. 6 Prisoners Are Being Used to Stave Off Republican Protests

In other words, throw a bunch of protesters in jail until they rot so you won’t protest or worse.

House Majority Leader: White House seeking ’emergency’ stimulus bill in response to Omicron

They continue to play on your fears in order to cause chaos, as with chaos they can control you and mask the evil shit that they do. This time it is with what is tantamount to being a fecking ‘common cold.’ It’s over assclowns, call it a day and quit the madness.

Top Democrat Calls for Feds to Seize Control of Elections: States ‘Cannot’ Be Trusted

Says the Demorat who, along with his party of pers cannot be trusted!

House PASSES Steal The Vote Bill

There it is, the final death blow – codifying election fraud. Without free and fair elections, all the flapping tongues in this once great nation will not save the republic.

Biden’s DOJ Launching New ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Division

This is nothing short of a declaration of war on decent, law abiding Americans. The Democrat insurrectionists are imposing by decree a form of permanent martial law, communist style. Stalin is laughing in his grave.

Fraudulent Biden to Push for Major Senate Rule Change to Allow Democrats to Enact Their Agenda

Biden’s Education Secretary Cardona Solicited NSBA Letter Comparing Protesting Parents to Domestic Terrorists: Email

FBI Refuses to Answer If It Participated in January 6 Under Grilling by Ted Cruz

Jan. 6 Committee Accused by Defense Attorney of Manipulating Public Opinion ‘Rather Than Collecting Facts’ on Ray Epps


Anyone who gets banned for ‘COVID misinfo’ can now use this clip in court to show the tech companies are censoring at behest of a govt official in violation of the First Amendment

MSNBC’s Plot to Control Narrative Exposed in Producer’s Leaked Email

Control the narrative (news)?? These woketard assclowns are supposed to report the news and not invent it!

Sturmbahnfuher Fauci’s NIAID Spent Taxpayer Money on Poisoning Monkeys with Transgender Drugs

This type of shit is reminiscent of Mengele. What will we learn next, that his next step was to carry this out on humans? The hits keep coming with this prick.

Reps. Comer, Jordan Expose New Fauci Emails, Point to COVID-19 LAB LEAK ‘COVER-UP’

Fauci’s Records Aren’t Available Online. Why Won’t NIH Immediately Release Them?

SMOKING GUN: Fauci Was Behind The “Pandemic” After All

Dems’ bid to tar 2020 election skeptics belied by left’s own history of contesting voting results

“Remember, Democrats objected to counting the electors every single time a Republican was elected president this century,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) told the John Solomon Reports podcast.

Officer who fatally shot Ashli Babbitt never interviewed by D.C. police before cleared, report A PURE POLITICAL WHITEWISH

American Airlines: Black Lives Matter Yes, ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ No

Biden White House Likes High Gas Prices, ‘Whole Plan All About Green New Deal’


Inflation increases 7% over past year, highest in nearly 40 years


’A Legend in His Own Mind’-Biden Suggests to Black Students He Was Arrested During Civil Rights Struggle…Lies About Georgia Voting Law in Speech Against ‘Jim Crow 2.0’

Twitter Blacklists Project Veritas ‘ExposeFauci’ Account After Gain of Function Bombshell

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy Vows to Sign Bill Expanding Right to Abortion Until Moment of Birth

This is the Democrat/Socialist Mengele mindset.

U.K. NHS Denied Woman With Down Syndrome Life-Saving COVID Treatment WTF?

Google Ran Secret Anti-Union Campaign to ‘Convince’ Employees

North Carolina Ed Grassroots Demand Halt to Funding CRT Training for Disabled Preschoolers Totally sick that they start their indoctrination in pre school.

“Please Don’t Forget About Us. We Are Not Terrorists” – Hispanic Jan 6 Political Prisoner Labeled White Supremacist Reveals Shocking Treatment and Racism at DC Gulag

New Pentagon Papers Show COVID Is Bioweapon Made in China Paid for and Developed by US Scientists Who Then Covered It Up While Pushing Flawed Public Health Policies

Show Us Where The Bad People Oppressed You


Now Even the Far-Left Media is Reporting on the Grocery Crisis and Empty Shelves Across the Nation
OPEN-MINDED OR EMPTY-HEADED? Senator Said Teachers Should Take No Position on Nazism 

US Marketing Firm Rejects Jewish Client Over Ties with Israel
ISRAELI INNOVATION: Satellite Can Protect Space Systems Against Radiation
Biden’s America: Grocery Stores across US Laid Bare Like the Soviet Union in 1981

IT BEGINS: HarperCollins Readying Release of Peter Schweizer Blockbuster Investigation… ‘Red Handed’ to ‘Expose Bad Actors on Both Ends’ Who Do ‘China’s bidding’

Buttigieg Takes Supply Chain Victory Lap as Grocery Shelves Go Empty

Fauci: COVID Will Infect ‘Just About Everybody’ Despite Biden’s Promises

Tough Luck, Zuck: Judge Rejects Facebook’s Request to Dismiss FTC Antitrust Lawsuit

‘Building Back Broke’: Joe Biden Hammered for 40-Year-High Inflation Report

Elizabeth Warren Launches Another Fact-Free Attack on Grocery Stores
As the Arapaho’s say:

Candace Owens Video: Exposing the Terrifying Connection Between COVID and the Metaverse

“Premeditated Manslaughter of Millions of People Coordinated at the Highest Levels” – Naomi Wolf and Dr. Malone Respond to Project Veritas BOMBSHELL (VIDEO)

Sex Traffickers, Murderers, Terrorists Got Stimulus Checks While in Prison What da fuk did you get? Nothing!

Arab Racism and the ‘Jewish State’

Notably, while the PA says that it is strongly opposed to the idea of Israel being a Jewish state, it has no problem defining itself as “Arab” and “Islamic.”

KAPOS: UK Board of Deputies of British Jews Senior VP Asked to Resign for Liking Pamela Geller Posts

This is generally how the Leftists work: first, they smear and defame someone for standing for freedom. Then they target anyone who doesn’t go along with the first smear campaign in a new campaign, excoriating the new target for associating with or speaking favorably of an untouchable, a non-person.

DEATH SPIRAL: CNN Loses 90% Of It’s Audience

CNN was once the standard for providing news. Today they are a laughing stock. How much longer before Warner Media says enough? How can Jeff Zucker  show his face in public?

Biden’s Taliban Orders BEHEADING of Store Mannequins as Afghan Women Fume Over Biden ‘Betrayal’

That betrayal includes Biden giving hundreds of millions of dollars to the Taliban controlled country. It’s Islamic culture – respect it!

Afghan Refugee Allegedly Committed An ‘Unlawful Act With A Child’ At Marine Corps Base, Turned Over To FBI

It’s their culture, Democrats tell us. Respect it! Biden imported tens of thousands of Afghans while leaving Americans behind.

UK: Christian nurse bullied by hospital staff over small cross while Muslims wore hijab, went to mosque 4Xs daily

Democrats support photo ID to dine out in D.C. but oppose it for voting absentee


Veritas Documents Reveal DC Bureaucrats Had Evidence Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine Were Effective in Treating COVID — BUT HID THIS FROM PUBLIC

The Associated Press, Democrat Stooges, Will No Longer Emphasize Covid Case Count to Help Joe Biden and the Democrats Going Into Midterm Elections

Smash-and-Grab Robbers Steal $1 Million in Classic Watches from Chicago Business Owner — After He Complains on TV Mayor Lightfoot Sends in City Inspectors to Fine Him

‘It’s For Their Health’: Ronald McDonald House Charity in Canada Set To Begin EVICTING Cancer-Stricken Children Over Their Vax Status


The Age Of Intolerance: Cancel Culture’s War On Free Speech

“Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners…”

Cannabis Compounds Block COVID-19 From Entering Body, Study Finds

“Our research showed the hemp compounds were equally effective against variants of SARS-CoV-2, including variant…”

Hunter Biden’s Ex-Wife Releasing New Book Exposing Dirt on ‘Abusive’ Behavior

Kathleen Buhle’s book will detail Hunter’s shady dealings, addictions, alleged affairs, and his alleged “abusive” behavior. The book, titled, “If We Break: A Memoir of Marriage, Addiction, and Healing,” is due for release on June 14.

Global Economy Heading For “Mother Of All” Supply Chain Shocks As China Locks Down Ports

“Temporary, one would hope, but hugely disruptive all the same”

Russia May Deploy Troops To Venezuela, Cuba If Tensions With US Continue To Rise

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Moscow couldn’t exclude dispatching “military infrastructure” to Venezuela or Cuba if tensions with Washington continue to rise.

