Islam Vs. The Islamists

Islam vs. The Islamists Link To Article

Thank you Mr. Nawaz for educating us all with respect to the distinction between Islam and the Islamists. While being aware of this distinction myself, but made clearer by you for me, I do have a problem with the Islamists as I do not want to see my country’s legal system subjugated to the law of Sharia. While I do not think this would be remotely possible, I will still argue against it happening every time. The problem with Imam Rauf, is that he refuses to answer questions regarding his finances and support; questions in this day and age that are important.  Additionally his many controversial statements made in this country as well as those written in Arabic have convinced me that he is an Islamist rather than just an Imam of Islam.

Back to your distinction, I have always found it disturbing that there are far too few Moslems publicly proclaiming which description best describes them. The American public needs to hear from them for a true “peace and understanding” in order lesson their fears. The Islamists in our midst may also find a new path and less aggressive cause,  if they were not “deafened by the silence” of their fellow Moslems

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