My Reply To Yahoo News Post

This was printed today on Yahoo News and was on the front page of their web portal’s home page:

I was compelled to reply to the article with a post and the below is my response:

Absolute liberal pap. If you are going to tell a story tell all sides. It is clear how you will be voting. How do you determine “moderate Muslim”? Moderate in Kuwait? He is not moderate here, so wake up. When he refuses to condemn Hamas for the butchers and terrorists they are and cannot qualify his remark about our having some responsibility for 9/11(rather than qualifying that by saying “some ignorant Muslims think” and then denouncing it, which I do not recall his doing), you are not moderate!!!

Also if he is so moderate and looking to build bridges (to nowhere) why did he do the following:

1-Pick a location that was not only next to ground zero, but was part of it.

2-Name it the Cordoba Mosque after the one in Spain, built right on top of a Christian church in the 700’s during the conquest of Spain by the moors (Muslims).

3-Plan to open the new mosque on 9/11.

In case you did not know, 9/11 was the height of the Muslim Caliphate, which many Muslims would be happy to rebuild and is the prime and only real motivation for one Mr. Bin Laden. It is the reason for the attack on 9/11 as well as using that date for the building of the ground zero mosque. It is a matter of history that the Muslim conquerors built Mosques over the conquered peoples holy places. They did so in Jerusalem and built on the Jewish temple (temple on the mount), they were marching to sack the Vatican but stopped by the Austrians and others at the Battle of Vienna on 9/12 (the date for the Caliphates downhill slide) and they have done so for centuries so don’t’ expect them to change. History repeats itself.

As a matter of fact, you as an educated person, need to read your history and get your info to the full extent before writing any more biased nonsense.

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