POTUS Short-Tempered, Blowing Up at Aides with Profanity

He can’t handle the work load with his dementia. Said load simply being told what to do and say by Kamalalala, Hussein and Rice. Biden and his handlers have created one crises after another in the short time of four months. This is probably a world record for incompetence by an American President. It took Carter much more time. Even Pedo Presidents like Bill Clinton took time before getting rid of the Glass-Steagall act which regulated banks and prevented them from becoming Wall Street speculators with theirs and depositors funds. Clinton’s stupidity gave rise later to the Sub Prime Fiasco which caused the recession.

Biden Gas Crisis: U.S. Capital Nearly Out of Fuel…

Adviser Falsely Claims ‘Easter Was in March’ to Explain Low Employment Numbers…

Rand Paul: NIH Funded Wuhan Lab, Fauci’s ‘Parsing’ Deceptively

House GOP Elects Stefanik as Conference Chair, Replaces Liz Cheney


Illinois House Expands Confiscation Orders to Include Firearm Parts


White House Says It Was Surprised by Inflation Jump The White House admitted Friday they were surprised by the rise in consumer prices in March, the largest jump since 2008. Now either Biden and his advisers are total Morons, OK Biden is, or they are outright lying. You can not crap all over the economy in the name of Socialism, social justice, or whatever other word salad named hair brained scheme these dolts come up with and not expect to see the economy suffer.

SHOCKING: Critical Race Theory Mandates Third Graders Asked If They Are Bisexual

Manufacturing Output Disappoints as Labor Crunch and Materials Shortages Bite

April Retail Sales Move Sideways After Huge Stimulus Surge in March

Angry Moms Expose ‘Pornographic’ Passages from ‘Woke’ Books Assigned to 9th-Graders

A group of angry parents has blasted their children’s school board after it emerged their 9th-graders were being assigned “woke” books that contained graphic violence and sexual material. EXCERPT: “Jasper wasn’t even my boyfriend, just this dude I did some hacking with once in a while,” the second mother reads. “He was pretty basic…but he had a big d***.

BREAKING: ‘Significant Discrepancies’ Discovered In Arizona Audit, Ballots Off Up to 17.5%, ‘Likely Joe Biden Did Not Win’

OUTRAGEOUS! National GOP SILENT on Historic AZ Audit Where They Already Discovered Deleted Voting Machine Files, Missing Passwords and Routers, and Ballot Miscounts

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Demands Kevin McCarthy Do Something About Marjorie Taylor Greene Over Two Year Old Video of Playful Protest of MTG Speaking Through Mail Slot of AOC’s Locked Congressional Office Door Always Outrageous Crap


With war now between Israel and the Fakestinians, I thought this would be a good time to bring back an older blog I wrote, that was featured in THE TIMES OF ISRAEL click green link to read.

Anti-Jewish Death Marches Are Held Around the World Following Barrage of Terrorist Rockets Into Jewish State

Looking at the level of Jew hatred on the left, in the Democrat party, it’s a wonder that horrors like the Holocaust haven’t happened more often.

Terrorist Org Muslim Brotherhood Praises Democratss for Abandoning Israel in Time of War – Geller Report NewsThere it is.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s official online mouthpiece offered praise this week to Democratic members of Congress who are publicly criticizing Israel as it defends itself against an onslaught of terrorist rockets.

The jihadist extremist group, which is designated as a terror outfit in multiple countries, not here as Obama removed them from terror list, highlighted critical remarks about Israel’s defensive operations made by outspoken opponents of the Jewish state—Reps. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.), Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.), Andre Carson (D., Ind.), Debbie Dingell (D., Mich.), Mark Pocan (D., Wis.), and Cori Bush (D., Mo.), as well as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.).

Tracking all of Joe Biden’s false or misleading claims – updated on May 14

Facebook Twitter Google+ The Washington Post said they won’t fact check Joe Biden. He routinely says things that aren’t true, and someone has to do it. 

Andrew Yang apologizes for pro-Israel tweet after criticism from the left

Spineless, gutless loser. Go home and pull your Yang, Andrew, as whipping your skippy is all you do well. In other words you are a jack off.

Will the U.S. Mine for Rare Earth and Exotic Minerals?

The administration’s renewables policies and environmentalist bans on mining are on a collision course.

Virologist: NIAID grantee funded Wuhan coronavirus studies used in gain-of-function research, which China used as a weapon of war

In a tense exchange Tuesday with Sen. Rand Paul, longtime NIAID Director Anthony Fauci categorically and repeatedly denied his institute has funded gain-of-function research.

Election audit in small New Hampshire town could have implications for 2020 results statewide
GOP Rep. Paul Gosar said police ‘executed’ Ashli Babbitt during Capitol riot TRUE!
Rep. Cori Bush praised BLM activist who called for ‘death’ for police officers in Ferguson, Missouri
Lawmakers accused of abuse of federal air marshal service for personal VIP ‘concierge service’
More than 15,600 East Coast gas stations report out of fuel, after pipeline cyber attack

Is the effective US news blackout about the negotiations with Iran meant to keep the allies and American public in the dark to prevent an outrage that may scuttle the administration’s effort to revive the 2015 nuclear deal — which Iran by the way never signed? Americans Have the Right to Know About Biden’s Upcoming Deal with Iran’s Mullahs

Survey Shows ‘Pervasive Issues of Toxic Workplaces, Bullying, and Abuse’ in Woke Hollywood


Joe Biden Revokes Donald Trump Orders for Garden of Heroes, Protection of Monuments thereby signaling the woke mob that it’s OK to pull down our history.

Gretchen Whitmer Paid ‘$855’ for Seat on Private Jet to Florida for Flight Costing ‘$27,521’

HUGE BREAKING NEWS: Federal Judge Signals He May END Twitter’s Immunity in Dr. Shiva Case – Speech Police in Panic — Watch Hearing Live on May 20

It’s the Right Thing to Do: John Kerry Admits Poisonous Solar Panels Are Made in China by Uyghur Slaves (VIDEO)

“Dr. Anthony Fauci Seems to be Still Funding Gain of Function Research…The Chinese Military Is Involved In This Research”


There is tension in the air as shit is flying everywhere and one does not know where to duck.

The war Biden induced war drums rattle in the Middle Beast as the cockroaches feel enabled by him. The economy is being affected by Biden’s stupid Socialist moves, like cancelling the pipeline and then the hack on another pipeline again due to Biden signaling the world that our ass is in the air and ready to take what anyone cares to deliver to it. The morons still cling to the fear heaped upon us by Fauci and his “VIRUS CAPITALISTS” and the stock market just took a major dump as one thing it hates more than anything else is uncertainty. Trump called this. He said it would happen and no matter what ‘word salad’ games the dumb assholes on the left play, no matter what or how you name it, THINGS SUCK.

Let us just hope that cool heads prevail here, and people start to realize what the Democrats have inflicted on America. This time it is far greater in scope than the phony oil crises concocted by another idiot and peanut farmer who is proving to be a better President, pardon me while I throw up, than China Joe Biden.

Red States Lead Way Out of Labor Shortage By Ending Super-Sized Unemployment Benefits

Blue states still suffering illness from ‘head in ass disease’ and the belief that you are that stupid to believe their bullshit.

Biden’s Handlers Get the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict They Wanted

Once again, the Dems embolden – and enable – evil.

While China Plots War, Biden’s Military Goes Woke China Joe says they will ‘eat are lunch’ and seems prepared to cook them a meal.

McDonald’s Boosting Average U.S. Wages to $17 an Hour to Recruit Workers

So if you eat their junk, you will probably be paying a lot more for a burger.

CNN Coverage on Gaza Conflict Buries 1,500+ Rockets Fired on Israel – News from Jew haters.

Endless Rockets Fired From Gaza, But The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Only Questions Israel’s Response another Jew hating piece of camel shit who thinks he is funny.

SHOCKING: Critical Race Theory Mandates Third Graders Asked If They Are Bisexual

Hunter Biden and a Female Chinese Operative

Hunter Biden did more than abuse drugs and use his father’s influence to enrich himself and his family. The youngest son of Joe Biden also acted as a conduit — willingly or otherwise — of political information that could be used against President Donald Trump in last year’s Presidential election.

Providing the information was JiaQi Bao, a young woman who worked in the United States as an advisor to Ye Jianming, the founder and chairman of the now-bankrupt conglomerate, CEFE China Energy. That conglomerate, as well as a Chinese investment firm, Bohai Harvest, served as Hunter Biden’s business partners.

Both firms also acted as fronts for the Chinese government and Communist Party.

Inflation Nation: Producer Prices Soar By Most on Record Prices received by businesses for goods and services jumped 6.2 percent compared with a year ago, the largest increase since 12-month data started being calculated by the Department of Labor in 2010.

Guardian Calls Support for Israel’s Creation One of its “Worst Errors of Judgment” More Jew hate from the land where many think they are Lawrence of Arabia.
Liz Cheney Lied About Her Role in Spreading the Discredited CIA “Russian Bounty” Story As part of her ideological war to reclaim the GOP for neocons, the now-deposed House leader falsely denied her role in a tale designed to block withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Photo Op: Jennifer Garner and Jill Biden Rip Off Masks — ‘We Feel Naked’ while a more honest reply would have been ‘We feel stupid, as well as look stupid.’

