Obama’s Ideology Tinges His Gulf Reactions

1-Obama refuses to temporarily waive the Jones Act in order to utilize Norwegian and Dutch technology on their ships, to enter our territory with equipment that is 3 times more effective than ours to skim the surface oil in the Gulf. Maybe they are not UNION!

2-It took Kevin Costner, yes the actor, 5-6 weeks to get the White House to listen to him regarding his patented equipment that can clean oil spills and that BP just started utilizing.

3-Obama is now seeking to make BP pay for salaries of workers who will be made idle, not by the spill, but by an Obama created moratorium on drilling that will effectively drive the rigs to other parts of the world for years to come. Why, to curry favor with the Unions down their?

It seems we have a an inexperienced guy who generally does nothing, except when he acts and then wrongly so. This guy is becoming one of the least effective and damaging presidents in history!

About ira1942

An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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