An Open Letter To The President

Dear Mr. President

Let me be clear:

Imam Rauf is running the “Okey Doke” on you and us. This whole argument about “freedom of religion” Vs. “sensitivity” is fallacious. It is not even what this whole thing is about. Unfortunately, you have folks on both sides of the issue screaming either “lack of sensitivity” or “racist”. Baloney!

If this were truly about “peace, understanding and creating bridges” than Imam Rauf needs to be honest with you and us. Instead he is trying to “build a bridge to nowhere” as his admitted argument is built on hot air. If he were truly pushing this unfortunate project as an instrument of peace, then he would have not done the following:

Let me be clear:

He would not have built a mosque in the traditional place where the conquering Moslems over centuries have built them: On the hallowed grounds of the conquered, such as Temple Mount in Jerusalem over the Jewish Holy Temple, or in Cordoba Spain over the Catholic Church and many, many more over the centuries. He further would not have named his project for Cordoba.

Let me be clear:

This Imam is running the “Okey Doke” on you and us. He is building a war memorial for the radical Islamists to celebrate over worldwide and at our political expense. Now just in case you are not convinced that the “Okey Doke” is in play here, then pardon me for reminding you,  that you have stated that the Constitution of These United States is a “living and breathing document”.

Let me be clear:
Your description of the Constitution belies your quoting the same document as at once being mercurial but then in the case of Imam Rauf, decree that his rights are guaranteed therein.

Let me be clear:

You cannot have it both ways and expect we the people to not notice.

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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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One Response to An Open Letter To The President

  1. ira1942 says:

    This is a footnote to my post which was also a reply to a Libertarian defender of Ron Paul’s article on the Wall Street Journal’s online web:

    Ron Paul, suffers from what many well meaning Libertarians suffer from: Black and White thinking; is it grounded in the Constitution or not. I am not a Libertarian, but do follow and enjoy the commentary of Judge Napolitano and others and I will emphatically state, this is not a Constitutional issue in the least bit.  This is not about freedom of religion. A group of people within a “religion” that are espousing legal and political issues as part of that “religion”, as stated by Imam Rauf, who wants our law to be Sharia compliant, in no way falls under the heading of freedom of religion or religion as we know it in this country. If anything, it falls under the auspices of separation of “mosque and state”. Something the Iranians, Saudis, Taliban and more do not seem to get.

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