A Pro Active Response To Obama’s Gulf Policy

The following is a letter I just wrote to Bobby Jindal, Governor of the State of Louisiana, David Vitter, State Senator, Louisiana, and Billy Nungesser, president of Plaquemines Parish, LA.

“I want to express my sympathy over what you guys are experiencing at both the hands of BP, due to their failure to build with enough safeguards, as well as the ineptitude and ideological narrowness of the Federal Government by their slowness to move and their attempt to ban drilling which will damage your area further.

I also want to offer a suggestion as a businessman, a breed seemingly missing from our current government, and offer you some solutions, based on how I run my own business. I would suggest to you that rather than wait for the Feds, who will “study, take to committee” etc., that you become pro active on your own behalf. Find the solutions rather than wait on the government to do so for you, assuming they are even willing to. The Feds will be slow on what you want and they will try and ram down your throats their Cap and Trade policy, by trying to shut down your rigs. If you wait for the Feds to come up with solutions and acceptable safety guards for new drilling you will wait forever.

You may further find that if a ban on drilling is successful, the Feds will do whatever they can to see that the drilling does not ever return, while even as they do so our government invests, along with George Soros, in Brazilian deep water drilling for oil. You see they are motivated for it not to return to the gulf. So, I would suggest that you contact every oil company NOW, that is or has been drilling in your region and review all of their statistics regarding safety procedures. I would ask them, as well as your own engineers, what are the best safety measures known to man, including the forth safety valve as used in the North Sea. I would review drilling rig procedures in every other country and then come up with a complete plan to insure the safest possible methodology for water drilling. Once completed present this to the Federal government and at the same time make it public so Americans are aware of your efforts.

By pre-empting the Feds, you will probably shorten the six months they ask to six days. In order for them to then shut you down, they then would have to shut down all air travel, auto travel and more, as everything has risk, but you will have proven that you were pro active enough to mitigate your own area’s risks. By publicizing it you will make their efforts transparent and harder to push their ideology on your region (as well as on the rest of us).

All the best with your efforts


About ira1942

An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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