Maybe we white folk do need to apologize to black folk? Now I don’t mean for things we didn’t do today, nor am I suggesting we wash any fools “feets” or polish their sneakers.  However we do owe an apology to our black brothers and sisters for all of the white trash up in Seattle, Portland and elsewhere who have, whether they have sense to know it or not, “appropriated” the death of George Floyd and the right of Black folk to grieve and “legally” protest. This group of White trash, craps on America in the name of Black Americans.

white trash

I say this as if, even with my crap eyesight, it seems all I have seen on the news was white gutter trash in black pajamas, poles with sharpened points, and frozen water bottles as they attack the police. The latest trend is also to hide and change outfits under mommy’s umbrella, of which they absconded with as they came out from under her bed.

white trash

I say white trash in black pajamas go the feck home. Go back to mommy’s basement and live out your life with your extreme mental illness rather than inflict your anarchistic desires and disease on society. I say go home as you are not only crapping on America but, specifically on our Black citizens in whose name you do so.

white rioters
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For those who whine about the temperament or style of
President Trump, do you really think snowflake that you
or anyone else could do better than him? I think not!

President Trump has had to function for the last four years in a manner very different than any other President in my lifetime. No other President has had to function and face the problems of a Presidency, with Korea, China, Russia, Pandemics and inheriting a garbage economy due to the mismanagement of Obama, who prolonged unnecessarily a recession with due to an overly regulatory environment and oppressive tax policy. In other words, he had his hands full.

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Facebook Cancels Free Speech

Anything Facebook disagrees with or that outs 70300423_2641177792593426_5631285823996428288_n Democrat bad behavior, Facebook considers “HATE SPEECH” and will ban you for it. They do so in order to manipulate public opinion as to what is the truth. The truth, as created by Facebook is then utilized to manipulate an election as when kids who were denied the learning of history and civics in class by Democrats and spoon fed propaganda by the teachers of the NEA, then they willfully believe the “so called” truth as Facebook allows them to see.

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Health Care or Health (I Don’t) Care?

It seems all Congress can do is throw money or not at a problem. If health care and solutionsa business person acted like such a fool he/she would be out of business in a minute.

Instead congress lines up behind its old ideologies and pushes out stale unworkable ideas that cost taxpayers greatly.

Unfortunately for the tax payer the “dolts on the hill” act as a group following the stupid people at the top of the dolt chain off of the cliff and simply work towards their next campaign. On the one hand this is nothing that term limits couldn’t cure. On the other it is time to problem solve not bloviate and continue the status quo.

Rather than simply payoff insurance companies and give away free money, do as a business person would do: LOOK FOR AVAILABLE AVENUES THAT EXIST OR CAN EXIST UNDER THE LAW.

Since there is a major difference in coverage and cost between the group insurance offered at work, including coverage of existing conditions, JOIN, FORM, CREATE your own GROUP so that you can take advantages of the employer provided health insurance. While individual plans require a health exam and turn down many, with group plans, the chances of a turn down are small and with coverage offering all the key benefits including smaller deductibles.

There are many organizations that one can join in order to qualify for group rates. Some these are:

Alliance for Affordable Services

National Association of Female Executives

Small Business Service Bureau

Writers Guild of America

Freelancers Union

National Association for the Self-Employed


Woodmen of the World

There are also states that allow for a group to be as small as one person and if two, add your spouse or a friend. States that allow as small a group as 1 http://kaiserf.am/2vm7Ewl

Where there is a will there is a way and where there is a business mind rather than a lazy political hack, there is also a solution. If the government wants to join in your efforts then let them offer an organization created soley for the purpose of becoming a group where the average citizen may purchase health insurance comparable to those employer based ones that the government offers their employees.

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Throwing America Off The Cliff

The shooting of Representative Steve Scalise today as he played the all American sport of baseball by James T. Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders worker, underscores how America is perilously at the edge of the cliff.