WATCH: Israel Destroys Hamas Intel HQ, with ‘Dozens’ of Terrorists Inside

Did Israel ‘Trick’ Hamas? IDF Pounds Gaza, Sows Confusion Over ‘Ground Attack’ You betcha, as when one side has the brain power of a rocket scientist and the other is content to marry his goat, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Antifa Calls on ‘Black People to Lynch White People’

Welsh City Appoints ‘World’s First’ Openly Non-Binary Mayor So can any tell me if I call this thing Ms, Mr, or Non-B Ass Clown?

President Trump’s choice, Elise Stefanik, is the new conference chair of the House GOP to replace Liz Cheney. Stefanik defeated Chip Roy with a vote of 134-46.

NBC Sitcom Says ‘It’s Not Worth Being Friends with White People’ To be expected from the ass clowns. They should change their call letters to DNC.

US Working to Hold Beijing Accountable for Not Taking Back 40,000 Chinese Illegal Immigrants: State Department. Why should they, as they want their cockroach spies to stay here.

Israeli forces begin ground operations in Gaza in major escalation of conflict with Hamas

Ground invasion occurs after days of Hamas rockets targeting Israeli civilians. #Pray4Israel

Hamas Targets Ben Gurion Airport, Warns Airlines to Stop Flying to Israel  They can’t fight Israeli soldiers so they target civilians, the old, children or any suitable prey for these savages. May Hashem reign down righteous shit on their heads.

CDC: Fully Vaccinated People Don’t Have to Wear Masks Inside

Republicans Propose Bill to Fire Fauci for ‘Incompetence’ BUT….How about charging him with complicity in the deaths of thousands? That makes more sense.

“Palestinian” Islamic Jihad, Hamas: Iran Provides Us Missiles, Weapons, Funds, And Food, Our Gunmen ‘Were Trained By Our Brothers In The IRGC’ Made possible by “Biden” terror party. P.S. THE PIECE OF CAMEL DUNG IS NOT MY PRESIDENT.

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Biden Walks Away when Asked about Soaring Prices for Americans – WATCH


Marjorie Taylor Greene Confronts “Chicken” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Outside House Chamber, AOC Spox Calls for Congress to Be a’ Safe Space’ from MTG This moron is actually a member of Congress, so what does that say about us? Congress is not supposed to be a ‘safe place’ but an open and honest one. Who knows, maybe she meant safe from the lies and bullshit dumped on Americans.

MTG Blasts “Ms. Defund the Police” AOC for Wanting Security to Protect Her After Confrontation, Slams GOP Turncoat Adam Kinzinger for Siding with Ocasio-Cortez
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First Georgia, Now Arizona – How Many More Secretaries of State Illegally Certified Their 2020 Election Result Without Having Legally Mandated Chain of Custody Documentation on Every Ballot?

Maricopa Auditors Find ‘Significant Discrepancies’ Between Number of Ballots and Batch Reports in Each Box
  BREAKING: Dominion Voting Systems Releases Very Revealing Statement – Slams Arizona Forensic Audit and States Company WILL NOT Release Passwords to Maricopa Voting Machines
VIDEO: The Gateway Pundit’s Jim and Joe Hoft Join Steve Bannon to Discuss the Criminal Destruction of Voting Machine Evidence in Arizona

Second Letter by French Soldiers: “We are Talking About the Survival of our Country” Somebody tell Frenchy that they lost the bid to survive and if we don’t watch our asses and put a stop to rampant crazy, we are soon to follow.

‘Civil War Is Brewing’ Not just France …… New Military Letter Warning Of Civil War In France Gains Over 220,000 Signatures

Over 15,000 Gas Stations Out of Fuel Nationwide Because China Joe Biden!

Noor Bin Ladin Video: U.S. National Security Targeting Americans When political opponents begin to be labeled as terrorists and begets the decline and fall. Noor discusses U.S. National Security Targeting Americans, revealing how the national security apparatus under the Biden administration is now being turned inwards to target political opponents, who are viewed as dissidents and unjustly labeled as terrorists.

Four news sources are reporting that Palm Beach officials, tied to Biden’s brother, are plotting ways to ARREST President Trump at Mar-a-Lago if Cyrus Vance, the Manhattan DA, indicts him for whatever reason. Ron DeSantis has the power to block extradition from Florida to New York. Communist DAs and AGs all over the country are working overtime to find statutes to arrest President Trump for ANY reason. That happens? There will be civil war. Is that why they’re trying to keep us at home? RealNewsNetwork

The Treason Party’s Swiss Banker

The foreign election interference that Democrats love. The Nazis had a Swiss banker and so do the Democrats.



Black Parent Blasts Virginia School Board Over Sexually Explicit Books, Critical Race Theory (VIDEO)

“American silence on Iran’s involvement in Gaza is shocking. They are so eager to sign another nuclear agreement that that they don’t want to antagonize Iran,” said Eytan Gilboa, an expert on U.S. policy in the Middle East at Bar-Ilan.

Maricopa Auditors Find ‘Significant Discrepancies’ Between Number of Ballots and Batch Reports in Each Box

The Data Drives Deleted by the Maricopa County Included Adjudicated Files (Where Votes Were Changed)



House GOP elects Stefanik as conference chairwoman

Facebook Sharia Board Bans Jewish Professor for Denouncing Pro-Hitler Tweet

TERROR PRESIDENT “Biden” Pressed to Cancel Iran Talks as Tehran-Backed Terrorists Attack Jewish State

Trump gave us peace in the Middle East. The Democrats resurrected the jihad state and set the Middle East on fire. Stop the Democrat-autocrats from aiding and abetting the world’s largest state sponsor of terror. Now.

Missing data, subpoena noncompliance bring Arizona election audit to a boil

Children’s Book Authors Adult Versions of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, Marxists, communists

CNN’s Ratings Are Plummeting Post-Trump: ‘More Than Two Thirds Of The Audience – Gone’

Attorney General Merrick Garland: ‘white supremacists’ are top domestic terror threat. The January 6 Capitol riot was not an insurrection. The protesters were unarmed. There was no plan to overthrow the government, no ringleader, no actual incitement or call to violence from Trump. Nothing. This is just paving the way for some nefarious action by the Bidenites.

Biden adviser ‘has echoed Iranian regime talking points and has made excuses for Iran’s oppressive government’




Report: Israel Exaggerated Invasion to Lure Hamas Fighters into Tunnels, then Bombed Them

Austria Flies Israeli Flag on Official Buildings in ‘Solidarity’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Communications Director Says Rep. Eric Swalwell Attempted to Physically Intimidate Him

OUTRAGEOUS! National GOP SILENT on Historic AZ Audit Where They Already Discovered Deleted Voting Machine Files, Missing Passwords and Routers, and Ballot Miscounts

Richard Grenell on the far-Left’s control of the Biden admin: “Biden is too weak to stop the progressive Left from taking over…Kamala does not understand what’s going on…We have a shadow president in Susan Rice and no one is paying attention.”

In trying times like these, we can count on the Babylon Bee for some laughs


“There will be a surprise outbreak.” Now just how would he know that?

See and hear Flip Flop Freakin’ Fauci in his own words state this.

In the meantime the damaged caused by his and Democrat scare tactics wrecked havoc on people’s lives. Suicides and overdose deaths increased exponentially as people became despondent over factors like isolation, economic ruin, and food insecurity. Child and spousal abuse increased. Murders increased. Nursing home patients died as a result of neglect when family members no longer could visit and supervise their care. People died who could not access medical treatment while hospitals and other facilities were closed and all resources were set aside for the COVID patients who never showed up.

Rand Paul: ‘Dr. Fauci Came to Congress Yesterday and Lied’ About Funding of Wuhan Lab

BOOM! Senator Rand Paul: “Dr. Fauci Could be Culpable for the Entire Pandemic” (VIDEO)

Parents Outraged after Teacher Reads Transgender Book to 1st-Graders

The Socialist crazies have been doing this for decades. They have been indoctrinating the kids so we wind up with nancyboy Socialists, Transexual wannabees as they think it is cool and parents who would operate on children in order to satisfy the mental illness in their kids rather than address that.

Biden Demanded $200M ‘No Strings’ Gift for Iran Right after 9/11, Report Shows

BREAKING: Maricopa County Elections Officials DELETED ENTIRE DATABASE from Voting Machines – Including “All Election Information” from Main Database — With Copy of Senate Letter

Energy Sec. Granholm Says ‘Pipe Is the Best Way’ to Transport Fuel After Biden Canceled Keystone Pipeline…

…Kerry: Pipelines Are More Efficient…

Report: Twitter Allowed China’s Army of Fake Accounts to Run Amok

Trump, Pompeo Criticize Biden Over Hamas’s Attacks on Israel – Biden emboldened the Fakestinians. You see, just like BLM and Antifa scum here, Democrats love a good riot.

