The Outright Benefits Of Thorium 90 Over Uranium For Nuclear Energy

Below is a letter that I have sending to politicians and others for over a  year. They include Obama, McCain, talk show hosts etc. The only response I have received, and a good one at that which includes this in her agenda is Carly Fiorina. I am hoping the rest pull their heads from their politically motivated butts and pay attention to this.

It reads:

I am a successful and innovative businessman who has had a history of being inventive and as of this Presidency I find I am relying on it more and more with my writing and blogging. I am also a member of Saman’s group of “Entrepreneurs & Innovators for Carly”.

I would like to suggest an alternative energy source that can have multiple benefits and one that is not being utilized at the moment, but has proven itself in the past. It could greatly implement our energy resources here and at the same time,  keep the eco-crowd happy. I would suggest that Carly include the idea of using Thorium 90 as part of her platform for energy independence.

Why Thorium?, because it is plentiful, and can power a nuclear reactor just like Uranium 235. The added benefits are that the waste is easier to dispose of in a time where nuclear waste is becoming a problem. Most of all, it cannot be utilized for making bombs. This last benefit can also be a factor in negotiations with Iran, in that they claim, however hollow their claim may be, that they only want nuclear power for so called “peaceful purposes”. By offering them Thorium, if they accept, that is a win for us and if they decline, it calls them out on their true aims, thus displaying their real intentions to the world, a lesser win, but a win for us nevertheless.

Thorium 90 was successfully used around 1960, but if I had to guess, that at a time we were in a major arms race with the Soviets, it was more practical to develop nuclear power that could also be used for making atomic and hydrogen bombs.

I hope you find this information of use and if so I am glad that I could be of further service to Carly.
All the best

About ira1942

An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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