Why are “we the people” angry, marching and threatening boycotts of Arizona and trying to negatively impact the wallets of our own citizens? This is absolutely a surreal situation and what is worse, totally unnecessary. Arizona should not need an immigration law to protect its own citizens, a law I might add that is far less harsh then the Federal immigration laws that currently go unenforced by the Federal government. The situation is boiling over and today, Saturday the 29th of May both sides of the argument are preparing for a march and I pray that they do not confront each other.
The Constitution of The United (United by the way, does not imply boycott by one state of another) States of America provides in Article 1, Section 8 that “The congress shall have the power …..to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization (this includes both legal and illegal entry)….to provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union….” Article 1, Section 2 “I (the President) do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of the President………..and will to the best of my Ability……………defend the Constitution of the United States.” Now what does this all add up to? It adds up to the fact that immigration, legal or illegal, is in the sole purview of the U.S. Government as helmed by the President. In simple language, it means that the Government and our Founders established the rules then and the Government to this day must abide by them or change them within the framework that the Constitution provides. It further means that the Government has the right to call out the National Guard to protect the border, build a fence on the border and do whatever it takes to create an immigration policy that is in the best interests of “we the people:”
Now this President and those before him have not abided by the Constitution, remember “…faithfully execute the office of the President… defend the Constitution of the United States.”
In this dangerous world that we live in, with Iran going nuclear, Korea going nuts, The Taliban trying to blow us up on our own soil, do we want every Tom, Dick and Jihadist to have free access through our sieve like borders??? This can only be described as self destruction or self sabotage. Are we that ignorant to ignore the reality of the times?
Before one can fix the problem we need a clear understanding of what caused it and perpetuated it. The issue began with our exploitation of cheap labor from Mexico going back to the early –mid 1800s and especially needed during the Great War. “It seemed whenever the United States found a reason to close the door on Mexican immigration, a historic event would force them to reopen that door. Such was the case when the United States entered World War II. In 1942, the United States was heading to war with the fascist powers of Europe. Labor was siphoned from all areas of United States industry and poured into those which supported the war efforts. Also in that year, the United States signed the Bracero Treaty which reopened the floodgates for legal immigration of Mexican laborers. Between the period of 1942 and 1964, millions of Mexicans were imported into the U.S. as “braceros” under the Bracero Program to work temporarily on contract to United States growers and ranchers. … At the end of World War II, Mexican workers were ousted from their jobs by workers coming out of wartime industries and by returning servicemen. By 1947, the Emergency Farm Labor Service was working on decreasing the amount of Mexican labor imported. “From: PBS “Mexican Immigrant Labor History”
As it would seem, there never was a humanitarian reason behind the importation of labor from Mexico and these programs surely were not construed at that time or even now as “Give me your tired and your poor….” The Bracero Program provided for cheap and much needed labor during war time and as our need for this labor decreased following the war and other such periods, when these “guests” were ushered out of the country as fast as they were allowed in. Prior to The Great Depression, there was also an influx of Mexican workers, but when the Depression hit the Government then also ushered our “guests” out as fast as they could to make room for workers who were citizens. “After the Depression set in, the removal of foreigners who were taking jobs and services away from cash-strapped, struggling Americans seemed to be a salient solution, perhaps the only tangible recourse to the desperation that had swept the country. Under the direction of William N. Doak, (President) Hoover’s newly appointed secretary of labor, immigration officers dredged the country for illegal aliens.” The HistoryNet.com
So, as we have a clear history of how we have dealt with immigration from Mexico over time, one that was based on the need of the country, business and agriculture, it is no wonder that our varying governments have had rational quite similar and other than “Give me your tired and your poor…”. Within the last decades our policy towards our borders has not been based on any humanitarian “open border” rational but on the needs of business or politics. In the last few decades our immigration policy or lack thereof, was based on the party in power. If it was the Republicans, open borders meant cheap labor and if the Democrats, cheap votes on the theory that all Hispanics would vote the Democratic ticket as many did in the case of Obama. So once again, our immigration policy was a practical tool and never a solid, well thought out and fair policy for the country.
It is now time to take the damn politics out of the equation and to do what is right and best for America as dictated by our Constitution. We need a sensible immigration policy that must start with closing the borders. I have no objection to letting in as many people from south of the border as we do now, providing it is done in a legal, efficient and organized manner that will do away with the inhuman conditions from the crossing and the Coyote smugglers. I further am happy to have these hard working folks as my legal neighbors once the border is sealed shut. In my case as a Jew, it was “Let My People Go”, and so it should be written; “Let My People Come” for our neighbors down south, but cross LEGALLY PLEASE!
If our politicians still are only concerned with cheap labor from a very hard working people or cheap votes, then OK, but we should do so with secure borders where we can control who enters and who is kept out for being a danger to the country. I don’t want to be sitting in a café one day and have a bomb explode under my butt while I am sipping Espresso, do you?

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