Biden Sends Anti-Israel Official to Encourage ‘De-escalation’ This ass clown should be a really big help. LOL

Black Leaders Blast Abrams Over Georgia Boycott: ‘She Speaks for White Liberals’

Why are there no good looking socialist liars out there?

A coalition of black business owners and community leaders slammed race-baiting former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams for promoting falsehoods about the state’s election law which resulted in boycotts.

During a press conference which was hosted by Black Americans for a Better Future Education Fund and the Georgia Black Republican Council, chairman Raynard Jackson said Abrams spoke for “white liberals.”

 Mike Lindell Draws HUGE Crowd To First Free-Speech “Frank” Event…Over 250K Watch Online…Eclipses Biden Audiences
Last night, the Left’s biggest nightmare, who appropriately made a fortune by helping people to sleep better, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, held his first-ever rally to continue with the kick-off of his free speech social media platform, “FRANK” at FrankSpeech.com. The LIVE rally was watched by over 250,000 viewers on FrankSpeech.com The live event was also broadcast by Right Side Broadcasting (RSB) and OANN.

Tragic End for 6-year-old Israeli Boy as Shrapnel Slips Through Safe Room

Stocks Tank After Hotter Than Expected Inflation Data

Inflation Nation: Consumer Prices Jump 4.2 Percent

Horrible Liz Cheney Runs to Liberal Media After Impeachment Vote to Smear GOP and Trump — Then Sits Down with NBC News Hack to Smear Party Some More

American Medical Association Embraces Critical Race Theory, Rejects Meritocracy

Yet Again, the Media Blames Israel for a Conflict Hamas Started

If you read The New Yorker or the New York Times, you’d be led to believe that Palestinian citizens of Israel and Palestinians in Gaza were only “protesting” an alleged Israeli invasion of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, an intended Israeli eviction of six Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah/Shimon Ha-Tzadik neighborhood in East Jerusalem, and the general Israeli “discrimination” against the Palestinian citizens of Israel. That their violence was an act of resistance.

IDF Precision Strikes Kill 4 Hamas Commanders After Deadly Rocket Onslaught

I say kill more, many more as with other Arab nations agitating, a potential incursion by Hezbollah as well as any actions by Iran, Israel must set an example that you do not mess with them or else. A clear and concise victory with massive destruction in Gaza is a must.

Colonial Pipeline announces that it has begun the restart of pipeline operations

Biden Facing Mounting Backlash for Blocking Veterans’ Memorial Day Parade

Black Lives Matter Activist Charged with Homicide for Killing NYPD Cop in Hit-and-Run

Inflation Soars to Highest Levels Since Great Recession Under Joe Biden

Evangelical Lutherans Ditch Bible Teachings, Elect First Transgender Bishop This will fill the pews for sure. LOL

Missouri Governor Ends Federal Pandemic Unemployment Boost A Gov. with balls.

Getting Disappeared by Google Here today, gone the next as the lefty scumbags ‘cancel’ you as if you don’t exist.

D.C. Rep: Biden infrastructure plan would ‘reduce automobile usage’ to combat climate change Democrats also “investing in pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure,” said Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton.

Trump says comparison between Carter and Biden ‘very unfair to Jimmy Carter’ LOL
GOP lawmakers call upon the CDC to turn over all communications with teachers’ unions since Jan. 20

US tariffs lead to decrease in Chinese imports Thank you President Trump.

Kristallnacht in Lod as the Fakestinians parrot the Nazis

WATCH: Jew-Hating Democrat Rashida Tlaib Speaks At Radical Rally Calling For Extermination Of Jewish State

This is the Nazi leadership of the Democrat party This is what’s running the country into the ground.


VIDEO: Aftermath of Muslims/Leftists Attack on Jewish Man in NYC In Wake Of “Biden” Incitement Against Israel

Trump gave us Middle East PEACE. Look what the Democrats wrought, anti-Jewish protests across the world. America never voted for this. The Democrats hijacked our country. They stole the Presidential election and blew up the world.

Terror Top Dog Abbas Wants More Blood, Calls for Violent Revolt in Jerusalem

Team “Biden” admits it made fools of Jews believing Biden is “moderate” Democrats are the party of jihad terror.

Let Them Eat Cake! Says elitist pimp of politics.
Biden Admin Chastises Working Class

…Biden to Reporters: ‘I’m Not Supposed to’ Answer Your Questions as that’s what his handlers tell him.

Poll: Orthodox Jews Overwhelmingly Republican, Growing in Number

Energy Sec Granholm: Gas Shortage Not a ‘Shortage’ But a ‘Crunch’ Well then that explains it. Mz Fullashit plays here Demorat word salad games.

Biden to Resume Construction of Section of President Trump’s Border Wall in Texas: Report

Like Father Like Daughter – Biden’s Chief of Staff and His Daughter Have Ties to Progressive Dark Money Groups

In Midst of Massive Gas Shortages Crazy Insane Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Orders Shutdown of Pipeline

AOC’s Attack on Yang’s Meaningless Israel Statement Shows Her Role: Protect Dem Leaders

Real power over U.S. policy toward Israel and Gaza rests with Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Blinken — not Yang. But AOC’s function is to shield them from leftist anger.

Election integrity revelation: Detroit bragged that use of Zuckerberg funding ‘created a new normal’

Why Won’t Israelis Let Themselves Be Killed?

The global woke loathing for Israel is taking an even darker turn.  Two weeks ago Turkish forces launched a military assault in the Duhok region of Iraqi Kurdistan.  Villagers were forced to ‘flee in terror’ from raining bombs.  It was only the latest bombardment of the beleaguered Kurds by Turkey, NATO member and Western ally.  It did not trend online. 

Headlines From the News of ‘2022’

CNN Removes “News” From It’s Iconic Moniker:  Decision was made about the troubled network by it’s new parent company, ‘Time-It-Lube Inc.’ after Jake Tapper, wearing only a diaper, welding goggles and a Philadelphia Phillies baseball cap while interviewing California Governor Kaitlin Jenner about the all transgender US Olympic Gymnastics team.
Dr. Anthony Fauci Issues Newest Warning:  Strongly encourages all left-handed, redheaded women of mixed race between ages 23- 38 wear double mask inside and also outside in humidity between 32-71% over concerns of possible out-break of covid 19 in that population group.
Pete Buttigieg To Be Honored:  Transportation Secretary to be honored by LBGTQ activist by renamed a popular activity known to some as “pulling a train” to a more hip and up to date “Buttgieging”.  The publisher of  the new ‘Woke Edition’ of the Webster’s Dictionary has taken into consideration inclusion of the new word and definition in their 2nd edition next year. President Harris Calls For Calm: Venezuela Threatens To Cut Off  Only Remaining US Oil Supply – Says EBT Card Not Suitable Method of Payment…………. Developing

Andrew Yang Slammed by Leftist Dems for Condemning Hamas Terror Attacks in Israel


The green copy indicates a link to click on.

Eventually Saner Heads Will Prevail. Until It Does, We Are In For More Crazy. If You Read Kafka, You Are Now Living It.

We are in an age of mass hysteria and outrage where to get along one goes along with the liberal crazy and then takes it further out on the limb of absurdity just to be cool. The disgusting virtue signaling claiming ‘look at me’ becomes the new Tik Tok or other post, where no matter the forum, each crazy person tries to outdo the others.

When I read some of the absurd demands, I am astounded. It is pull down this statue, change that name, calling the aberrant normal when it clearly is not until it becomes the new vile normal. Few want to challenge crazy for fear of what crazy will do to them, whether cancelling or doxing them. It is like the fall of Rome, Sodom and Gomorrah and the early days of Nazi Germany all rapped up as one. Each wannabee of their 15 minutes of fame or simply to go along to get along pushes further into chaos. Do not forget the politicians see all this and use the crazy to advance their own ends, such ends being solely getting re-elected and maintaining enough power to steal and not be called on their theft.

Most do not have a clue as they really have no values but only the shallow desires of the herd. We talk about herd immunity, but no one is talking about herd mentality. The talk is of two Americas, the patriots, but the mob would call us something else, and the leftist, Socialist wannabees, who do not even have a clue as to what Socialism really is. While this goes on, there is another set of players who are the “cattlemen” who use their time working up the mob and herding them into their nefarious purposes. Some are like the fat lesbian head of Black Lives Matter, who is living large on the blood of Black Americans while she is stealing the organizations funds, and the Politicians who simply desire more and more power. They want the ultimate power of a one-party system for the ultimate control of the population so they can go on and steal the American dream from you while enriching themselves.

It will get worse before getting better and it will get better, just like the crazy from the sixties got better, as the radicals went underground to game the system rather than destroy it. Now they are out in the open again and bent on destroying the country so that out of the ashes of their destruction they can construct their new gods of Socialism and of course control and self-enrichment. Biden will make one to many concessions to China, betray Israel one more time and piss off Russia as he bumbles on. Somewhere along the road to hell we will pull back and saner heads will prevail and call a halt to the crazy. We are not there yet, but soon.