We have been put there by the mad ravings of the left with its Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, Communists and Anarchists which are all conveniently wrapped up in the seditionist group headed by the Obama/Clinton cartel called “RESIST” who offer nothing positive for America, but just to tear it down. The seditionist ravings of these lunatics, once my party, have been further amplified by the mirroring of their scare tactics by the fake news bunch at CNN, NBC and others. Now the average person hardly has enough time to read the news and when all they get are crazed bullet points from the Democratic Party and fake news from the left, they run with the lies just as at the moment the Democratic Party is trying to convince itself that Sessions failed and the Russians are now running America. All one ever hears from them is “what will be taken away from you” but they never talk about how you lose your freedoms in the process.



If I were to simplify the difference between Republicans, especially now with Trump and Democrats it would be thus:

Republicans: Truth and honesty in government, drain the swamp, stop entitlement and government fraud and fix America for all.

Democrats: Pander and lie at any cost to stop what Trump wants to accomplish which shows them for the garbage that they are. Convince their doltish followers that there is a great Republican conspiracy to keep them down and offer FREE STUFF. They do not care if they bankrupt America by making promises that are unobtainable as they kick the can down the now end of the road with a twenty trillion dollar debt. They just want you to believe that your mortgage would be paid and you get your free education, free Obamaphone and all the free lunches you can eat. All they care about is filling their constituents’ heads with shit and get re elected so they can be in and leave office rich. Bernie Sanders, a Socialist is a millionaire with three homes, but boy can he speak some shit and promise you anything without even giving you Arpege.

Today, a man was shot. He was shot just as if Stalin or Mau ordered it as Socialism kills. It kills when a party scares its constituents to death about what they will lose.  It kills in Venezuela, Cuba and elsewhere as that is the net result of “free government cheese.” Nothing is free, as when you reach a point of too much free stuff what you lose is your freedom as in these Socialist shit holes, running a system that does not work.

Socialism fails for two reasons: 1- man is lazy and will not work nor produce well when working without incentive. 2- The cream always rises to the top and into the pockets of the dictators who remove your freedom for the price of “promised” free stuff.

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The “WHY” With Islam Is The Elephant In The Room



We all have theories as to why we are faced with terror attacks here in America and those attacking us will point to American colonialism and oil. For years we as a nation have backed our big oil companies, and Middle East dictators who until they were no longer “our dictator” as Kaddafi, we helped dispose of.

As any time there is conflict there are always two sides to consider and I am sure the Islamists have their grievances, not excluding the fact that the “so called” evolved rational has gone well beyond a grievance to become a war of conquest in order to expand their “Islamic Caliphate.” There is nothing new here in the current expansion since they have been both successfully and unsuccessfully trying to establish this Caliphate since 668 A.D. until the final battle against the “Mohammedans” as they marched on the Vatican in 1683 A.D. and defeated by a combined army of Armenians, Viennese and other Christians at the “Battle of Vienna.” Frankly it is this defeat on of all dates 9/11 that served as the impetus to continue in their desire for a Caliphate, being the religion of conquest that it is.

What is not ever discussed in our self defeating PC culture in America as well as Europe is “how the potential conquerors are being enabled” as well as “who are the enablers?” With Europe one does not have to look far as PM Merkel stands out like a beacon in the night as if she were even screeching “give me your ultra orthodox, tired and poor (male military aged) Muslims.” As to those embracing the PC culture, I am not going to spend much time as I simply consider them “tools” of those at the top.

Looking slightly further are the globalists with George Soros,most evil man in world with a history of screwing the world to make a buck. Soros is pushing a “one world government” and mass immigration to “overwhelm” Europe. This is the same approach the Communists have taken and as proposed by Cloward and Piven. It is to overwhelm a society with chaos and with chaos you can force “fundamental changes” in society. Here in America, where Obama is consistently pushing the envelope in order to manufacture crises, you have one of his boys, Rahm Emanuel who has most succinctly described this in his now famous quote; “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

In America where we have the unfortunate relationship of big oil/government and the Middle East where since the discovery of oil there we have been meddling in their politics as well as covering up for their bad actions due to our “investments in their oil.” Whether it was our installing the Shah of Persia or George Bush and his relationship with the Bin Laden family we were either too close to the wrong player or covered for them.  This led to personally arranging for the Bin Laden’s “escape from America” rather than throwing their complicit asses in jail and invading their country rather than Iraq.

