The Joker

The joke is on Congressman Bart Stupak for believing Obama when he promised Stupak, both verbally and with a written “so called”  executive order to never fund abortion with tax dollars. Well, as typical of Obama with his moral code as derived from his  study and teaching of “Rules For Radicals” by the Neo Marxist, Saul Alinsky, he acted on the basis of “the ends justify the  means”. So despite his promises to the people and specifically to Bart Stupak, it seems Mr. Obama lied as his means to justify  his end for providing state funded abortions. Now, I am not even taking a position here whether the state should or should not  fund abortion, but just the singular position of how our President can so easily lie to us and to Congress about his  positions and actions.

The joke on Mr. Stupak there for is that the Health and Human Services Department is giving Pennsylvania $160 million for a  new high-risk insurance pool that will cover any abortion that is legal in the state. The New Mexico state officials  constructed a new $37 million high-risk pool that allows for benefits as early as August 1, of this year which include  “federal funding for elective abortions” per the state if New Mexico’s  insurance department’s website.

You may have found the President’s detractors cartooning him as “The Joker”, but I think now this portrayal of him as such is  looking more credible.

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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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One Response to The Joker

  1. Grant Freeman says:

    Bravo! The truth hurts…

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