The Islamic War Memorial

It is totally bewildering to me how New York Mayor Blumberg and other of my New York “Lantz men” (fellow American Jews), with their political correctness can be so damn blind to the reality of the Cordoba Mosque and its intention to build at “Ground Zero” where 3,000 Americans of all faiths were murdered by Islamic terrorists. Yes we live in a country where we are guaranteed the freedom of religion under the constitution, but this is not about freedom of religion. This is about the conqueror indelibly grinding his heel into the heart and soul of New York with the Cordoba Mosque.

Imam Rauf’s mosque is a tribute to the terrorist’s murderous attack on 9/11 and nothing more. All else is false pretense to cover up the real intentions of building an “Islamic war memorial” commemorating their murder of innocents. Even their original projected opening date clearly warns you of their malicious intent: To have their grand opening on 9/11.

Why 9/11 now and also why were we attacked on 9/11? If you had listened to the war criminal Bin Laden, his rational for being against the west has been as mercurial as his hiding places. The real reason for attacking us and for doing so on 9/11 was because the Islamists were commencing one of the greatest periods of proselytizing by the sword since the Caliphate. If you look at your history, 9/11 was the absolute pinnacle of the Caliphate, when Islam ruled a large segment of the world, including much of Europe. But by 9/12/1683 the Caliphate started its decline as they lost The Battle of Vienna. “The large-scale battle was won by Polish, Austrian and German forces commanded by King of Poland John III Sobieski versus the Ottoman Empire army and the Ottoman fiefdoms armies commanded by Grand Vizier Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha.” Wikipedia.

Despite Obama’s State Department hiring Imam Rauf to go on a world tour of the “Caliphate lands”, Rauf’s background alone is sufficient for this Mosque not to be built at Ground Zero. He will not even divulge its funding. “Besides being an open advocate for Sharia and restrictions on the freedom of speech in his book What’s Right with Islam, Rauf has refused to denounce Hamas. He has lied about his commitment to religious dialogue. He has lied about whether the Islamic center planned for the Ground Zero site will contain a mosque or not. And he has lied about whether or not the project is getting foreign funding. He is involved with a group that helped fund the jihad flotilla against Israel.”  Rauf himself stated about 9/11 that “I wouldn’t say that the United States deserved what happened,” Rauf elaborated, “but United States policies were an accessory to the crime that happened.”

Enough bull about “peace and understanding” as only a fool is incapable of not knowing who his enemy is!

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