The bottom line, whether by our dollar and oil interests of the Bush family or the combined oil and ideological interests of Obama which allowed for his “personal affinity for all things Muslim” we have been covering for their behavior for decades.

Obama using chaosIn the case of Obama we cannot overlook that aside from all of the Communists and agitators in his background he spent time in Madrassas while in Indonesia, his father was Muslim as well as his step father and thus his affinity. When in Chicago his “so called” church was not a Christian church but a “social justice” church also attending by the criminal and radical Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam.

As a result of Obama’s in part Islamic upbringing and his affinity for all that is Islamic he has either blinded himself to the intent of the Islamists by taking the radical Muslim Brotherhood from the Terror Watch List as well as appointing many of their members to key government positions, putting us all in danger. He has been putting us in danger because the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood is not our agenda and in fact in complete opposition to it. Please note that Ayman Zawahiri, the leader now of Al Qaeda was a former prominent player in the Brotherhood prior to his meeting his money man Bin Laden.

Of course in any seeking of a rationale one of the greatest motivators is the “money trail” and the oft used phrase “always follow the money.”  In the seventies, as written by Vern Jarrett, father in law of Valerie Jarrett, The Saudis came up with a plan to “invest” in American blacks using their Black Muslim attorney pal Khalid al-Mansour who as Percy Sutton described him was  “the principal adviser to one of the world’s richest men” Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. Mansour’s writings include such titles as “The Destruction of Western Civilization as Seen Through Islam and Will the West Rule Forever?”

It was Saudi money who paid for Columbia and bequeathed a large donation to Harvard along with the help of Percy Sutton, Manhattan Borough President at the request of Mansour that garnered Obama his Admission to Harvard. His records, most obviously mediocre, otherwise why have them sealed from public view led to a “lecturer” position, rather than professorship at a minor law school in Chicago. Bottom line is that Obama was indebted to the Saudis and thus the Muslim Brotherhood.

So, whether by plan to help the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamists, payback to his paymasters or simply his blind eye to the terrorists due to growing up in a Muslim society in Indonesia, far less aggressive than the Saudi Wahabbi Islam (ISIS version) there is a problem here that is the elephant in the room. Even with the terror abounding all around the world and the start of dealing with the “Islam problem” the press nor the politicians are willing to deal with the “elephant” as until they do we are extremely ill equipped in the “war on terror” when those at the top are keeping a blind eye at the very least or are complicit at worst.



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vern jarrett and islam



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police shootingMy cousin Donald, of whom I thought, was cooler than Cool Whip was a cop in NYC following his stint in the Marines, Second Div, during WW 2. Sometime during the early fifties I was visiting with him and he told me a story about his job. One item still sticks in my memory today was when he took a machete bare handed away from a guy in Bedford Stuyvesant, which was one of the lesser neighborhoods in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Bed-Stuy as it was called was a very poor neighborhood of predominantly black people and day in and day out, Donald the cop would go to work in what may have been the “armpit of Brooklyn”. Like every dirt poor group of Americans from the Irish, Italian, Jewish, you name it, crime and grit were rampant. This is what Donald saw day in and day out and as one would expect it helped form his opinion of the current group of poor Americans that he would see on the job. The fact of the matter, as having seen not much else of black Americans, as in those days there was not a lot of intermingling of the races, he was essentially became a racist as a result of his having the Bed-Stuy view as his only window on blacks. My guess is he would have hated the Irish if his job took him daily to Hell’s Kitchen on the West Side of Manhattan and home of the notorious “Westies” gang.