BOOM! Only 31% of Americans Trust Megalomaniac Dr. Fauci After His Many Proven Lies on COVID Origins and Effective Treatments

Whistleblower: Military Softening Standards so Female Captain in Special Forces Who Quit Three Times Can Be First Woman to Pass

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Pennsylvania Man Stuffs Ballot Dropbox with Handfuls of Ballots in Broad Daylight

Quinnipiac Poll: Biden Overall Approval Plummets to 33 Percent – Only 25 Percent Approval Among Independents


Eleven Oath Keepers including leader charged with seditious conspiracy in Jan. 6 riot

Founder Stewart Rhodes, 56, is being charged for the first time in connection to the events

Sinema doubles down on filibuster support, dealing likely fatal blow to Dems’ election bills

Supreme Court blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate for U.S. workers, allows mandate for healthcare workers

The Biden administration’s sweeping attempt to mandate vaccines for Americans took a hit Thursday

‘Woke’ Loudoun County Schoolgirl Rapist Avoids Jail despite ‘Scary’ Psych Report

Court Rules Pennsylvania Senate’s Investigation of the 2020 Election Results in the State Will Move Forward

MSNBC Demands Unvaccinated Americans Should Be Taxed HIGHER

Literally, the Nazi channel.

Trucking Companies Warn Upcoming Vaccine Mandate For Truckers Will Devastate The Economy

Biden Approval Rating Crashes, Dips Toward 20s In Mainstream Poll

Woman who quit Air Force commando course questioned ‘highly suspicious’ lower standards

Air Force officer allergic to COVID vax receives letter of reprimand instead of medical exemption

Joe Battles Strawman. Loses. Again.

Joe Battles Strawman. Loses. Again.

Democrats Block Plan to Remove Foreign Nationals from Voter Rolls

Democrats Block Plan to Remove Foreign Nationals from Voter Rolls Shit like this is tantamount to incitement to riot, as these cockroaches try to gin up the stupids.

BIDEN’S ECONOMY: The Producer Price Index Measurement of Inflation Sets Record – All-Time Highest Increase Ever Reported

Michigan Auditor General Report: Gretchen Whitmer Undercounted COVID Nursing Home Deaths by As Much as 30%

Soros-Backed Demorat Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby Indicted on Perjury and False Mortgage Application Charges

Psaki Refuses to Condemn Video from Iran’s Supreme Leader That Depicts the Assassination of President Trump (VIDEO)

Ron Paul: Covid Truth Is Treason To A Government Narrative Based On Lies

US Retail Sales Tumble Most Since February As Web Revenues Crash


We are living in a time where the boundaries of power are and have been expanded into the farthest reaches of American life. At the top it is a corrupt president, who thinks we are too stupid to see the corruption of he and his family, let alone the drool running down his face stemming from both dementia and ‘wetting his beak’ to excess. It is politicians all the way down the line from the Senate to city governments, such as Nancy Piglosi buying more and more stocks due to insider tips brazenly in the open, not given a flying fart what the citizenry think. It is the evil elements in our citizenry reveling as men of good will rot in a DC jail for a year as an abject lesson of their power. Add to that a corrupt Justice Department, FBI and Media and what you get is an absolutely corrupted America.

Dennis Prager: The Left Loves Big Government Because ‘They Love Power’

MO A.G. Schmitt: Upholding Vax Mandate Opens Door to ‘Draconian’ Regulations on Climate ‘Emergency’

Hawley: FBI, Biden Admin Using 1/6 as an ‘Excuse’ to Go After Law-Abiding Citizens, Shut Down Speech

FLASHBACK: Michigan AG Dana Nessel Sends Cease and Desist Order to Journalist Demanding He Erase His #DetroitLeaks Video Showing Voter Fraud Training — OR FACE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION

FLASHBACK: The TCF Center Election Fraud – Newly Discovered Video Shows Late Night Deliveries of Tens of Thousands of Illegal Ballots 8 Hours After Deadline

Bill Filed In Washington Would Authorize ‘Strike Force’ To ‘Involuntarily Detain’ Unvaccinated Families: ‘They Have Already Set Up The Internment Camps’

Sonia Sotomayor: Why Can’t OSHA Regulate a Human Body Like a Machine ‘if It’s Spewing a Virus?’…


Project Veritas has obtained startling never-before-seen documents regarding the origins of COVID-19, Gain-of-Function research, vaccines, potential treatments which have been suppressed, and the government’s effort to conceal all of this.

“Premeditated Manslaughter of Millions of People Coordinated at the Highest Levels”

Naomi Wolf and Dr. Malone Respond to Project Veritas BOMBSHELL (VIDEO)

Twitter Bans Project Veritas Operative As Fauci is Being Grilled by Senators About Newly Released Military Documents

Fireworks! GOP Senator and Medical Doctor Confronts Dr. Fauci Over Project Veritas’ Exposé — FAUCI MELTDOWN! (VIDEO)

Google Whistleblower: The System Google Uses to Censor Americans

YouTube yanks Five for Fighting music video decrying Biden surrender of Afghanistan to Taliban Pure political censorship.

Idaho PARENTS Targeted by Attorney General Merrick Garland

The Democrat insurrectionists have weaponized our intel and law enforcement agencies against …… Americans.

The First Jan 6 Insurrection Began with Obama and Comey Setting Up President-Elect Trump that Night in 2017

Media Whistleblower: American ‘News’ Outlets Are Pushing a ‘Radical Political Agenda’

Black-White Unemployment Gap Soars as Black Unemployment Rate Jumps

More unintended consequences, or possibly intended, as Biden hurts Black Americans.

Bidenflation: Worker Incomes Fall Further Behind Inflation

Biden Wrecking Ball: Over 3 Million Jobs Lost Due To Employer Closures Or Lost Business

Destroying your livelihood, your ability to make a living, is a form of murder.

Democrats Blocked Amendment That Would Have Banned Boston Bomber From Receiving Stimulus

So many of us — good, decent, law abiding taxpaying Americans — did not receive stimulus checks but Democrats made sure the worst of the worst did – terrorists, criminals, prisoners. Democrats are evil.

Boston Marathon Bomber Tsarnaev Got $1400 in COVID Relief and Money From Fans


Democrats’ HR1 Eliminates Voter ID — Something Even Progressive European Countries Demand

Here We Go: CDC will Likely Update Guidance, Calling For People to Wear N95 or KN95 Masks

Something they should have done from day one and they knew this, but it was never their plan to protect you, as they wanted the chaos stemming from a pandemic.

Trump to Launch His Social Media App in February

Here’s A List Of Times Left-Wing Rioters Broke Into Government Buildings And Assaulted Democracy

Oh, the hypocrisy.


Beverly Hills City Council Unanimously Backs Recall of Soros-backed DA George Gascón

FIRED: Vile Racist Joy(less) Reid Is Losing Her MSNBC Show

Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic ‘Past’ Scandals Emerge, Report Shows

That this vicious racist was given a platform at all is illustrative of the corrupt state of affairs in the legacy media. That said, bravo!

‘It Doesn’t Stop’: Orthodox Jewish Man Rushed to Hospital Following Violent Attack in NYC

It’s open season on Jews in New York City. Most especially Brooklyn. Little to no media coverage because these attacks are against Jews.

Georgia ballot harvesting probe starts, some election evidence has vanished already. Some big Georgia counties say they didn’t retain surveillance video from absentee drop boxes in the 2020 election

More Good News on Ivermectin

Democratic Rep Goes Off at COCKROACH Rashida Tlaib in Fiery Speech about Israel

Biden Administration Cuts Florida’s Weekly Monoclonal Shipment in Half

Supreme misinformation! Liberal SCOTUS justices pummeled over false vaccine mandate statements. Yes Toto, even on the Supreme Court, Libtards LIE!

Skyscrapers Go for Woke

This gargantuan project, which will be the tallest building in the entire western hemisphere is specifically slated to be built strictly by black people.

Young Adults Are Being Lied to by Groups Like Antifa Who Are Using Them for Radical Anti-American Efforts

Not All Talk – Joe’s Stood Through Dozens Of Breaches

He’s endured an equal number while sitting and multiple times while laying flat in bed. Breaches are literally Joe’s bread and butter.