SPEAKING OF CRAZY, Biden Admin Will Force Hospitals to Provide Sex-Change Procedures

And There It Is… AG Bill Barr Threatened to Quit Over Trump’s Attempts to Fire Dirtbag Chris Wray

After the latest data showed that Communist China emitted more air, water & soil pollution than all the other developed countries combined, China defended itself by claiming that polluting is a human right!

“We see the right to emit as a right to development, which is a basic human right.” RealNewsNetwork

Netanyahu Declares ‘State of Emergency’ in Lod as Violent Arab Mobs Torch City, Threaten Jews

Pipeline Cyber Attack Fuels Gas Station Shortages, Long Lines…

…Woke, ‘Intersectional’ Deep State Fails to Stop Cyber Attack

Texas Sheriff Blasts Biden for Forcing National Guard to Pick Up Trash at Border

Muslims Desecrate Synagogues in Israeli Cities of Lod, Ramle Imagine of Jews did this to a Mosque.

Kamala’s Cruel New America: TX Farmer Finds 5 Young Girls Alone and Crying On His Ranch…One Was Naked [VIDEO] This is not ‘immigration’ it is exploitation and that is exactly what Biden, who by the way is not my damn President, is doing. Koch Brothers types and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce want cheap labor and the Progressive cockroaches, like Pelosi, want more ignorant voters.

IT EXPERT: Maricopa County Officials Refuse to Provide Routers and Passwords to Senate Auditors – They Don’t Want Public to Know Where Data Was Sent and When It Was Sent
Rand Paul Rips Into Dr. Fauci About Funding the Wuhan Virology Institute Lab – Arrogant Fauci Hits Back! (VIDEO)

Bombshell Report Reveals CDC Risk of Covid Transmission Outdoors Greatly Exaggerated

Biden Endorses Waiving Covid-19 Vaccine Patent Protections So China, his pals, can get it for free. Screw American companies.

Miami Dolphins Partner with Radical South Florida Mosque for ‘Drive-Thru’ Ramadan Meal Thugs in tights once again to be anti American.

Democrats manufacture a fake ‘Insurrection’ to re-impeach Trump

COVID vaccine can worsen disease; mainstream study; not on the evening news. “COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralising antibodies may sensitise vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated.” Feel free to take THAT to a doctor.

More than 178,000 illegally crossed southern U.S. border in April, a two-decade high

“CBP continues to see a large influx of illegal migration along the Southwest Border,” CBP Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Commissioner Troy Miller said in a statement.

Melinda Gates Apparently had Problems with Her Husband Bill Gates’ Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein
REVEALED: Traitor Liz Cheney’s Husband Works For Chinese Communist Party-Linked Law Firm – Geller Report News
Now it all falls into place. Another RINO owned by then CCP.

House Republicans vote to remove Rep. Liz Cheney from leadership post
“They Sent Everyone Home – Rebooted the System on Election Day” – Arizona Elections Witness Jan Bryant Joins Steve Bannon to Talk About Maricopa County Election“Votes Were Intentionally Switched – The Number is MASSIVE” – President Trump Weighs in on Michigan Election Fraud Case After Monday’s Hearing

Poll: Trump has strong 2024 majority among GOP voters, DeSantis would take top spot in his absence

Mexico President Accuses “Biden” Admin Of Financing ‘Coup Plotters’ Group

Who better than the Democrat party who pulled off the greatest coup in American history.

Farrakhan Muhammad Opened Fire in NYC’s Times Square, Shooting 4-Year-Old Girl And 3 Innocent Bystanders – The jihadi is still at large.

GOP Chair: Election Shouldn’t Have Been Certified If Maricopa County Election Routers Were Shared With Law Enforcement – The fix was in.

TEL AVIV ON FIRE: Central Israel Hit with Major Rocket Barrage; Hamas Says Hundreds Fired at Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is now under attack. Pray for the people of Israel. Elections matter. The greatest election theft in US history was an act of war — the global jihad is very much a part of that.

Netanyahu: Terrorists ‘Crossed Red Line,’ Israel Will Respond ‘With Massive Force’

Trump gave us peace. If your cities were being rocketed, if your property was being destroyed, and if your fellow citizens were being killed, what would you expect YOUR government to do? Israel has a right and an obligation to defend itself. 

CNN Liar and Deceiver to Join “Biden’s” Justice Department, ‘One of the most deranged Russiagate conspiracists of the last 4 years’

These treasonous dangerous super-spreaders of vile lies and disinformation in order to stage a coup and election theft should be tried before a military tribunal. 

“Biden’s” Racial Radicals

After first calling Sen. Tim Scott “the token Uncle Tom” and the N-word, the writer added: “You knuckle dragging conservatives should be sent to the ovens.”

How the Left Plans To Put Boots on the Ground to Subdue Middle America
Leftists dream of holding ad controlling all police power. 

Trump blames Palestinian rocket attacks on Biden’s ‘lack of support for Israel’

Judge orders IRS to reveal if it criminally investigated Clinton Foundation, citing records ‘gap’

Tax court refuses to dismiss whistleblowers’ case involving famous political family charity, remands case back to agency to fill in blanks.

Texas AG Slams Police Department After Video Shows Officer Allegedly Allowing BLM to Block Traffic

Xi Jinping Talks Chaos: Pandemic Provides Favorable Situation to CCP

Greta Thunberg tweets pro-jihad, anti-Israel propaganda: ‘#GazaUnderAttack’

New York Times uses errant Hamas rocket to claim Israel has ‘no concern for civilian life’

Controversy erupts as Senator asks first Muslim nominee for federal judgeship about Sharia

Quraishi answered that he knows “nothing about Sharia.” Nothing? Virtually everyone knows something about the Sharia. In his position, Quraishi is likely to know a lot, and was probably fibbing, and not in an intelligent way, either. It isn’t possible that a man of his standing, who “has served as a military prosecutor and Army captain in Iraq, as an assistant U.S. Attorney who has tried cases of public corruption, organized crime and financial fraud, and as a white-collar criminal defense lawyer”, would know “NOTHING” about Sharia. It’s called Taqiyya, lying to the Kaffirs.

Inflation Nation: Consumer Prices Jump 4.2%
Decade High Increase
Thank you Biden, you ass clown.

TUCKER: RISING PRICES ‘NOT A NATURAL CYCLE — SOMEBODY DID THIS TO US ON PURPOSE’ They want chaos and control of you and to bring America to it’s knees.

Over 120 Retired Flag Officers Warn Country is Under Assault from Socialism and Marxism

Biden ‘Sanctuary Country’ Orders Releasing Illegal Alien Armed Robbers, Drunk Drivers into U.S.

President Trump Is Kicked Off of Twitter But Hamas Leader Allowed to Celebrate the “Bombing of Tel Aviv”

BOOM! Greene Slams “Jihad Squad” Omar and Tlaib for Defending Hamas – Says Terrorist Supporters “Don’t Belong in Congress”

Rand Paul is Right! There is Ample Evidence that Dr. Fauci Supported COVID-19 Research In China

PROOF OF FRAUDULENT ELECTION: Trump Won More Blacks, Latinos, AND WOMEN and a “Sizeable” Shift to Trump by Immigrant Populations in 2020 Election — But Beijing Biden Won?

It’s Only Been 4 Months: Keystone Pipeline is Shut Down, Gas Prices Are Highest in 6 Years, Gas Stations Are Out of Gas, And Gas Lines in Several States – Nice Work, Joe!

FLASHBACK: CDC Uses Faulty COVID Transmission Data to Push for Mail-in Voting in Attempt to Get Rid of Trump


After so much lousy news, we need a few laughs


Copy in green are hyperlinks

Facebook Oversight Board Co-Chair on Trump Ban: We’re ‘Not Bound by First Amendment’

 private companies are not bound by the first amendment   michael mcconnell said
Michael McConnell

Trump is a ‘customer and he is not a citizen of Facebook’

Melinda Gates Filed for Divorce Over Bill’s Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

Chinese Military Scientists Discussed Man-Made Coronavirus Attack Years Before COVID-19 Pandemic

Chinese military scientists in 2015 detailed a plot to unleash a bioengineered SARS coronavirus to cause mass terror and advance the communist regime’s global political ambitions.

Renowned Scientists Publish Study by NYT Reporter Tying COVID to Chinese Lab

Veterans Blast De Blasio for Blocking Memorial Day Parade, Allowing Cannabis Parade – He must really hate his country.


IT EXPERT: Maricopa County Officials Refuse to Provide Routers and Passwords to Senate Auditors – They Don’t Want Public to Know Where Data Was Sent and When It Was Sent

STUNNING TESTIMONY: AZ Elections Witness Testifies that Private Company Was Scanning Ballots Offsite, NOT Election Workers, Then Delivering Them to Counting Center

Former Disney CEO Says He Was ‘Inspired by Vision’ of the Chinese Communist Party

The Massive Infiltration of U.S. Virus Research by China’s Military

Beijing Revises Its ‘Maritime Traffic Safety Law’ to Pave the Way for Expansion – The Biden sanctioned China war is coming.