I bring this up as it can relate to today’s face off with police officers who work in poor black neighborhoods. Like all dirt poor urban ghettos, no matter what race or ethnicity, crime was and is rampant. Chicago stands out among them. There are two issues with policing these neighborhoods today, one of which is and statistically speaking one can find racists in every occupation and every color. The second issue is one of fear. Now despite Obama’s pronouncement without having any facts on the shooting of Philando Castile by the Hispanic cop, pronounced this racism. This of course only further inflames and it has the current divisions in America.

In the Castile case, he was shot several times and not just once. In the video, which his girlfriend shot as he lay dying from bleeding out, you hear the cop in a very agitated voice trying to explain his actions to the girlfriend. Now in my humble opine based on how many shots and the agitated cop as depicted in the video, this was not “racism” per se:  He was scared shitless!

So the question that must be asked was “why was this officer so afraid that it affected his judgment?” There can be many answers from being unprepared for his job due to insufficient training? He may have been unstable to begin with and should not have been hired? He may not have been required to “walk the beat” in the hood and get to know the folks who lived there other than the bad apples?  In any event, while he may not have been a “racist” in the pure sense, there may have been factors that made him so fearful of black people that he simply “lost it” and over reacted.

Now let’s not be afraid to look at all of the reasons and let’s consider what my cousin Donald had viewed as his daily interaction with the poorest of the poor and worst criminal elements in the shit hole he had to police which led him to become a racist. First one has to admit that like every group of Americans that have started out poor and living hard, there is crime and different attitudes to the essentially middle class cops who patrol those streets. Today there is a close parity between blacks and the rest of America in upward mobility and joining the middle class or above. Thus black Americans like every other group have grown into the fabric of America in virtually all aspects.  The problem and the violence lay in those communities where many have not left poverty or the violence poverty breeds.

Until the politicians stop pandering for votes and throwing money at all the wrong places as well as pushing all the wrong issues simply for votes nothing will change. Let’s take gun control, which nothing may happen with other than a few tweaks as in reality only a few tweaks are required. Tweaks such as banning folks on a no fly or watch list, providing they are not restricted unduly as they are now from getting off these arbitrary lists as well as disallowing the mentally ill from owning guns as well. The reason why Democrats always go to gun control is that not only is at a Republican issue re the 2nd Amendment and thus can “set up the Republican straw man”, but it is also a faceless issue, as they are arguing about guns and not the real and harder issues on the ground.

It is all too convenient to pick out statistically low incidents of shootings by cops and not the high incidences of shootings by blacks of blacks in Chicago. That my friend is a much bigger problem to solve and until we try and bring opportunity and real education into the poorest neighborhoods there is no solution. This means Charter schools or any other effective means necessary to educate the kids so they have a chance at life outside of the hood.  It would mean infrastructure investment, tax credits to companies willing to build, hire and train those living there in order to help the residents lift themselves up from poverty. No successful person is interested in killing another person. It is only a kid on a corner with no hope in life other than slinging dope who will kill.

The bottom line is that we have a problem in the poor black neighborhoods and unless everybody from government, to businesses and the people who live there do the things that can provide hope and a share in the American dream rather than the American handout, which has not worked since the sixties, we are doomed for more of same.

If we do not fix this then cops will enter these neighborhoods in fear or simply fail to police with vigor when major denial such as in Baltimore by an inept administration causes them to retrench.

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I woke up this morning, took a leak, fed the cats and checked my email. Then it hit me as I scratched my head wondering; Is american flag on fire truckthis still my America? Is this still the land of the free, the home of the brave and the country I love or is it now the place of “PHONY PC DIVERSITY?”

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The Finest Hours For any ungrateful ass-hats out there who sneer, poke fun at or who think America was and is not great, you need to get your lazy ass out to the movies and see The Finest Hours, a true story of an incredible Coast Guard rescue in the early fifties, taking place in Nantucket, R.I., where heroism shined and an entire town pulled together to rescue “our boys at sea.” This was and is the America I grew up in and while I grew up with “unfair” treatment in life, as many have, it is still my America.