Queen Refuses To Pay For Prince Andrew’s Pedo Defense, Forcing Him To Unload Chalet In Fire Sale

Omicron Could End Up Being Less Deadly Than Seasonal Flu; New US Study Finds

Air Force Rejects Medical Exemption for Experimental COVID Vaccine – Will Force Woman Allergic to Ingredient to Take the Vaccine Anyway

Biden’s 3.9% Unemployment Is a Farce – Workers Needed All Over Because Government Paying Them More to Stay Home

Maricopa County Continues To Ignore Potential Hundreds Of Thousands Of Illegal Ballots Found In Citizen Canvass



Oprah, Obama and Bill Clinton, THE TRES COCKAROACHES, Call Joe Manchin and Urge Him to Drop Filibuster and Pass Ballot Harvesting, Midnight Drop Boxes, No Voter ID Laws

BOMBSHELL New NIH Study: Two-Dose Covid Vaccination Gives Limited Immune Response and More SUSCEPTIBLE to Covid Infection

Quote from the Abstract: “Importantly, two-dose COVID-19 mRNA vaccination conferred limited adaptive immune response among the aged mice which rendered them susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 infection.” Unbelievable – and still the Democrats …

Strength Of U.S. Dollar Slips After Poor Jobs Report

In 4 out of the last 5 months, the U.S economy performed below expectations. But Decembers job report was the Biden Administrations worst one yet. It was gd awful. Less than half the jobs expected were created. As such, the U.S dollar took a hit. 

Fraudulent Biden Admin. Getting Set To Accept Iran’s Status as a ‘Near-Nuclear’ State

We are entering a very dark age. When the history books are written, the study will concentrate on how America was defeated by the global left without so much as firing a shot.

POLL: Nearly 80% Of Americans Now Say America Is In Decline

Not while President Trump was in office.

Victor Davis Hanson: Who Are The Real Insurrectionists?

The Democrats accuse their victims, as always, of that which they are guilty of.

Facebook censors Catholic charity’s campaign to protect Christian women exposed to violence in Muslim countries It’s clear what was going on here: the campaign was “Islamophobic.” “Facebook have made themselves judge, jury and executioner,” says Neville Kyrke-Smith. Yes. So have all the social media giants. They exercise more control over the public discourse today than any totalitarian state ever dreamed of having. Stalin and Hitler would have been envious. 

UK: In Birmingham mosque, imam from Pakistan praises Muslim who murdered ‘blasphemer’

Canada: Muslims scream ‘Allahu akbar’ and ‘America the great Satan,’ say Trump will be tried in Islamic court

Whites to the rear? Biden admin guidance says ‘race or ethnicity’ a factor in prioritizing COVID treatment

YouTube removes Biden-bashing singer’s music video, then claims it was an accident IT’S ALWAYS AN ACCIDENT OR GLITCH! FECKERS!

“I Do Not Want To Have A Vaccination”: NHS Doctor Tells UK Health Secretary On Camera

“The science isn’t strong enough…”

New Mexico Democrat Governor Grisham Accused of Massive Fraud by Former Space Company CEO

Appalling… Joe Biden on Rising Car Prices: “You Reduce the Demand for Cars by Making Americans Poorer” (VIDEO)

James O’Keefe: Explosive Never Before Seen Whistleblower Documents Coming Next Week on Dr. Fauci – STAY TUNED

Feds on Parade: The Mysterious Khaki-Clad Federal Patriot Front Is Back — This Time They’re Protesting in Chicago

Biden to Distribute Additional $4.5 Billion to Help Low-Income Families Cover Heating Costs After He Blew Up US Energy Prices AND YOU WONDER WHY FOLKS DON’T WANT TO WORK.

NYC Democrats Grant Voting Rights to Nearly 1 Million Noncitizens

Report: Californians Leaving for Texas So Rapidly, U-Haul Ran Out of Trucks

CHUTZPAH FROM COCKROACHES! BBC’s Outrageous Demand of Young Jewish Victims of Abuse

Jews accuse BBC of intimidating teenagers into dropping claims against false coverage.

Michelle Obama Fires Off Urgent Message About This Year’s Midterm Elections, Vows to Deploy Thousands of Lawyers to ‘Protect American Voters’ FROM WHO, HER SELF AND BARRY?
Georgia’s Republican Governor Kemp Should Be Disqualified from Ever Running for Office Again

NYC Mayor Backs Bill Allowing Noncitizens to Vote in U.S Elections

CDC Director Disputes Supreme Court Justard Sotomayor’s Claim About Children Seriously Ill With COVID-19

Iran Revolutionary Guards Commander Says ‘Revenge’ Coming for Soleimani Strike From ‘Within’ US

Iran’s leaders are threatening terror attacks against the United States, while the Biden Administration begs them to agree to a nuke deal in Vienna. It’s stunning. Where is the Republican Party on this? They should be publicly rebuking the Biden

3-year-old girl dies of heart attack one day after taking COVID vaccine

Forcing children to have this vaccine is a crime of unprecedented magnitude.

Yale Epidemiologist: COVID-19 Is A Pandemic Of Fear Manufactured By Authorities

I don’t expect he’ll be at Yale much longer.

War Movie About Defeat of US Army is Now China’s Biggest Film Ever

China did not engage in such provocation against America when President Trump was running the country.

Omicron Less Deadly Than The Flu, Scientists Say

It doesn’t matter. The government will not give you back your freedom or give up its newly seized totalitarian power over our lives unless we throw the insurrectionists out.

Keith Olbermann Wants Trump, Cruz, Boebert, and Others Barred from Holding Public Office Can I get a hearty fuck you for this Nazi assclown?

Biden business associate, former Kazakh PM arrested on suspicion of treason

Hunter Biden referred to Massimov in a 2016 email as a “close friend.” BIRDS OF A FEATHER!


New York Libtard Charged Over Threat to Kill Trump and ‘Stand Up to Fascism’

Washington Democrat ASSCLOWN, Governor Inslee Wants It a Crime for Politicians to Lie About Election Results After He Was Accused of Stealing His Election
“The Drug Does Not Appear to Qualify for Release” – EXCLUSIVE: Post Office Holds Woman’s Foreign Shipment of Ivermectin at the Request of the FDA
Update: Experts Now Say ‘Deltacron’ Variant Likely Due to Lab Processing Error

T Cells From Common Colds Cross-Protect Against Infection With COVID-19: Study

NYPD Chief Warns George Soros’ New Manhattan DA Is Putting Public in Danger

Mark Levin: Democrats Are America’s ‘Greatest Threat’

Canada: Arabic-language publication praises jihad terror groups, calls for destruction of Israel

And Now Ladies and Gentlemen, We turn Our Attention to Seizing States’ Control of Elections & Nullifying Your Vote

US announces $308 million in aid for Afghans as crisis grows after withdrawal Biden and his stupid fucks gave them Billions in equipment that they are having a fire sale with and now gives them more? WTF is wrong with these cockroaches.

WORLD’S FIRST: Surgeons Transplant Pig Heart Into Human Patient This must be a similar heart as the one in Piglosi

So Let Me “Trans” Port You

In 2020 GP Was First to Report “Only “6%” of COVID Deaths” Were Caused Strictly by COVID, President Trump Retweeted, Fake News Pounced — Now CDC Admits We Were Right It was all about the government scaring you, which is why they paid hospitals six times the amount than for other deaths. They provided the incentive to FUCK US!
Dr. Robert Malone Fires Off Warning Shot on The War Room: Latest Disease Spreading Across China an “Ebola-Like Hemorrhagic Fever Virus”

Hunter’s Pimp Has Privilege – After Violating Probation Multiple Times She Stays on Probation

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell says inflation poses serious threat to job market

Powell also said Fed will raise rates higher than initially planned, if needed

Making Heroes of Muslim Terrorists, Slavers, and Rapists


CNN’s Bash: McCarthy ‘Right’ — Dems Changed the Standard to Majority Deciding Who Can Be on Committees

Dr. Zelenko: “Zinc Is The Bullet — It Kills The Virus. The Only Problem Is The Bullet Doesn’t Get To The Place Where It Needs To Be”

Justice Department Nazis Creating Specialized Unit Focused on Domestic Terrorism Due to Growing Threat of ‘Anti-Authority’ Ideologies

House GOP Oversight Members Release Emails of Fauci and NIH Officials Concealing Information on Wuhan Lab Leak Theory from the American Public

New FOIA by US Right to Know Reveals Fauci-Funded EcoHealth Alliance Attempted to Hide Their Role In Developing The Virus

Dr. Scott Atlas: TWO-THIRDS of COVID Deaths Had At Least SIX Co-Morbidities (VIDEO)

FED Vice Chair Richard Clarida Resigns After Trading Scandal – Made BIG BETS on Stocks and Bonds Just Before FED Pandemic Statement in 2020



Will Artificial Intelligence Create a Socialist Paradise?

This is freedom: “That he is independent of the arbitrary power of his fellows … [freedom] arose in the process of social development and its final completion is the work of mature Capitalism.”

