My Response To Doug Schoen’s Wall Street Journal Editiorial

You have a wonderful argument and it carries extra weight not just due to your noted expertise but also as a member of the Democratic Party looking out for its interests. The concept you are describing makes sense to any logical thinking person. The problem is that it is tantamount to trying to tell a Taliban mob, while stoning a couple for adultery that their thinking is wrong and they should become “good Moslems”. They just do not have the will to do so as both the Taliban and Obama are each committed to their respective ideologies.

Mr. Obama is committed to “going down with the ship”. By this I mean, that it is more important to him to push through every extreme left agenda and at any cost to the economy. He is trying to not only micro manage the economy as did FDR, with his ill fated and ill conceived attempts, but he is also committed to changing it. His “Fundamental Change” is from the ground up. He is the “Organizer in Chief”, only thinking of the redistribution of wealth and is fully prepared to bankrupt us as a nation in order to level the playing field.

His “blame Bush” for the economy has had the “okey-doke” affect as planned by him so that 47 % of the folks blame bush per the polls. What those same folks do not know is that Obama, Dodd and Frank, in the Senate during the bush years were running the “okey-doke” on the country. They were hammering the banks with pressure, while Acorn picketed and made threats to these banks, to make loans to people who could in no way qualify for them. This was further compounded by Obama and friends turning a blind eye or worse to Fanny and Freddy, who underwrote these bad loans (while Fanny and Freddy made enormous contributions to Congress with Dodd and Obama being the biggest beneficiaries of them. While Bush made mistakes and banks should not have been allowed to become Wall Street brokers, none of these problems could have happened without first the bad loan bubble first bursting.

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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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One Response to My Response To Doug Schoen’s Wall Street Journal Editiorial

  1. greg says:

    It’s Like the Parable of the frog and the Scorpion. except the Scorpion blames bush instead of his nature. Obama is almost a Manchurian Candidate in that his whole life was a culmination of victemhood and an indoctrination into Marxist Identity politics. He does not care if we all drown in misery as long as it achieves as you say the leveling of the playing field.

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