Republic of Poland passed a law that made it a crime to accuse Poland or the Polish people of complicity in the Holocaust. As a result, “anybody who speaks of antisemitism or anti-Jewish violence among Poles can be liable to be prosecuted.” This could happen here if the left does not like your complaints about their actions, revisionist history or their history.

Reality Comes Crashing Down On The Dr. Fauci Traveling Covid Show In his very first victory round after his boost as keynote speaker at the Vatican’s politicized “Health” Conference, Dr. Anthony Fauci returned to demoralize the masses. This time on Mother’s Day.

High Time To Fact-Check Michelle Obama

High Time To Fact-Check Michelle Obama

It’s not only time—but high time—to Fact-Check Michelle Obama, who, even from the luxury of private life, is a MSM-promoted hardline ACTIVIST, akin to the Energizer Bunny that keeps right on going.

Like her community activist husband Barack Hussein Obama, now running the Oval Office through the Biden-Harris regime, Michelle Obama was NEVER vetted by the MSM or Social Media.

WATCH: Mike Lindell: ‘I’ll Give Dominion a Little Scare, We Have the Machines’

In 2016, a white man named Tony Timpa was held down by the police for 13 minutes and died of a drug overdose. Just like George Floyd. His restraint was ruled justified & legal and a judge ruled in 2020 that the police did NOT use excessive force. The only difference between the two cases was the race of the suspect & the fact that no ‘student journalist’ was on hand to film the entire incident and send it around the world. Got it? This is where they got the idea to take down patsy George Floyd on Memorial Day to incite race riots & push cheat-by-mail.

Watch: LAPD’s Topanga Division Station Firebombed in Latest Attack on Law Enforcement

KEN BUCK PUSHES DEMOCRAT-BACKED HANDOUT FOR BIG MEDIA FOR GREATER COLLUSION BETWEEN BIG TECH, PRESS. The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA), a Democrat-backed bill that would allow Big Media companies to form a cartel to pressure tech companies for more censorship and special favors.

Van Morrison Is Being Blacklisted for Anti-Media Song

5 of Big Tech’s Most Serious Acts of Censorship

Biden’s HHS tries to equate sex change procedures to broken bones
By doing this, the administration makes it possible to force parents to allow their underage children to be chemically or surgically mutilated. 

Baltimore State Attorney Demands FCC Censor Local News……Move to Silence Reporting on Own federal Probe? Some balls!

Supreme Court case could follow Facebook’s Trump ban; Clarence Thomas threw down the gauntlet

Israeli Researchers Find Way to Detect Water Contamination Before it Reaches Your Tap

COVID-1984: Canadian Pastor Arrested — in Middle of Highway! — After Holding Church Service

UK: Christian Chaplain Reported to Anti-Terror Agency for Sermon on LGBT Issues

Darwin Canceled: Theory of Evolution Now ‘White Male Supremacy’! WUT?

UMass Amherst Students Suspended for Being Maskless Outdoors, Off-Campus

Fact Check: Biden Says Jobless Americans Offered a Job Must Take It or Lose Benefits Fact Check: False. As usual, he is a lying bastard.

Woman Posts Her Secret Service Agent Dad’s Hard-Boiled Fatherly Advice to Stay Safe, and It Goes Viral All women should read this.

Federal Memos Emerge Showing AOC Threw Tantrum During 2019 Border Trip AOC is both mentally unbalanced and a political drama queen who should not be able to hold office. There are many areas where mental stability are a requirement, and the political arena should be one of them.

Ilhan Omar, Malicious and Corrupt CongeressPerp, Is ‘Acting as the Press Secretary for Hamas’

France Bans ‘Gender-Neutral’ Spellings from Being Taught in Schools and we should do same.

Senate Democrats Push Forward with ‘Power Grab’ Election Reform Bill

The ‘Woke’ Follies

Generations of evolving agnostic narcissists, without an overriding national cause to rally around, are espousing new and hither to unheard of “rights” as a substitute religion or recasting previously resolved issues, such as so-called “systemic racism” as insoluble.

Politico: ‘reporters fume’ at heavy-handed Biden administration news management
Despite the slavish devotion of much of the media, the Biden administration is generating resistance from reporters who cover it. 

Over 120 generals and admirals warn that administration policies are ‘national security threat’
Among the dangers facing the nation created by the Administration’s policies, the retired flag officers singled out H.R.1 and S.1. Without fair and honest elections, they warn that “our Constitutional Republic is lost”. 

FBI confirms criminal group, Russia based DarkSide responsible for pipeline cyberattack, emergency declared WE MUST HIT THE RUSSIA GERMANY PIPELINE!

Palestinians: Our True Goal is to Destroy Israel

The Palestinians are upset because Jews are being permitted to tour the Temple Mount. The Palestinians do not want to see Jews visiting their holy site; they do not want to see Jews in Jerusalem, and they do not want to see any Jew at all in the land that stretches from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.


‘Biden’ Admin to Spend Millions in ‘Science’ Grants for ‘Racial Equity’ – Geller Report News

The Democrats are working furiously to make Charles Manson’s and Cloward & Piven’s dream of a ‘race war’ a reality.

Imagine being a 34-year-old man who tries to look like a 15-year-old girl and then gets offended when he’s called crazy.  And they wonder why they eventually take baths with their toasters.

Pipeline Ransomware Attack Fuels Gas Station Shortages, Long Lines. They would not have dared to do this under Trump.


POPE DOES ROPA-POPE AND NOW ALL IN FOR ABORTION. Globalist Pope Francis Defends Joe Biden Over Abortion Policies – Says Plan by US Bishops to Rebuke Him Might Look “Divisive” – But Same Pope a Frequent Critic of Trump


Copy in green are hyperlinks

Antony Blinken Continues to Lecture the World on Values His Administration Aggressively Violates

How can you feign anger over others’ attacks on a free press when you imprison Assange as punishment for his vital revelations about U.S. officials?

THIS IS BIG: US Census Bureau Confirms HUGE CONFLICT in Total Number of Voters in 2020 Election

The results of the 2020 Election are again not supported by evidence.  This time the data reported by the Census Bureau conflicts with the election results.

According to the Census, the recorded number of people voting in 2020 was tallied at 154,628,000. On the other hand, official results place the number of actual ballots cast slightly north of 158 million. That’s a discrepancy of nearly four million votes. Their are obvious discrepancies with the results of the 2020 Election.

Newt Gingrich: In My Mind “There Was No Question” all of the Close Battleground States Were Stolen in 2020 Election (VIDEO)

House GOP Leader: Biden Infrastructure Plan Will Bring Inflation ‘Tax’ to Lower-Earning Families – You can’t believe Biden’s bullshit with 50 years of lying his demented ass off.

Disabled Portland Veteran Says Armed Black Lives Matter Agitators Beat, Hospitalized Him

Washington Governor Signs Bill Mandating Critical Race Training in Public Schools

The ignorant ass-clown is helping to rewrite the facts of history.

How Israel Helped America in Soleimani Killing

Soros-Backed DA Drops Death Penalty for Couple Charged with Murdering 10-Year-Old Boy

Pelosi Shares Photo of the Wrong Black Guy While Honoring Willie Mays – Did she think all blacks look alike? Nah, not a racist scumbag like Phleghmosi.

Detroit Police Chief Preparing GOP Challenge Against Whitmer for Michigan Governor


Michelle Claims to ‘Live in Fear,’ Barack Actually Does

There is no one Barack fears more than wife Michelle, his personal emissary from the world of authentic African-Americans.


D.C. jail treatment of Capitol riot defendants draws bipartisan outrage

“It was a well-thought-out strategic plan” to transfer inmates to D.C., where they can be “mic’d in a cage,” lawyer says.

House Republicans target Fauci, Blinken in effort to investigate Wuhan coronavirus lab-leak theory
Disney pushes ‘critical race theory’ in employee training materials: report

Weak Jobs Report Raises Doubts About Biden’s Economic Policies

Facebook oversight board member rips social media giant as ‘inconsistent’ after Trump ban

Former federal judge on board says Facebook’s rules are both “arbitrary” and in “shambles.”

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, hillary, chelsea, clinton, foundation, mother's day
obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, michelle, mother's day, hashtag

Maricopa County Elections Witness Testifies that Dominion Ran Entire Election – County Officials and Observers NEVER HAD Access or Passwords! (Video)

Report: Chinese Military Discussed Weaponizing Coronavirus Five Years Ago before Outbreak — While Dr. Fauci Was Funding Their Wuhan Facilities

‘All Attempts To Reform Islam Have Failed And Are Likely To Continue Failing,’ Prominent Iraqi Writer – Geller Report News There is a very definitive reason why attempts to reform Islam and drag it into the modern age have failed. Unlike Judaism and Christianity (post Vatican II) which encourages questioning, probing, reflection, such reform or questioning is a crime.

Teaching our young to hate America Every mother’s nightmare is here. 

Calling For More Attacks, Islamic Media Channel Reminds Muslims: Jihad Is Doubly Rewarded During Ramadan’s Last Ten Days

Because Islam is peace. ‘Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.’

Hamas Wants Jews Banned From the Temple Mount, Judaism’s Holiest Site Islamic supremacism unleashed.