Left goes for it: Launches plot to Win Midterms by Disqualifying gop for ‘Insurrection’

Some Democrats are using the anniversary of last year’s Capitol riot on January 6 to launch an effort to win the 2022 midterm elections by disqualifying Republicans who supported the effort to challenge the 2020 elections results as “insurrectionists.”

Poll: Many U.S. Voters Believe FBI Is Biden’s ‘Personal Gestapo’

The Histrionics and Melodrama Around 1/6 Are Laughable, but They Serve Several Key Purposes

As Kamala Harris compares 1/6 to 9/11 and Nancy Pelosi introduces the cast of Hamilton to sing about democracy, today’s inanity should not obscure its dangers.

Former MSNBC Host Implodes: ‘I Tried to Warn We Were Headed Too Far Left’

Feds Finally Admit to Running Secretive DOJ “Commandos” at Jan. 6 Trump Protests

The real insurrection was the 2020 election steal and the ensuing Democrat coup.

JAN 6 REMEMBERED: IGNORED BY MEDIA AND FBI: Antifa-BLM Activists Are Posting Photos and Bragging Online About Storming US Capitol on Jan. 6

JAN 6 REMEMBERED: IGNORED BY THE MEDIA ELITES AND FBI: List of 20 Individuals at the Capitol on January 6th – All Appear to be Connected to Antifa or Far Left Groups

Chris Wray Lied: Secret Service Admits They Knew 13 ‘Counter-Protest’ Groups Were Organizing to Attend Washington DC Jan. 6 Protests
Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Found Guilty of Fraud and Conspirac…Corporate Media Enabled Holmes’ Fraud with Glowing Coverage…No Accountability for Biden: Joe Said in 2015 ‘This Is the Laboratory of the Future’

Arizona Gov. Ducey: Cartels Using ‘Uber-Like’ System for Human Smuggling

‘MEDICAL MIRACLE’: Breakthrough Israeli Surgery Restores Woman’s Vision

Manufacturing Activity Slumped to 11-month Low in December

1 million COVID-vaccine injuries now reported on CDC’s database

Bear in mind, VAERS reporting is voluntary. How many cases are not reported to the VAERs

U.S. judge blocks Pentagon from punishing Navy SEALs who refused COVID-19 vaccine

A moment of reason and lucidity in an America gone mad.

RACE BASED: NYC Admits Prioritizing COVID Testing Based on Race

This is pure racism – plain and simple. It is unconstitutional and typical of Obamacare politics.

3,200-Plus Schools Closed for Omicron Despite No Risk

Low risk omicron may be the solution – little to no symptoms, giving the general population the once venerated herd immunity that the vaccine could never provide.

Registered Nurse in Ascension Health System: Stroke Victims Doubled Since Vax, Young People In Their 30’s, 40’s Who Have No Issues, Having Strokes

DeSANTIS: ‘If I Had a Dollar for Every Lockdown Politician Who Escaped to Florida I’d Be Pretty Wealthy’

Muslims torture dog, spread the video on the Internet

Much of Our ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ Comes From Google

Google quite possibly is the greatest, most efficient purveyor of misinformation in the history of the human race.

Georgia ‘Ballot Trafficker’ Blows Whistle on Illegal 2020 Election Harvesting Scheme

Manhattan’s Soros-Funded DA Lays Foundation For Next Crime Wave; Instructs DAs To Drop Prison Sentences

“Armed robbers who use guns or other deadly weapons to stick up stores and other businesses will be prosecuted only for petty larceny, a misdemeanor…”

Veteran BBC Contributor Resigns Over ‘Inexcusable’ Antisemitism

Israeli Defense Firm Unveils Advanced Device for Soldiers

Big Left-Wing ‘Dark Money’ Groups Fund Schumer’s Secretive Anti-Filibuster Ally

21st century insurrectionist warfare.

Big Left-Wing ‘Dark Money’ Groups Fund Schumer’s Secretive Anti-Filibuster Ally.

G-d Help Us: Manhattan DA to Stop Seeking Prison Sentences in Slew of Criminal Cases

Taking the Democrat wrecking ball to the greatest city in the world is no accident. It is a direct attack on this country by the Democrat insurrectionists. Civilization is hanging by a thread in America’s biggest cities.

STEEP LOSSES: Democrat-run states of NJ, NY & CT saw more wealthy residents flee in 2021, annual moving survey shows

Democrat Governor Admits COVID Hospitalization May Be Inflated By 50%, Makes Move To Change Count

Ranking GOP Member Exposes Pelosi’s Obstruction to Jan 6 Security Records

Truth be told, the Democrats are the true insurrectionists.

New York teacher arrested for allegedly administering COVID vaccine to 17-year-old

There Was No Insurrection But There Was A Coup

Stepping away from the left’s relentless narrative allows one to see with clarity the coup that allowed Democrats to place Joe Biden in the White House.

Tyranny in the Name of Climate Change

The green socialist left is increasingly embracing tyranny in the form of authoritarian power to act on their viewpoint on climate change.

Fighting Back Against the Establishment Anti-Semites

Out and proud anti-Semites are organized and have the backing of large and prominent corporations and nonprofits. But others are fighting back – and winning.

Two brilliant doctors explain what’s really going on with COVID
Joe Rogan interviewing Peter McCullough and Robert Malone.

HUGE! Georgia Ballot Trafficking Whistleblower Admits to Making $45,000 for Stuffing Ballot Boxes — Just One of 242 Traffickers — HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Ballots? (VIDEO)

Maricopa County Elections Footage Released – Shows Elections Workers Committing Numerous Violations — More Potential Legal Violations (VIDEO)

Kamala Harris: Jan. 6 Riot Like Pearl Harbor Bombing, 9/11 Terror Attacks. Remember, this is the ‘blow job’ mouth speaking.

SAN FRAN TEACHERS, AS CHICAGO TO ‘SHUT WHOLE SYSTEM DOWN’ IN OMICRON ‘SICKOUT’ These are the Communists teaching your kids. Any wonder why the kids are fecked up?

California Pushes Kids to Worship Aztec Gods

On anniversary of January 6, Cockroach, Usurper & Thief, Pervert Biden says Trump ‘tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power’

True the Vote Is Releasing Ballot Trafficking Findings from Their Investigations in FIVE ADDITIONAL STATES!

American Jews Horrified by Response to Seattle area asst. Police Chief Who Posted Nazi Symbol

New Israeli Therapy Helps Patients with Lupus Disease

Seattle Police Officers Falsified Reports About Proud Boys Moving Toward ‘CHOP:’ Watchdog

Victoria White Files Federal Suit for Jan. 6 Beating at US Capitol

National Geographic Writer Falsely Says Kyle Rittenhouse Killed ‘Two Black Men’

Lord Ahmed of Rotherham Found Guilty of Sodomizing Young Boy, Trying to Rape Girl It’s cool, as it’s OK per the Koran?

Trade Deficit, courtesy of Jumpin’ Joe Biden, Jumps 19.4% to Second Highest Level Ever

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Investing $10M in Semiconductor Production to Combat U.S. Reliance on China

WATCH: Ted Cruz Squirms, Soils Himself As Tucker Carlson Grills Him For Vicious Lies Calling January 6th “Violent Terror” Attack

Tucker Carlson gives Ted Cruz no quarter for Cruz’s craven remarks calling January 6th protesters – violent protesters. beautiful. Background: Gutless Coward: Ted Cruz’s Parrots Democrats’ Lies About January 6 Protest Against Election

War On All Fronts: Biden Accused of Using Coronavirus Funds to Bankroll Secret Flights of Border Crossers into U.S

What treasonous scumbaggery. Your taxpayer dollars to fund this invasion….

January 6th: One Year Ago Today, A New Hoax Was Born

Why Hasn’t the FBI Arrested The January 6th Pipe Bomber?

Who placed pipe bombs in front of the RNC and DNC. The FBI and Democrats know. For certain. They crossed the country to arrest grandmas exercising their political right to protest. The bomber was theirs.

TYRANTS: Democrats Exploring How to Bar President Trump From Office

These are the real insurrectionists. They follow in the bloody footsteps of the Nazis, Communists, Fascists etc.

CONTROL FREAKS: Biden, Democrats require Venmo, PayPal, others to report $600 or more of payments to IRS

Another grotesque Democrat infringement of our privacy. More to the point, it targets the transactions of the lower middle class and the poor. *But you can shoplift $950 in Democrat states. What kind of idiots are they? 

Muslim vows on Twitter to ‘act upon my desires to kill ALL JEWS,’ says he’ll shoot up Los Angeles synagogue Apparently just an attention seeker, as he set a date of January 3 which passed without incident, but he should be investigated. Instead, he still rants on Twitter, while numerous defenders of freedom have been banned or shadowbanned. 

