An Open Letter To The GOP

As a newly registered Republican, when is the GOP going to stop pussyfooting around with its comments regarding the continual rhetoric from the “Campaigner In Chief”, who accuses republicans of either being guilty of the “Bush Policy” or of now reinventing it to run on. I have not heard a sensible push back so far and I frankly find the Republican stance so far ineffective. I will further state that I am not a member of any TEA party movement, but a common sense businessman who looks at this election with greater interest than ever. It is a war of ideology and one that can either stabilize us or take us to ruin.

To simply push back with comments that are the bullet points of the party, while fine, is nowhere good enough. You have this empty suit in the White House, who campaigned in ’08 with the same lying rhetoric that he is using today and the GOP cannot seem to muster any REAL push back. This character who we so stupidly, as a nation elected to lead us (no visible leadership noticed to date), just sits up high and lies through his teeth and you guys just let him get away with it. Is this what I joined the Republican Party for? I don’t think so.

It is about time that the GOP goes after him with the same intensity as Obama lies with. He blames Bush and the GOP for the recession and I do not recall a single instance where you pushed back by denying it, and accusing him, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd for being the primary cause. It was this “gang of three” that pushed the banks, with the help of Acorn and their tactics, into making loans that were absolutely ridiculous and bound to fail (a salary from McDonalds does not equal mortgage payback). Yes greed kicked in and jumped right on top of these “Democratic party policies” but without which greed had no place to go. Yes, Republicans with the Dems help, weakened the economy’s ability to absorb the subprime crash by deregulating the banking industry, but also Bush as early as 2002 tried to deal with the Fanny Mae/Freddy Mac problems and was ignored by Congress.

I do not understand why your pushback does not include going after Obama as being the number 2 (Dodd #1) beneficiary of contributions from Fanny Mae and then hiring the guy for his campaign, who helmed it and robbed Fannie Mae blind? I do not understand why you are not challenging his “Bushenomics” and Obama’s criticism of “Republicans going backwards” with the facts of what got us here: HIM!!! Without him with his “gang of three” pushing the banks into ruin, we would not have been on the brink of a depression. Without him, trying to crash the economy under the rules of Cloward and Piven so he could “redistribute wealth” we would not be in this fix.

The biggest problem you guys have is that you underestimate your opponent and you truly do not understand who he is and what he stands for. Without this knowledge you will never be ever to successfully push back. You may cause a shift in Congress this November, but without doing your homework and using the best push back, you will have his veto power around for two more years and a good probability him for six.

About ira1942

An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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