Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor (And Obama Will Grease The Entry To Citizenship!)

It is unbelievable how the Obama administration with a memo by four high ranking lawyers from the U.S. Department Of Homeland Security, (Vanison, Bacon, Rogers and Neufeld) wrote a memo to their superior, Alejandro N. Mayorkas, director in order to suggest ways that the Congress and our Constitution may be bypassed by granting legal status to illegal aliens. There is no way that they would have done so without higher ups in the Obama administration requesting these avenues be discovered as in the case of the EPA, threatening to enforce a “Cap And Trade” type policy, even without “Cap And Trade”
passing congress.

This absolutely reeks of the same type of power grabs that FDR and Wilson attempted during their “reigns”. Both Wilson and FDR believed that power should be concentrated in the hands of the executive, with Wilson’s view based on the efficiency of a government run by himself with a team of administrators (sound familiar? Sub word Czar for administrator). Both Wilson and FDR put folks in jail for disagreeing with them and not following their political dictates. They were the nearest thing to a dictator this country ever had. Are we heading down that path as it seems we are, where the government will dictate every aspect of our lives and business? I think so. An individual must purchase life insurance whether wanted or not and suffer penalties by the government for failure to do so in the form of an “illegal” tax. Businesses are being encumbered with forms under new laws which will bury them from ever having time to produce their products efficiently and with reasonable profits.”Expanded Reporting Requirement Requires Business Owners to File IRS Form 1099s for All Payments to Vendors Over $600 Annually”. From The National Association of the Self Employed.

The Obama administration seems to have no shame when it comes to pushing their ill conceived radical agenda. They worship at the shrine of Saul Alinsky and surround themselves with the “high priests of the radical 60’s. What makes it worse is that while doing so, they participate in a “conspiracy of ineptitude” as while many, including Obama have degrees in higher education, they never held a job or ran a business in their life and therefore lack any practical experience in order create jobs or heal the economy. Instead they seemingly pull their wisdom out of their backsides, while they push their ill conceived radical agenda. This is exactly as Roosevelt did, especially in later years where his mind was on the wane from his illness and fixed the price of gold based on his lucky number or similar, rather than on the economic sound principles at the time.

At the beginning of the Obama campaign I loved to jokingly refer to him with the line from a childhood fable: “Look, the emperor has no clothes”. Unfortunately not only was that true, but the word “emperor” may be coming back to haunt us.

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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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