‘What is she hiding?’ Top Republican accuses Pelosi of coverup by withholding Jan. 6 documents

Rep. Rodney Davis says he believes security posture of Capitol Police has not been fixed year after tragic violence.

Proposed law in Russia sends repeat child sex offenders to Arctic penal colonies for life
Joe Biden’s Mind Is Rapidly Deteriorating – What’s Next?
Maricopa County Releases “Analysis Of The Senate Inquiry” – Admits To Double-Counted Ballots And Double Voting 
INSURRECTION FLASHBACK: VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Film Crew Releases Never Before Seen Footage of 2017 Inauguration Riots
INSURRECTION FLASHBACK: VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Film Crew Releases Never Before Seen Footage of 2017 Inauguration Riots

Trust the Experts–Dr. Marty Makary: Fauci’s NIH Funded 257 Grants on COVID Social Disparities, Only 4 on How It Spreads

Jamie Raskin Decries Republicans as Fascistic ‘Shrinking Minority Party’ at January 6 Vigil Partly Hosted by Antifa

Miranda Devine: Hunter Biden . . . and the Coverups

Black Panther Defense Minister Leaves Congress to Spend More Time With His Hate Group

“We advocate offensive violence against the power structure.”

Report: Joy Reid will Lose Her 7 PM Show in Next Round of Reshuffling at MSNBC LOL



Well, it’s a brand new year and the big question is, which playbook will be guiding America in 2022? My guess is that the first quarter will be the same shit as 2021 but a much harder push. Hopefully the dying gasps of the Biden Globalist pimps will not prevail and the political pendulum swings back to sanity.

In the meantime, here’s “All The News That’s Shit To Print”. Happy new year everybody.

Annus Horribilis 2021

The end of 2021. Our house is divided. It will not stand. We’re Americans, and pulling together is what we do. But because we’re Americans, we have expectations of our representatives, our leadership, and our institutions. When they keep faith, we honor their demands of us: not because we are ruled, but because we are citizens.

Peter Schweizer: Harry Reid ‘Enriched Himself and His Family,’ Used ‘Fear’ to ‘Control and Persuade’

Dramatic Testimony from the Maxwell Case Will Shock You!

You will be surprised to learn that the woman who was paid to find, bring and “groom” Carolyn was not Ghislaine Maxwell, although the above testimony was given at Maxwell’s trial. 

NBC News Uses Ex-FBI Official Frank Figliuzzi to Urge Assange’s Extradition, Hiding His Key Role The most dangerous, and under-discussed, development in corporate media is the spate of ex-security state agents now employed to deliver the “news.”

Social Media Censors Ignore Islamist Hate Speech and Incitement to Murder

Schumer: Senate to Vote on Filibuster Change to Boost Stealing the Vote Bill
There it is, the final death blow – codifying election fraud. Without free and fair elections, all the flapping tongues in this once great nation will not save the republic.

Governments Admit Using ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ As Tool of Population Control

CDC Now Treats Unvaccinated The Same As Un-Boosted, Just As DeSantis Predicted

The CDC is moving goalposts again, changing the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ yet again.

Schumer: Senate to Vote on Filibuster Change to Boost Stealing the Vote Bill

There it is, the final death blow – codifying election fraud. Without free and fair elections, all the flapping tongues in this once great nation will not save the republic.

Did Dismissals of Safe Outpatient Drugs Cause Needless Covid Deaths? Dissenting Doctors Say Yes

Feds Finally Admit to Running Secretive DOJ “Commandos” at Jan. 6 Trump Protests

Good riddance to NYC’s worst mayor ever – Bill de Blasio: Goodwin

U.S. Senator: War on Crime Must Begin with Recalling, Removing ‘Every Last Soros’ District Attorney

Imagine, a Nazi collaborator is handpicking our DAs. Soros should be banned from this country – like Sheik Qaradawi was. And his filthy lucre should most certainly be prohibited from influencing American elections.

Iranian-made UAVs are in Venezuela, 1,200 miles from Miami’s skyscrapers, expert reveals

But the Biden Administration will continue the fraudulent nuclear negotiations with Iran in the weeks ahead. Iran has a full fledged anti-America ally in South America with Venezuela. 

COVID Antiviral Pills Cause Life-Threatening Reactions When Used With Many Common Meds: FDA

Trump confidant Kerik surrenders memos to Jan. 6 panel, vows to ‘eviscerate’ Democrat narrative

Memos show Trump team planned pressure campaign ahead of Jan. 6 to shame governors and state officials into investigating suspected election irregularities.

New York Department of Health prioritizes nonwhites for COVID-19 pills, calling race a risk factor

The United States In 2040 FRIGHTENING.

If things continue on their present course, America in 2040 will be an unrecognizable place—and one we’d prefer never to see.

Send In The Democlowns

Donald Trump’s Comeback Year: First Rally of 2022 Revealed

‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Stores Expand to Cope with Demand: ‘Business Is Very, Very Good’

Democratic Congresswoman Lays Out Horrendous Blood Libel Against Israel on the House Floor
MUST WATCH: Dr. Robert Malone Drops BOMBSHELLS During Much-Anticipated Interview With Joe Rogan – Says Federal Government is “Lawless” and Actively “Violating the Nuremberg Code”
NEW REPORT REVEALS the Ruthless, Efficient Strategy Used By Detroit Election Officials, Paid Workers and Outside Agitators To Prevent GOP Poll Challengers From Uncovering Voter Fraud

Twitter permanently suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene

After She Asked AOC to Apologize for Smearing Governor Ron DeSantis. Congresswoman has repeatedly battled social media platform over censorship.

Twitter Suspends Grabien Media’s Account for Posting Video of GOP Rep Criticizing Big Pharma

The Woke Mob’s Destruction of the English Language

Whether they know this or not, they are not actually speaking English. They are speaking a code that superficially resembles English.

Chinese Researchers Built AI ‘Prosecutor’ That Can File Charges by Itself

Lancet Pushed CCP-Driven Natural Origins Narrative, Shut Down Scientific Debate

Federal Banking Official Quits, Warns Democrats Launching ‘Hostile Takeover’

Pin Head


BIDEN’S TROJAN HORSE: From Afghanistan and Across the Southern Border, Biden is Bringing Unvetted Military Age Men from Around the Globe Into the US

It’s Official: California is Now a Universal Vote-by-Mail State – Makes It Easier for Democrats to Steal Elections

“These Filthy Pigs Have Ruined Everything!” – Latino Truck Driver Rails Against Biden Regime and Communist Democrats Over Product Shortages (VIDEO)

Keshel and Moseder: Texas Election Audit Phase1 Progress Report Is Released – Shows 700K Ineligible Voter Registrations

Biden Judicial Nominee: ‘Proof of Citizenship’ Is ‘Voter Suppression’

JOURNALISM? Respected US Outlet Whitewashes Jerusalem Terror

INCREDIBLE: Israeli Scientists Make Progress in Understanding the Universe

New Videos Capture Pennsylvania Officials Hiding Evidence Of Election Fraud

The Democrats are the enemy.

Making US History–not American Babies: First Time Immigration Exceeds Births in US History

Illegal aliens, tourists, and foreign visa workers delivered nearly 400,000 children in the United States over the last 12 months, prior analysis concludes, securing birthright American citizenship. This means that George Soros is the proud grandfather of 400,000 illegal immigrant’s kids.


Kansas City: Firearms store won’t let Muslima use gun range with hijab, Hamas-linked CAIR sues

Redistricting has so far given Democrats six seats ahead of 2022 midterms: analysis

Is Natural Immunity More Effective Than the COVID-19 Shot?

PA Democrat Commissioner Charged with Raping 15-Year-Old Boy

New Medication to Treat Alzheimer’s Used in Israel for First Time

Ousted Dem warns of 2022 ‘bloodbath,’ says what’s going on with Biden ‘almost feels like elder abuse’

WATCH: Fauci Caught Lying AGAIN, Claims Non-mRNA Vaccines Like “Covaxin” Have Not Been Approved In the US Because “They Have Not Applied” – Turns Out, They HAVE

“No One Has Ever Complied Their Way Out of Totalitarianism – This Is the Hill We Need to Die On” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Releases New Year’s Statement

Direct Hit: YouTube Begins Removing Uploads of Dr. Robert Malone’s BOMBSHELL Interview With Joe Rogan From Its Platform

Serial Killer Who Targeted Women Now Being Housed in Women’s Prison Because They Are ‘Transgender’

Here’s the Powerful Pfizer Video that Got mRNA Vaccine Inventor Kicked Off Twitter


The Epidemic of Prosecutorial Abuse — Interview by Glenn Greenwald with Raj Rajaratnam about his important new book, “Uneven Justice,” to understand the virtually limitless power of federal prosecutors.