Yes America was not then or not now perfect and the “so called Perfect Union” still may not come to pass for many decades. In the meantime, while Blacks suffered through slavery and Jim Crow and Jews were treated as second class citizens things change, have changed and will change further for the better.
America still is, has been and will always be the greatest place on earth to live, prosper and be free. While there is always room to grow, remember that we are still one of the youngest nations on earth. So I must agree with Donald Trump, that we can make America great again, as while we have waned in many aspects, the light has not been extinguished. That shining light called America is still in the hearts of the true “non haters”, you know the ones who do not use the terms “hater”, “bigot”, Racist” as if they were naming each and every raindrop in a thunderstorm simply because they lack ability at proper expression.
I pledge allegiance to the United States of America and to carry on with my last breath and words that which is within me so that the light of America is not extinguished by those who would see us marching to the drum beat of authoritarianism masked in catchphrases as “fairness”or “fair share” so that politicians can stay in power by fooling the many. They have not fooled all of us.
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It All Started With O. J. Simpson…

It all started with O.J. Simpson driving down the road in his white Ford Bronco when those who wanted to be “cool”, to be “accepted”, to be “loved” ran out and bought a white ford broncowhite Ford Bronco in the silly hope of attaining a better life than their meaningless existence.

When will the young learn that you cannot buy “cool” or a “meaningful existence” by simply following others as monkey see, monkey do. “Cool” let alone a “meaningful existence” come from leading and not following, from innovating and not copying and from creating something new rather than regurgitating a trend, especially one that essentially gives you away as a “follower”, a “tool” and “meaningless” in all other aspects of your little life.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest silliness in the “attempt to be cool”.  The use of the word SO has to be one of the silliest ways to start a sentence and other than saying “so what” or similar, the proper usage is “I know you must be tired, SO I will let you rest.” You will notice that the word “so” is in the middle of the sentence and it is used in essence to continue the thought. The sentence would be asinine if it were thus: “So, I know you must be tired and will let you rest”, although many will structure it this way.

Another dumb one and almost as silly is starting a sentence with “I mean”. Why on God’s earth would you need to “qualify” what you say with “I mean” when you haven’t even said anything yet. It signifies that you “mean” nothing as you cannot qualify what you have not yet uttered. Even using it after a sentence it is silly as either you mean what you said or did not mean what you said. You then may give off an erroneous impression that when not using “I mean” at the end of the sentence that you were incorrect in what you just stated. Crazy!o.j. bronco

Another current speech pattern that I find grating, yet young women seem to think is appropriate is when they end every sentence with an upswept lilt as if every sentence was a question and sounding unsure of what they are saying. In that case maybe they should use the phrase “I mean” at the end of a sentence. However I am of course just kidding, I mean.

There is one popular TV commercial by a company with the name of My Pillow. I would never in this lifetime buy a pillow from them solely because a woman giving a testimonial as to her love for the product has this “speech impediment”, leaving me to think “does she really think this pillow is great, or is she simply questioning the quality of it”? She might well have asked: “Do I really love this pillow or does it suck?”

One of my mentors of proper grammar and sentence construction, although unknown to him was William F. Buckley Jr. Buckley mastered the use of the pause such as a great composer would do. That little bit of silence would punctuate and amplify what he had just said. He had no reason to diminish his sentences by adding a “so” in front of it or an “I mean” as if he had he would have chipped away at his own masterful use of the English language.  Just as I love to listen to Michael Savage for his Brooklyn accent and Jewish wit, I loved listening to Maestro Buckley for his mastery of language and speech. Maybe he was also to be credited with my going on to graduate as a speech major, who knows? As to cool, “in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king” but in the land of the many who vie for attention, the well spoken one and without grammatical distractions is the king.




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