Austria: Muslim cleric preaches that it’s wrong to portray Islam as a religion of peace

Maldives: Muslims attempt to murder former president who ‘has been an outspoken critic of religious extremism’




Another Commune Fails – Bears Hardest Hit – Search Hammer City Colorado – I won’t link to their goofball shitsite

Joe Biden Picked Vegetables

Happy Burping Person Day!



We know the Wuhan Virus was not from a bat, but a lab. Why a lab and why man made?

This newly uncovered dissertation on the origin of the SARS2 (Covid-19) virus points to a man made virus in a lab at Wuhan China. It is scary to realize that this research maybe the most extreme example of biological warfare under the guise of “protecting the populace”. That is as concerning as, if not more so, then other revelations therein.

The rub is Dr Fauci and Peter Daszak seem to have known all about it (or should have) as the approver of US taxpayer funding of the lab’s work, over several years, in gain-of function (GOF) research.   

This combined with Chinese evidence suppression and elimination of witnesses along with 15 months of stonewalling the WHO that is hopelessly bound to the CCP simply reinforces my opinion.    Will we ever know conclusively?   Perhaps there is a Chinese whistle blower still alive who may come clean.

It’s documented that researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were doing gain-of-function experiments designed to make coronaviruses infect human cells and humanized mice. This is exactly the kind of experiment from which a SARS2-like virus could have emerged.

The researchers were not vaccinated against the viruses under study, and they were working in the minimal safety conditions of a BSL2 laboratory. So escape of a virus would not be at all surprising. In all of China, the pandemic broke out on the doorstep of the Wuhan institute. The virus was already well adapted to humans, as expected for a virus grown in humanized mice. It possessed an unusual enhancement, a furin cleavage site, which is not possessed by any other known SARS-related beta-coronavirus, and this site included a double arginine codon also unknown among beta-coronaviruses. What more evidence could you want, aside from the presently unobtainable lab records documenting SARS2’s creation? (Grant Freeman)

It is my opine that the CCP, who were directly involved at the Wuhan lab, of which I previously wrote, promoted the virus, once out, in order to gain economic advantage as well as create political turmoil in America. How much our government was involved with this promotion, while a possibility, cannot be confirmed so far.

JUST BREAKING: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been plotting to launch World War Three for the past six years, about the time Fauci with our tax dollars became involved at their lab, by preparing genetic and biological weapons, including coronaviruses, U.S. investigators have found.

* Beijing has considered the military potential of SARS coronaviruses since 2015

* The bombshell document was accessed by US State Department investigators

* Scientists examined manipulation of diseases ‘in a way never seen before

* Foreign affairs committee’s Tom Tugendhat says evidence is a ‘major concern

VIRUS WARFARE: Documents Reveal China Plan To WEAPONIZE Coronaviruses Prior to Pandemic

Chinese scientists said a third world war would be fought with biological weapons while Democrat communists stand in solidarity with this totalitarian enemy, banning the term China virus. Make no mistake this is war.

China’s Planning Major Atlantic Military Base to Approach US With Warships and Submarines. China is on the move in a big way. China has no fear or respect for the Biden Administration. THEY OWN CHINA JOE!

WATCH: Investigate Kerry over leaks to Iran about Israeli airstrikes, demand Republicans


NY Congressman Cockroach Defends Cutting Aid to Israel

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) signed on to a bill supported by far-left groups IfNotNow and J Street that restricts U.S. support for Israel. All I can say is that he can go feck himself. His first name says it all. Salaam Alaikum, ass clown.

CNN’s Viewership Plummets as Network Loses Almost 1/4th of its Audience LOLZ

Biden Banned from Taking Impromptu Questions from Reporters, Psaki Admits AND this ass clown is representing America. He is demented and the world knows it.

Unemployment Soars Under Biden, ‘Way Worse Than Expected,’ Latest Figures Show

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt Signs Bill Banning Teaching Critical Race Theory in Schools Way to go Gov.

Arab Riots Sweep Israel, The US Warns the Jewish State To Stand Down just like we stood down here, nuh uh ass clowns. Biden and cabal can shove their warnings up their butts. Right after Ramadan and out of the Mosques, as I have always said, ‘it always starts in the mosque.’

In a statement, Israel Police said: “We will not allow riots, violence and attempts to harm police officers through taking advantage of the freedom of worship and religion, and turning it into a violent incident.

“We will respond with a heavy hand to all violent disturbances, riots and attacks on our forces.”

Despite the heavy hand Israel police have used against the violent riots, spurred on by Iranian and Hamas incitement, the riots have continued.

Turn Over Routers or Face Subpoenas, Arizona Lawmakers Tell Maricopa County as they piss on democracy with another cover up.

Federal Prosecutors Drop Bulk of Cases Against Portland Riot Suspects Of course, as they can’t prosecute their own ‘Brown Shirts’ brigades.

French Police Find 78% of Unaccompanied Migrant “Children” are Actually Adults, yup and they probably always knew that until outed.
America’s Cultural Revolution

In its own way, the United States of America is suffering the equivalent of Mao’s Cultural Revolution of the 1960s. Ironically, because the Constitution should be proof against such ambitious control freaks. Using fear of disease and global warming.

“You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you’ll fall like overripe fruit into our hands.” Quote by Nikita Khrushchev

The Woke Gestapo will now take your children away from you if your politics are not “correct.”

Gretchen Whitmer Accused of ‘Leveraging’ Her Office for ‘Personal Benefit’ in Private Plane Scandal… But, it’s just what Demorats do.

Report: Walt Disney Co. Promotes Critical Race Theory to Employees – Reject Equality and Strive for ‘Equity’ HOW ABOUT REJECT DISNEY?

Report: Liz Cheney ‘Orchestrated Unprecedented’ GOP Sabotage with WaPo

Biden Admin Asks Ethics Rules Be Ignored for Union Bosses Appointed to Top Positions Thus supporting ‘crony capitalism’

“Border Czar” Kamala Harris Got Up and Walked Out of First Meeting with Mexican President on Border Security – Obrador Accuses Biden Admin of Orchestrating Coup

Department of Education Facing Much Needed Resistance as Stephen Miller Files Lawsuit to Protect US History and the Truth

Get the F**k Out of My Way!” – BLM Mob PULLS GUN on ANGRY TEXAS DRIVER After He Screams at Them for Shutting Down Traffic in Plano

Biden’s CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Admits She Changed School Guidance to Give Toxic Teachers Unions “What They Need” (VIDEO)

There still is no agreed upon treatment plan for elderly patients who catch coronavirus to assist in their recovery.

The CDC and Dr. Fauci have ignored the treatment of the coronavirus unless a patient is under severe stress.

This is criminal conduct.
How many hundreds of thousands of deaths can be blamed on Dr. Fauci and the CDC?


‘One Mosque Is Erected Every 15 Days in France, While One Christian Building Is Destroyed At the Same Pace’

UK: Muslims tell shop not to sell alcohol, it’s against Sharia, Muslim Councillor says shouldn’t get alcohol license – YOU GIVE THEM A HAND, THEY TAKE YOUR ARM AND TELL YOU YOU MUST SUBMIT.

Germany bans Islamic organization after donations for humanitarian purposes were funneled to jihad terror groups. LOL, this is how they have been funding terror for DECADES. How can a non humanitarian group of thugs have a real humanitarian enterprise. AN OXYMORON.

Iran sought nuclear weapons and technology for weapons of mass destruction in 2020


Report: Tom Suozzi, Democrat Cockroach, Gave Himself $37,000 for ‘Office Rent’ from His Congressional Committee


Biden Throws Out Trump Reform Gives ‘De Facto Amnesty’ to Illegal Aliens Ordered Deported

In January Gateway Pundit Reported on How China was Colluding with Bidens and Sharing Info on How to Defeat Donald Trump — This Weekend The Daily Mail and Breitbart Echo Those Reports

Israel reportedly provided the US with multiple cellphone numbers of former Iranian Quds Force leader Qasem Soleimani, intelligence that allowed him to be tracked and ultimately assassinated.


Note: All hyperlinks are in green. Click to open source and more info

How Hillary Clinton brought the Middle East to ruins rather than an ‘Arab Spring’

All was good in Libya, with Gadhafi giving up his nuclear aspirations and desiring to be a friend and ally of the west. In fact a top Israeli expert (Ari Shavit – not of the right) said on TV news panel: ” Gadhafi  was the best success the west had in the Arab world in his last 15 years, with a very good collaboration with the west.”

Clinton destabilized Libya with massive bombings and supplied weaponry to the rebels, which included Al Qaeda and what was to become ISIS. The Democrat morons, who rely on ‘word salad’ to cover their intentions, called the fiasco the ‘Arab Spring.’ It would have more aptly been named the ‘Arab Sprint’ as they sprinted further into chaos and war, spreading all over the Middle East.

The looting of Colonel Gadhafi ’s vast weapons arsenals during the intervention had fed the Syrian civil war, and empowered terrorist and criminal groups from Nigeria to Sinai, which included the formation of ISIS.