Worldview: Klaus Schwab – The Most Dangerous Man In The World

WH briefing room starts new year with NO seats for non-MSM reporters and they blame it on Omicron

‘Will be Used Whether We Like it or Not’ – Developer of Covid Microchip Says There’s No Stopping Roll-Out
Evil Facebook BANS conservative children’s book publisher from advertising on their site

Pelosi Makes Huge Stock Moves despite ‘Insider Trading’ Allegations

The Misesian Case against Keynes

Out of false theories of employment, money, and interest, Keynes has distilled a fantastically wrong theory of capitalism and of a socialist paradise erected out of paper money.

Sen. Rand Paul Quits YouTube, Moves to Rumble

United Airlines Recruit Potentially Unvaxxed London Flight Attendants to Fill in for Suspended Unvaxxed Americans

Non-Covid Deaths Skyrocket to Record Numbers

The inflammatory and autoimmune havoc is causing “non-covid” deaths down the line…

Palestinians: We Are Proud of Terrorists

  • Last year, Abbas paid the family of a Palestinian terrorist who murdered two Jews 30,000 Jordanian dinars ($42,000).
  • By rewarding the family of al-Halabi and other terrorists who carried out attacks or murdered Jews, Abbas is also stating that he, too, is proud of those who engage in terrorism.

Dr. McCollough Says Outpatient Treatments For COVID-19 Have Been Suppressed

Two Years After Soleimani Drone Strike, Media Still Obscuring Iranian Terror Leader’s Legacy

Third former GSK scientist pleads guilty to stealing trade secrets for Chinese firm

Breaking Report: Joe Biden Diagnosed With Advanced Rodentia

CDC Admits 61% Of Teens Hospitalized For COVID-19 Had Severe Obesity

‘Disruptive content’: Facebook blocks former U.S. president (and it’s not Donald Trump this time)

Trump confidant Kerik surrenders memos to Jan. 6 panel, vows to ‘eviscerate’ Democrat narrative


Biden Finally Deports Immigrants Back to Their Home Country – Refugees Back to Communist Cuba

He no want no stinkin’ Republicans!

Dr. Robert Malone on Dr. Fauci: “Tony Has No Integrity. He Lies All the Time – It’s Tony” (VIDEO)

Several Men Suspected of Being Federal Agents In or Around The Capitol on Jan 6th Are Subpoenaed By Atty For Imprisoned Oath Keeper

Manhattan DA Closes Investigation of Andrew Cuomo in Nursing Home Deaths; No Charges Brought of course not.

Facebook Blacklists Marjorie Taylor Greene Following Twitter Ban…


Yup, it is that time of the year as we come to a close and the only positive thing I can think of in this negative political atmosphere, created by the Bidenites, Sodomites and the rampaging mentally ill is that we made it. Yes the Biden cabal did their damn best to fuck over America and turn us into the wasteland of ashes as proscribed in the Devil’s book of skullduggery, The Cloward & Piven Strategy.

The year is ending on a positive note as we grasp onto the edge of political sanity by our fingers, and as we go into the New Year realizing this: Thanks to the will of the American people, parents who stood upright and barked back at the wolves at our school room doors, patriots like Joe Manchin, who stood tall against the machine and all those who realized that ‘woke is a joke’ we made it. We made it into a political year where change can and will be forthcoming as America has awoken.

NASA Hires Priest as ‘Life Changing’ Discovery Announcement Expected

Democrats Unanimously Vote with Islamic State, Al Qaeda On December 14, 219 Democrats voted to advance the strategic objectives of the Global Islamic Movement – which includes Al Qaeda, the Islamic State (IS), Iran, Hizbollah, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, and the entire Islamic world at the Head of State level – to impose the barbaric Islamic law called “Sharia” on American citizens.

Anthony Fauci Directly Funds Research by Chinese Military Scientists

CDC Significantly Downgrades Estimate of Omicron Prevalence in US

CDC Withdraws Use of PCR Test for COVID and Finally Admits the Test Can Not Differentiate Between the Flu and COVID Virus

Backwards compatible? Researchers find silver lining in rise of COVID variant Omicron

South Africa research suggests infection with milder variant protects against more severe variant, while peer-reviewed study finds “robust, cross-reactive and sustained immune responses” from COVID in children.

The Eternal Life of Blood Libels Against the Jews

It’s getting worse, far worse. Now, it is almost everywhere, in most publications, in so many languages, in school and university curricula, at conferences, in demonstrations, in countless petitions, in the mouths of celebrities, and at the United Nations.

I’m talking about Jew hatred, anti-Zionism, and Very Big Lies. This cannot end well; at least, it never has.

Chicago 911 Dispatcher Blows Whistle on Lori Lightfoot: ‘Blood Is on Her Hands’

75% of Americans Agree There Are Only ‘Two Genders, Male and Female,’ Poll Shows

The other 25% are mentally ill.

Do Democrats Want to Build Back Better, or Do They Want a Coup?

It sure looks like a coup.

E-commerce Giants Won’t Ship to Palestinian Cities in 2022, Here’s Why
SORE LOSERS: Russia Bashes Israel’s Gold Medalist After Losing 
Twitter suspends Just the News founder for report on legal distinctions between COVID vaccines They want you ignorant to please their Democrat pals.
Report Puts Fauci’s Retirement at $350K Per Year, Biggest in US Government Pension History

Democrat Racism on Steroids in NYC

NYPD cops will soon have to start recording the race, gender and age of every person they pull over during a vehicle stop — even cyclists. This is the poison consequence of Democrat rule.

Florida Plans To Investigate State Holdings in Chinese Companies and ‘Woke’ Companies

Florida is literally the leader of the free world thanks to DeSantis.

France closes mosque after imam – a recent Islam convert – used sermons to incite hatred towards Christians, gay people and Jews and defend jihad

But ……it’s in the Quran. It always starts in the Mosque.

Indianapolis Administrator Fired After Leaking School District’s Social Justice Initiatives

Truth is forbidden, punishment punitive  in Democrat America.

Cuomo allegations credible, but won’t be prosecuted says Westchester DA Of course not.
Biden’s War against Fossil Fuels Is a War against Ordinary People
“You will be Arrested for Trespassing!” – Young Boy Traumatized After NYPD Officers Kick Him Out of Restaurant For Not Having Covid Vax Papers (VIDEO)
As Many as 1 in 3 Afghan Refugee Women at U.S. Bases are Pregnant

Is this the “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers?”

Pictured on his tranquil Arizona ranch and wedding venue, the ex-Marine accused of being an ‘FBI plant sent to help incite January 6 Capitol riot’ refuses to answer to right-wing conspiracy theory

Chinese Communist Party Scientists in the U.S. are Bleeding America of Vital Biotechnology

Immigration Tops U.S. Births for the First Time

Anderson Cooper floats withholding Social Security from unvaxxed, fact-checkers lib-splain

Meet the Turncoats: What to Do With These Pharma-Funded GOP Cucks?



PETA Investigator Finds 360 Dead Dogs During Investigation Into NIH Abuse of Beagles The most recent alleged violation is from Virginia-based supplier Envigo, which is accused of providing nearly 5,000 beagle dogs and puppies to NIH and other labs to be confined and tortured.

New York Democrats Propose Law to Punish and Silence Critics Regarding COVID Measures and Treatments Of course they did.

‘HATE SPEECH’? FACEFART Removes Video About Jerusalem Fuckerberg is only hateful thing here.

ILLEGAL: Biden Admin Ignores Ruling to Sanction Hamas, Hezbollah for Using ‘Human Shields’ The Fakestinians are foot soldiers for Biden & cabal.

Erasing Women: Trans ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Takes Crown for Highest-Earning Female Win Streak. Ladies, you lost your rights.

Report: Omicron Prompts Israel to Consider ‘Herd Immunity Through Mass Infection’

JUST IN: Twitter PERMANENTLY Suspends mRNA Vaccine Inventor Dr. Robert Malone After Tweeting About the mRNA Vaccines – The Day Before He Goes on with Joe Rogan

ISRAEL FIRM WITH BIDEN: ‘There is No Place for a Palestinian Consulate in Jerusalem’  Feck yeah!

California Synagogue Torched – But Not Considered a Hate Crime Imagine how the shit would fly if it were the Devil’s Mosque?

Hamas-Linked CAIR to be Named Among Wiesenthal Center’s Top Global Anti-Semites

Muslim migrant kidnaps 15-year-old girl, rapes her for several days, screams ‘Allahu akbar’ at night

American Traitors: Academics Working for China

Jingle Bells’ banned in New York school over possible connection to blackface minstrel shows Fecking lunatics.
Jake Tapper producer quits; is second CNN employee investigated for potential crimes against minors

Up to $8.5 billion in fraudulent unemployment claims paid by Michigan, report states

Florida surgeon general: Biden admin ‘actively preventing’ monoclonal antibody COVID-19 treatments

Killer idea? Washington state lawmakers seek to reduce penalties for drive-by shooters Liberals are a death cult!

‘WINNER’ ANNOUNCED’: Which cockroach was Named Antisemite of the Year?

Reporters Track Down and Expose Mysterious Jan 6 FBI Informant

Biden Denies Monoclonal Antibody Treatments as States Experience Shortages

The shithead needs to bolster his vax profits for him and his cabal.


…FAUCI’S VACCINE-ONLY APPROACH HAS COST LIVES The little bitch has blood on his hands.

KAMALA ASKS BIG TECH, WALL STREET TO JOIN HILLARY IN CRAFTING POLICY ADVICE The Ho must think her presidency is coming soon. Should it come to pass, she would become not only the first female president, but the first ho president.#BlowjobsForThePoor


Report: New DCCC Hire Supports Abolishing Police, ICE

Judge in Ghislaine Maxwell Case Orders Epstein Agreement with Prince Andrew to Be Released by January 3rd

OUCHI FAUCHI! Radio Host Hugh Hewitt Interviews Fauci, Rattles Off Extensive List of His Failures and Lies, Asks Him to Resign (VIDEO)

PURE EVIL: Biden State Dept “Actively Impeding” Rescue Efforts of US Citizens Stranded in Afghanistan – Including Group of Catholic Nuns

FAA Dangerously Ignores Its Own Guidelines – Clears Vaccinated Pilots to Fly Despite “Do Not Issue—Do Not Fly” Policy

Lawmaker: Joe Biden Reallocated $2 Billion in COVID Testing Funds to House Illegals at the Border (VIDEO)


Facebook Fact-Checking Group Apologizes For Wrongly Flagging Article Questioning Face Masks In Schools

“…trying to make it impossible to support or say anything that’s contrary to whatever the ruling classes’ particular agenda and narrative is at that time…”

Investigative journo John Solomon fires back after Twitter suspends him with a warning for readers

What Do White Americans Owe Black People?

This is an exceptionally written and historically accurate depiction of the race issue. A worthwhile read.

Fauci’s Wife Heads Department of Bioethics at NIH

Medical Licensing Authority Requesting Files of Patients Prescribed Ivermectin, Doctor Says

VIOLENT CAMPUS THREAT: Diversity Senator Wants to ‘Kill Every Motherf***ing Zionist’

WATCH: Israeli Scientists Create Electricity from What?!

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” …Joseph Goebbels  

Tom Cotton: To End the Crime Wave, We Must Defeat George Soros Feck yeah!!!

Biden’s Release of Illegal Aliens into America to Cost Taxpayers $6.6B a Year

Hillary Clinton Voter Jailed for Shooting, Killing Friends over 2016 Election

Iran Launches Satellite Into Space, Preparing For ICBMs

CORRUPTION: CDC says it WILDLY exaggerated omicron numbers, lowers percentage drastically

CDC says it exaggerated Omicron’s spread. The figure, overstated by around 225%, had been put out ahead of last week’s stern warning to Americans issued by Joe Biden

Jewish National Fund chief denounced as ‘Islamophobic’ for noting Islamic antisemitism WUT DE FUCK?

UN demands that Poland allow unimpeded access to Muslim migrants trying to break through border ???

Israel: Al-Aqsa guard assaults Israeli policeman for saying ‘good morning’ SAVAGES.

It’s Good to Be Oppressed: Race Huckster Ibram X. Kendi Gets Paid $207 Per Minute for University Lecture

Biden Wants to ‘Woke’ Up Your Doctor

The Biden Administration wants to pay doctors to create office “anti-racism plans” that could soon bring full blown critical race theory into your examining room.

In shadows of Maxwell trial, sex traffickers continue to exploit porous southern border

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers continue to arrest child molesters, sex offenders, and human smugglers.

Washington state requires insurers to cover gender-affirming care starting Jan. 1 It’s crazy time again in Seattle.
Prosecutors drop charges against Epstein’s guards accused of sleeping on job, falsifying records Of course they did. Good timing with the Maxwell trial.

Judge allows journalist Attkisson’s case to continue on allegation feds hacked her computers

‘BUILT ON STOLEN LAND’? Jews Furious as AOC Staffer Calls Israel ‘Racist Ethnostate Built on Stolen Land’

and this piece of shit bartender is in Congress?

This Bishop was the Most Influential Antisemite of Our Time
China Pursues ‘Brain Control’ Weaponry in Bid to Command Future of Warfare

New York is Using Race to Determine Access to a Limited Supply of Life-Saving COVID Treatments The rationale for prioritizing some races over others for access to COVID medications crumbles upon close examination.

Media Admit President Joey Botched Testing Supply…


Kamala Harris Blames Not Being a ‘White Man’ for Soaring Unpopularity

Minn school board unanimously votes to pay non-white teachers more, segregate staff

The Mankato School Board in Minnesota in a blatantly racist move has unanimously voted to pay non-white teachers “additional stipends,” not on their merit or content of character, but solely based on the color of their skin, and for teaching staff to be segregated by race.

Salvation Army ‘Red Kettle’ Donations Down after Going ‘Woke,’ Pushing ‘Racism’ Guide

Support for BLM and BDS is Support for Hate and Violence

BLM is vicariously (if not legally) complicit in looting, rioting, anti-Semitism, support for Hamas, and incitement of violence against law enforcement professionals and others.



Hunt for ‘knife-wielding’ Muslim who said he wanted to ‘kill my first Jew’ in brutal antisemitic assault.

It’s in the Quran. Islamic Jew hatred – it defines Islam.

Mom Of Wheelchair Bound Son Claims “Evil human being” Daunte Wright Told Friends He “Accidentally” Shot Her Son In The Head After MN Cop Who Accidentally Shot And Killed Wright Is Convicted of Murder

Canada: Muslim lobbies enraged over doctor calling hijab ‘instrument of oppression’

Female coverings originate from women’s position of inferiority, as stipulated in the Quran (contrary to those who insist that female coverings are “cultural”): (Quran 24:31)

The ‘Islamophobia Industry’ Is Making People Afraid to Criticize Jihad Violence and Sharia Oppression

Ireland: Still No Room at the Inn

Not a Welcoming Environment for Jews. In Ireland, Jew-hatred does not well up from the general public but seems clearly driven from the top down. These Goebbels-like attacks on Israel include salvos from several Sinn Fein members of parliament.

MAJOR News Site Takes 3rd Place Among Top Antisemites, After Iran and Hamas, Can You Guess Which Site?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Result in Anti-Semitism

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion departments in academia and industry stand mute in the face of bigotry against Jews.

Crossbow-Armed Man Tried To Assassinate Queen Over ‘Racial Discrimination’

…culprit sectioned under Mental Health Act.

Anti-vax Posters Featuring Star of David Found Across Major US City

The Terror-Linked Symbol on Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Packaging

Biden reverses course, and now can blame states, as he declares COVID must be solved by states and not feds

President Joe Biden campaigned for months that a robust federal response could vanquish the COVID-19 pandemic but then Delta and omicron variants proved him wrong. IT ALSO PROVED THAT STUPID CANNOT PREVAIL FOREVER.

‘ENORMOUS’ Scale of Pandemic Relief Fraud Hits $100b on Joe Biden’s Watch

The Democrats are robbing the American taxpayer blind.

Only 18% of American Family Households Include Married Parents

…and we wonder why our kids or so fucked up.

FlASHBACK: Nancy Pelosi Once Praised Unionists Storming Wisconsin State Capitol

For a growing number of Jews in Israel, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Contrast that with areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, were Christians have been cleansed, persecuted, and relegated to second class status.

‘Whatever It Takes’: Biden Says Without Hesitation He’d Axe The Filibuster To Pass Democrats’ Voting Overhaul

They will destroy our voting system by hook or by crook – it’s the only way they survive.

Mini-Menegle Fauci: Large Gatherings This Holiday Season are Unsafe!

The dwarf is drunk on power. Omni-con is, for all intents and purposes, is asymptomatic – affecting the vaxxed,

Ivermectin Trial Halted Citing Supply Issues

“No Supply Issues With Ivermectin”: Pharmaceutical Supplying PRINCIPLE Oxford Trial. More ‘fullofshitness’ from the elites.