Samantha Power founded and coined the name of the doctrine, “Responsibility to Protect.” The bullshit rationale to invade with more Democrat ‘word salad.’ Soros and Obama were promoting global governance while allowing the international community to penetrate a nation state’s borders under certain conditions. George Soros is a primary founder and key proponent of the global organization that promotes the military doctrine used by the Obama administration to justify the recent air strikes targeting the regime of  Gadhafi in Libya.


VIDEO: BLM Militants Draw AR-15s And AK-47s On Portland Motorists; No Police On Scene As Reign Of Terror Continues

At the height of the French Terror, Maximillian Robespierre recommended that in the name of equality all church steeples be demolished.  The reason? They towered over other buildings and thus signified conflict with the principles of equality.

For the Left, destruction is always the means for achieving “equality.” The inexorable logic of leveling differentiations, be they institutional or in nature itself, has now reached the level of insanity. The Abolition of Gender

AZ Audit Director Ken Bennett: Dominion Refuses to Comply with Subpoena and Turn Over Password to Their Maricopa County Machines

Report: Hunter Biden Connection with ‘Chief Spy of China’ Found In Emails on ‘Laptop from Hell’

Flirty’ Text Messages with Chi-American Secretary Who Pushed Help ’Uncle Joe 2020’ A business partner Hunter Biden called “the chief spy of China” assigned to Hunter a secretary who fed him oppo research to help Joe Biden.

AOC: Planned Parenthood ‘Saves Lives’

More ‘word salad’ from the idiot.

Biden Pushing for Social Media Platforms to Censor More Content as if the cockroaches don’t censor enough.

Democrat Megadonors to Profit from Electric Bus Company Pushed by Joe Biden It’s payback time, the Demorat way.

Teacher Suspended for Saying George Floyd ‘Would Still Be Alive’ if He Complied something none of the buffoons care to talk about. Why not hearings on ‘compliance’ to the law?

Jen Psaki Vents Over People Asking Joe Biden to Visit Border: It’s ‘Maddening’ Besides, what better way to ‘put a lid’ on reporter’s questions, as all the news scum would have to follow him or her down to the border.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the dumbest bullshit ever to hit classrooms


Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Caught Funneling Cash to Ex-Lover’s Company

BLM Founder Patrisse Cullors Says It’s “Really Cool” People Compare Her to Chinese Communist Mass Murderer Mao Tse Tung (VIDEO)

Twitter Bans Account After it Tweets Statements from Trump’s New Platform

Arizona Senate President Says She Thinks Election Audit Will Uncover ‘Irregularities’

Broadband Companies Paid for 8.5 Million Fake Comments Supporting Repeal of ‘Net Neutrality’: New York AG

  BUSTED: Joe Biden Made Up Bizarre Story About Amtrak Conductor Angelo – Conductor Retired in 1993 – 22 Years Before Biden Hit 1 Million Miles on AF2

“Where Did These ‘Votes’ Come From?” President Trump On Hundreds of Thousands of Ballots Dropped All for Biden the Morning After the Election

Smoking Gun Emails Reveal How Milwaukee Shared Government Election Data with Far Left Groups – Prove Existence of Massive Ballot Harvesting Operation –WITH UPDATE

US Military Agency Demands Jews ‘Say Sorry’ for Killing Jesus Unfecking real, in this day and age to see this crap.

How Big Tech is Using the UN to Censor President Trump

Questioning China’s Endorsement of Net Zero Emissions

Xi Jinping, the Chinese ‘president for life,’ last September pledged that his country aims ‘to have CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality (Net Zero) before 2060. Total bullcrap as China is worlds leading polluter.

Scientists discover high background radiation cuts cancer risk Higher background radiation levels lead to lower levels of lung, pancreatic and colon cancers in both American men and women as well as lower rates of brain and bladder cancers in men, according to a new study in Biogerontology by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Nuclear Research Center Negev scientists.
In fact, they found, life expectancy increased with exposure to higher natural radiation levels.

Bacteria in cancer cells can be harnessed to fight tumors An international research team, led by researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, says this discovery may explain why the gut microbiome is known to affect the success of immunotherapy treatments for cancer.

1,800 Israeli Generals, Officers, Mossad Agents Warn: Abbas Wants to ‘Annihilate Jewish State’

Michelle Obama: Black Lives Matter ‘Taking to the Streets Because They Have To’. Trying to make People Understand that We’re ’Real Folks’ and real folks riot, loot, burn and kill?

Report: School Board Ignores Parents After Teacher Reads Trans Book to 1st Graders

U.S. Fines Honeywell $13 Million for Sharing Military Specs with China Where are the treason charges?

Dem Cockroaches Work to Defund Police Program So Criminal Illegal Aliens Can Evade Deportation

UK rape gang victim, abused by hundreds of Muslim migrants, tells how she was dismissed by police, social workers. A Muslim rape gang victim, “Sarah,” tells the story of how hundreds of Pakistani Muslim men raped and abused her along with other girls in the “care system.” Social workers and “care” staff knew exactly what was going on, but did nothing. In fact, at 14, Sarah was scapegoated and blamed for her own rapes. 

HISTORY MADE: The Democrat-BLM War on Police and War on Civil Society Resulted in 25% More US Homicides in 2020 — HERE ARE THE RESULTS


Video Celebrating Heroic Muslim for Ramadan ‘in Collaboration with Facebook’ Accused of Fakery It was all a lie and Facebook promoted that lie. To begin with, could you ever see Facebook promoting Jewish, Christian, Hindu, or Buddhist observances? 

Fox News White House Correspondent Leaves Network For CNN (VIDEO) Conservatives have been complaining about Fox News taking a decidedly liberal slant during the day for years — and now there is even more evidence that this really is the case. Fisher was frequently combative and openly hostile towards President Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani during the end of his term.

Michigan Attorney Deperno Files New Findings – Alleges 1,061 “Phantom” Ballots Found in Antrim County 2020 Election



Maricopa County withholding subpoenaed hardware from election audit, citing alleged ‘security risk’

Surrendering the materials could “put the lives of law enforcement personnel at risk.” Total bullshit, hide the criminality per usual by the Bidenites.

The Bidenites were closely related to the Canaanites, During the Late Bronze Age (1550-1200 B.C.), “Canaan was not made up of a single ‘ethnic’ group but consisted of a population whose diversity may be hinted at by the great variety of burial customs and cultic structures.”  How’d “diversity work out for them? 🙂 (Pardon my digression into some humor as I just could not help myself from taking a swipe at the jerk who is NOT MY President)

We got them all
BREAKING: Maricopa County Did not Have ‘Admin’ Access to the 2020 Election – This Means They Ceded Ownership of Election to Their Outside System Provider

Arizona GOP Party Chair Dr. Kelli Ward Weighs in on Biden DOJ Interference in AZ Senate Forensic Audit

Tennessee Bans Critical Race Theory in Public Schools – You go Davy Crocket!

National Day of Prayer: Joe Biden Mentions ‘Racial Justice,’ ‘Climate Change,’ Not ‘God’

Breitbart latest news

Winning! DeSantis Signs Election Integrity Bill into Law… Locks Out Leftist Reporters LOLZ

Study: Biden Given Least Negative News Coverage of Any President in 30 Years – Collusion of press and Dems. Free press is dead.

Report: Blue States Lost 2x More Jobs than Red States During Pandemic

Woke NFL Hires Ex-Obama Official

HORRIFIC: NYC School Pressured Parents to Become Black Lives Matter Activists, Dad Reveals

America won’t ‘survive teaching our children to hate their country and their history’

Teacher Reads Book About Transgenderism to First Graders, School Board President in District Owns ALL AGES SEX SHOP

Election Fraud Suspects Arrested in Pennsylvania for Casting Dead Voters’ Ballots

Top Democrat Caught Spending $29k on Travel after Telling Constituents to ‘Stay Home’

Calls for ethics investigation into Democratic New York Rep. Sean Maloney

Hate Mongering Cockroach Has Been Ragazine, Variety Calls Historic Jewish Connection to Land of Israel ‘Myth’ – Anti Semitic Scumbags! Liberals are the most anti Semitic trash out there.

WATCH: Kassam: 95% of Facebook Oversight Board Are Never Trump and Liberal cockroaches

Skin cancer diagnosis is about to undergo a revolution, thanks to Israeli

USA, Which Should Change It’s Name To CCP Rag, Today Targets Chinese-Americans for Supporting Proud Boys


Meet the scumbag, British politician behind Trump’s Facebook ban

Teacher Reads Book About Transgenderism to First Graders, School Board President in District Owns ALL AGES SEX SHOP – This is the scum teaching our children.

SICK: Twitter Permits Twisted Celebration of Israel’s Meron Tragedy

Israel’s Allies Refuse to Participate in Anti-Semitic UN Conference

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If you had any doubt that many in left are mentally ill, just look at these cockroaches.

After that craziness, now for some fun


FBI Raid Appears to Be ‘Political Retaliation’ Against Giuliani, Trump: Basham

Evidence: Voting Machines Had Unauthorized Implant to Circumvent Security in Michigan

The election was stolen. Forensic images show machines were connected to the internet, and evidence of “even remnants of foreign connections.”