Half of 2020 College Graduates Failed to Find Work within Six Months of Entering Job Market

FlASHBACK: Nancy Pelosi Once Praised Unionists Storming Wisconsin State Capitol

Rousseau, Guevara, Marx and More: The Moral and Intellectual Bankruptcy of the Left

The moral corruption of many left-wing intellectuals shows itself in verbal ferocity, exhortations to violence, demonization of opponents, and lack of respect for the dignity of individuals.

Celebrities trash West Virginia as illiterate, but California and New York actually are worse

Marine officer who blasted bungled Afghan withdrawal is discharged from service

Video from Fulton County State Farm Arena During 2020 Election Has Gone Missing – This Is Against the Law

Liberal California Lost the Most Population of Any State in 2021, New York Was 2nd, Illinois 3rd

Lawyer Calls for Special Prosecutor in ‘Evil’ Beating of Jan. 6 Protester Caught on Video Beatings brought to you by and enabled due to the DNC.

China Admits Its Over-Reliance on Semiconductor Imports Could Prove ‘Fatal’ Then it’s time for us and the Eurotrash to squeeze this rice eating MoFo’s.

Name Something Democrats Have Ever Made “Better” For Normal People

This Disease Has Soared 28x Since the 1960s, but Why?

In the mid-1960s, the autism rate was 1 in 10,000. By 2012, it had risen to 1 in 88, then 1 in 68 as of 2016, and now, we’re looking at an autism rate of 1 in 44 8-year-olds, although rates vary widely from state to state. In California, where incidence is the highest, 1 in 26 8-year-olds has a diagnosis of autism.

Joe Gets Trolled, Says ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ in Christmas Call

Twitter Leaps into Action – Blocks and Censors #LetsGoBrandon from Trending on Platform after 69,000 retweets

Biden Mocked Online After Agreeing With ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’: ‘He Is More Clueless Than We Even Thought’

‘I Can’t Support This’: USA Swimming Official Resigns in Protest of Trans Athlete

US Universities Maintain Ties with Chinese Institutions That Support Beijing’s Military Development, Report Says

China Now Controls Africa

Behind Dr. Oz’s Curtain and connections to Turkey’s Islamist government.
SAY IT AIN’T SO JOE – Now Even CNN Is Saying: “Biden Seems Confused”
Can Ivermectin Help Prevent COVID-19 Deaths?
14 GOP Lawmakers Sign Letter to DC Mayor Bowser to Fire Deputy Warden Landerkin Who Allows Torture of DC Political Prisoners

This Is What Happened When College Students Were Asked If “Frosty The Snowman” Is Inclusive Enough…

Pennsylvania Court Handed Defeat to Governor and AG with Stunning Decision on Dominion Voting Machines

“The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania has ruled in favor of The Amistad Project and Fulton County, Pennsylvania, allowing the county to send its Dominion voting machines to the State Senate for inspection on January 10. Trump won. Biden …

HORROR: Four Young Soccer Stars from Four Different Countries Die This Week After Suffering Sudden Heart Attacks

Socialist Son of Weather Underground Terrorists, San Fran DA Chesa Boudin Admits “We Are at the Tipping Point in San Francisco”

Democrats ‘Make History’ by Electing Convicted Killer as Nominee for Key Position

The Biden Effect – Saudi Arabia Begins Building Its Own Ballistic Missiles with Help from China

If Republican Leaders Will Not Speak Out Against Election Officials Removing GOP Observers from Room, Pulling Out Hidden Suitcases of Votes and Shoving Stacks of Ballots Thru Machines 3 Times, Then the Grand Old Party’s Days Are Over

Georgia Voter Files from 2020 and Even 2016 Are Changing – Why Are These Likely Illegal Actions Secretly Happening?

BIG TECH, CENSORSHIP, AND SOCIALISM Trump Knew ‘100 Percent’ He Was ‘Fighting for the Little Guy’: Former Top Trump Economic Adviser
NEVER FORGET: ABC News Killed the Jeffery Epstein Story in 2016

Whitmer kidnapping plot suspects seek dismissal of charges, say FBI invented conspiracy

“When the government was faced with evidence showing that the defendants had no interest in a kidnapping plot, it refused to accept failure,” defense attorneys wrote.

Republicans move to ban federal funds to states, cities that allow non-citizens to vote

Several liberal municipalities from San Francisco to New York have moved to allow non-citizens to cast ballots in local elections.




PART 1: EXCLUSIVE EXPOSING THE DEEP STATE TIES TO JAN 6: The Origin of the Russia Sham – Don Berlin’s Original Russia Dossier

Kamala Harris Insists Ballot Harvesting, Midnight Drop Boxes, Locking Out Election Observers, and No ID Laws Is About “Keeping Our Standing in the World” LOL

Joe Biden Celebrates Kwanzaa – A Phony Holiday Created by a Violent Felon Who Tortured Two Naked Women

Nearly Every Election Activity in Fulton County, Georgia, Was Outsourced on Election Day to Groups and Individuals Other than the County

Predictable. Young Father Who Got Joe Biden to Repeat “Let’s Go Brandon!” Is Now Getting Death Threats from Angry Leftists

New Zealand Government Approves Euthanasia for COVID Patients WUT?

Women Inmates Seek Help as Law Allows ‘Trans Women’ to Share Spaces in California Prisons

Ana Navarro Puts Out A Message – Wonder Who It’s Intended For?


China Develops AI ‘Prosecutor’ That Can Charge Criminals with ‘97% Accuracy’ Coming to a town near you. A Democrat town, that is.

China Accuses Americans of ‘Abusing’ their ‘bitch,’ Joe Biden with ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Chants

Israeli Startup Develops Possible Solution to Pandemic

WATCH: Israeli Innovation Can Prevent Errors in Intensive Care Units

HARD TO BELIEVE: New Israeli Tech Beats Polygraph at Determining Lies

SHAME ON YOU: UN Gives Go-ahead to Israeli ‘War Crimes’ Inquiry

NY Governor Vetoes ‘Anti-Hasidic’ Bill Good one girlfriend.

China to Use Beijing Olympics to Promote Digital Yuan in Challenge to Dollar Hegemony

CAIR to be Named Among Wiesenthal Center’s Top Global Anti-Semites

Fact Check: Kamala Repeatedly Lies About Afghanistan in CBS Interview

Census: 1% of California’s Population Moved Out of the State in 2021 LOL

House of Representatives Votes to Eradicate Blasphemy Against Islam

H.R. 5665, is truly remarkable as it amounts to Congress making a law respecting the establishment of Islam and reducing the United States government into a tool of the world’s ayatollahs. YES, WTF?

Fights COVID Like Hydroxychloroquine, yet Easier to Find

Should the Late Bishop Tutu Get a Statue? FUCK NO, HE WAS AN ANTI SEMITIC PIECE OF SHIT.

Hamas Women’s Movement leader says all Gaza women ready to kill themselves in jihad suicide bombings But, but, but….can’t they stay in Gaza and kill themselves there? Just askin’? Savages.

Muslim father murders his daughter and her husband for marrying without his permission

Wuhan Institute of Virology Hosts Conference On How To Avoid Lab Leaks

This is not the Onion. This is for real. Also in another part of town, in the Shit Hole of China, the fox holds a conference on how to protect chickens from foxes.

REMINDER: Members of Congress and Their Staff Are Exempt From Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

But they’ll lock you in your homes and ban you from public life if you don’t get the ineffective vaccine. Scumbags.

Black Lives Matter Invites YOU To The ‘Smash & Grab Xmas’ Event, Terrorizes Xmas Shoppers in Beverly Hills

Corporations and retailers sent the terror group millions of dollars. You reap what you sow. SCUMBUGGERY AND THUGERY.

Democrat Jailbreak Experiment Fails: 150+ Killed by Suspects on Bond in TX County

‘113 Charged with Capital Murder Inexplicably Released Back onto Our Streets’


Trans Paedophile Who Identifies as 5-Year-Old Girl Attends Court Dressed as an Elf LOL

CNN’s Eisen: Trump Allies ‘Were Getting Ready for a War’ on January 6MSNBC’s Wallace: Man Saying ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ to Biden Is the ‘Slow-Motion Insurrection’ AT WHAT POINT DO ASSHOLES LIKE THIS FACE JAILTIME FOR INCITEMENT? I THINK WE ARE THERE.

Victor Davis Hanson: California a Confederate Society with ‘Sick Fixation’ on Race–Legendary Historian Explains What’s Killing His Home State

Happy Kwanza! The Phony Marxist Holiday…

Privacy Wins: Google Rival DuckDuckGo Enjoyed 46% Growth in 2021

Nearly 30% of New COVID Cases Are in New York But the AP Reports on New Cases in Florida

CBS Edits Out Their Own Reporter Blasting Pandemic Response for Hurting Kids

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