France: ‘One mosque is erected every 15 days, while one Christian building is destroyed at the same pace

Au revoir, France!

The Nuclear Talks in Vienna are a Sham–And Iran is Winning Them

We are witnessing a total collapse of American leadership under the Biden Administration

FBI Caught Snooping Through NSA Records to Look for ‘Racially Motivated Violent Extremists’

My latest in PJ Media: The Daily Beast reported last week that “The FBI, without any court order, sifted through the National Security Agency’s massive troves of foreign communications for information on American “racially motivated violent extremists,” even though the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court warned the FBI in 2018 that its warrant-free queries” were unconstitutional. THEY DON’T CARE. THEY ARE A LAW UNTO THEMSELVES!

Stacey Abrams Romance Novels To Be Re-Issued Next Year

Unguarded Jen Psaki says we tell Biden ‘don’t take questions’


BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors funneled business to company run by father of her child, records show

“Why Are You Working So Hard to Shut the Audit Down? What Are You Hiding” – TGP Reporter Confronts AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs — Katie Hobbs Runs! (VIDEO)

After Only a Few Days in Jail, HUNTER BIDEN’S PIMP Was Suddenly and Mysteriously Released to a Treatment Center Rather Than Serving Years in Prison

‘She’s got that Biden touch,
You make me glow so much
It casts a spell, it rings a bell
The Biden touch’

Clueless Joe Biden Relies on Notecards as He Tours Water Plant in New Orleans (VIDEO)

FACEBOOK PERMANENTLY BANS MAJOR PRO-LIFE NEWS SITE. Want to be on FB? You must be pro abortion.

Former CBP Chief: Joe Biden, DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas ‘Turning U.S. into Sanctuary Country’ for Illegal Aliens – ‘all by design’

DISGUSTING: Teachers Union Head Defends Indoctrinating Children with Critical Race Theory

Report: China’s Greenhouse Gases Exceed All Other Developed Nations Combined Crickets from climate freaks.

Research: 60% of School Apps Sending Student Data to Third Parties Without Parental Consent



Consensus Politics Are Over

This means your vote is useless, as the elites will tell you how to think and act, as well as who will become president. All ethics have been thrown out of the window as we move further towards ‘Fundamental Change’ and a new order in America.

The radicals now in control of the democratic party only provide for a political agenda of brinksmanship and pushing the envelope towards their goal, that goal being Socialism. They have been doing this following the tenets of Cloward & Piven and Black radical activists such as George Alvin Wiley, a welfare activist and organizer and widely regarded as the father of the “welfare rights” movement.

Wiley was also the mentor of Wade Rathke, founder and leader of the radical cult ACORN for which Obama was part of. He Pioneered the radical “franchise” concept, now used by ACORN and other groups, which enables local activists to quickly and easily build local outlets of national activist organizations through replication. This is what you now see with BLM and Antifa.

Their intention was to overwhelm the welfare system, forcing cities like New York and the nation into bankruptcy, and crisis. Remember, Rahm Emanuel didn’t pull his famous phrase out of his bootaay, “never let a crisis go to waste,” except that Cloward, Piven and friends would also be the cause of that crisis.

Wiley’s National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO) held its founding convention in Washington DC, August 25-27, 1967. Closely following Cloward and Piven’s recommendations, Wiley and his followers invaded welfare offices — often violently — bullying social workers and loudly demanding every penny to which the law “entitled” them.

The further push to nationally implement this ‘strategy of chaos’ was by Barack Obama. National healthcare plus Cap and Trade on top of TARP will go a long way toward accomplishing Cloward-Piven. This is indeed an ominous situation for America and this was deliberately designed by Obama and his leftist Czars.*

The Left’s Systemic Exploitation of Race

‘External Devices’ With Up-to-Date Vote Totals Were Taken Offsite Nightly During the Election by Maricopa County or Dominion Employees

Trump Allies Launch Nonprofit Focused on Election Fraud

California Introduces ‘Equity’ Math, Discriminating Against Gifted Students 2+2=5

DHS Chief: We Should Not See Borders as ‘Lines that Mark National Boundaries and Divide Us’ Their new name shall now be Department of Homey Security

Suspect in Nashville Police Ambush ID’d as Salman Mohamed Doesn’t sound like a member of Proud Boys to me, ….but….leave it to the fascists to claim something similar.

Iran sought nuclear weapons technology in 2020, report European intel agencies – Trump was right!

Jared Kushner launches Israeli-Arab peace institute A statement from the organization hinted that part of its mission was to encourage more countries to sign deals with Israel.

MEF Fellow Warns Egyptians of the Muslim Brotherhood (Hussein Obama’s pals)

American History Is Being Falsified to Sow Political Division

Facebook’s ‘Secret Rules’ Behind Censorship and Shadow Banning

Facebook suspensions and outright content removal is the tech giant’s frequent recourse to shadow banning, the diminishment of the visibility of certain posts or entire accounts without the users’ awareness.

Biden Nominee with Anti-Israel Past ‘Makes Mockery’ of Human Rights, Says Republican Jewish Coalition

Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose Party-Line Democrat Vote for Infrastructure Bill
Fact Check: Joe Biden Falsely Claims $2.3 Trillion Bill Creates 16 Million Jobs

Democrats Blamed After U.S. Steel Cancels $1.5B Project in Pennsylvania Executives with the U.S. Steel Corp. announced days ago that they are canceling a $1.5 billion project in western Pennsylvania that was set to bring thousands of middle-class union jobs to the region, a move that many are now blaming on Democrats and environmental groups.

Republicans Vow to Break Up Facebook After Oversight Board Upholds Trump Ban

Xi Xi Jin Ping GIF - Xi XiJinPing Clap - Discover & Share GIFs

Chinese Communist Party’s Media Promote Leftist Campaign to ‘Abolish Police’ This is what happens when morons decree political stances and the elitist powerful buy into their bullshit. We look so weak and stupid that the Wuhan Murderers jump on the bandwagon to sow further discord and laugh at us while doing so.

Special Interests Funded $110K-Plus of Globetrotting Lavish Travel for Democrat Ron Kind ‘RubMaps Ron’ Living Large


White House: Biden Wants Social Media Platforms to Censor More ‘Untrustworthy Content’

NYT Admits Twice as Many Dems Live in ‘Bubble’ than GOP and twice as many Dems have their heads up their asses.

Cornell Rock Climbing Course for Black, Indigenous, Latinx Only WTF IS A LATINKS?

Top U.K. Judge: Trans Activists Have Too Much Power over Hate Crime Laws LOL, ya can’t do that with the mentally ill.

Dov Hikind Blasts NY Bail Law After Synagogue Vandal Walks Free — ‘Where Are All the Politicians?’

…May Name Garcetti Ambassador to India and the Indians will laugh this dolt all the way back home.

Biden Begins Researching Potential 2024 Rivals, Including… Tucker Carlson?

Biden DOJ to Interfere with State of Arizona Forensic Audit of Maricopa County Ballots …Update: With DOJ Letter

Restaurants Owned By White Men Are Last in Line for Relief Under Biden’s ‘Restaurants Revitalization Fund’



Megyn Kelly shares pic of Fauci doll she found in store: ‘My friends, it’s worse than we thought’

Needed: A National Election Fraud Database United States voter fraud is a nationwide crime perpetrated locally, mostly by Democrats.

Is Joe Biden taking his patent advice from the likes of Chelsea Clinton?
Joe Biden proposes to give the patent to the COVID vaccines away to foreigners. 

Fauci’s agency spent over $400k on experiments grafting aborted fetal scalps onto mice and rats

Honeywell Fined $13 Million for Exporting Sensitive Information to Countries Including China

Microwaving the White House: Enemies Are Now Sonic Attacking Americans from American Soil

Democrat NYC Dept. of Education Expelling Asian Americans from Top Schools

The Democrats’ rabid dumbing down of public education escalates. What’s next – Mao’s great purge?

Black Man Arrested For Brutally Beating Two Elderly Asian Women with Cinder Block in Baltimore Shop (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Attacker With HAMMER Caught on Video Hitting Asian Woman in NYC – Geller Report News

The silence of the racist media when reporting Black on Asian crime, Black on Black crime, Black on Jew crime illustrates their low expectation of soft bigotry of the Black community. Their silence is racist.

Surveillance Video Shows Black Man Repeatedly Punching Asian Man Pushing Stroller in Unprovoked Attack in San Francisco (VIDEO)

Hamas-linked CAIR and other US Islamic groups have a #MeToo problem First, Ahmad Saleem, a community organizer for CAIR in Florida, was busted after showing up to molest what he thought was a 12-year-old girl he had met over the internet. When Ahmad showed up in a car with a plate, “Invest in Children”, the cops were waiting for him instead.


MSNBC: GOP is a bigger threat to the US than ‘Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, the Taliban’ combined. YOU SEE, THIS IS WHY THEY CALL IT ‘DOPE.’

*Parts of top section taken from Crossville Chronical, Pleasanton Weekly, The Nation and BlackPast.org

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