The Chickens HAVE Come Home To Roost!

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright was more correct than he thought, when declaring that “the chickens have come home to roost”. It seems that the chickens have, whilst laying a big fat egg on Obama’s face. The current turmoil in Congress, with the most bitter bickering and downright class warfare I have ever witnessed, started with one statement by Obama, at the beginning of his tenure to the Republicans: “I WON”.  This kicked off a two year reign of arrogance by the political left that is currently playing itself out with the end of year wrangling over the biggest raise in taxes ever, right now.

For a President, who has argued against Ronald Reagan’s “trickle down” theory of economics, Obama’s hubris and arrogance has “trickled down” throughout the ranks of the political left so that it has left them “snow blind” to reality! The left has failed not only to accept the fact that their political mandate has, as stated by Obama, taken “a shellacking”, but further failed to comprehend the mindset of the American public. They have failed to see that since Obama’s sweep to victory in 2008, that the American middle and independent voters have witnessed not only that “the emperor has no clothes” but further, that he is ugly without them!

I think the most important emotion driving the left following their belief of their own mandate and political infallibility is one of out of control anger. It reminds me of a little kid, who had been angry for so long; it forgot what it was angry about and continues to feed off that anger. The anger then develops a life of its own, as it seems it has for many political commentators, politicians and “true believers “ on the left, who seem to possess a lack of anger control whenever someone has a point, however logical, other than their own. The left seems to be totally shut down to hearing any challenge to their belief systems, no matter the validity or consequences of their point of view, let alone what the majority seek. All one has to do is listen to the likes of N.Y. Congressman Anthony Weiner who can never respond to a question that challenges him without ranting and a display of obnoxious behavior. The height of Congressional bad behavior just occurred with someone yelling out; f__k Obama. Is this the best representation the left has to offer, one that would call the rest of us terrorists, while they ram their redistribution policies down our throats?

It is no wonder, after hearing comments from Obama about the “hostage taking” by Republicans over the potential Obama tax hike, others in Congress feel free to also misbehave. I am appalled to hear such remarks by the likes of New Jersey Senator Robert Mendez referring to Republicans not only as “hostage takers” but as “terrorists”. Is it any wonder that another Senator, Bernie Sanders, can state; “Progressiv­es need to take to the streets, if they are REALLY serious”. What is next, from the left, armed insurrection?

I would suggest all send a letter or an email to their Congressional leaders and demand better behavior from our leaders or that they should expect to be voted out of office for behavior alone. It is a sad day when making an attempt to compromise for the good of the nation, does our president bleat out that he is compromising only because he and America were “held hostage”. It is no wonder that the “campaigner-in –chief’” must bring in a past President, Bill Clinton, to calm the angry masses of his party, as he and the left are out of control and well out of any dignity.

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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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One Response to The Chickens HAVE Come Home To Roost!

  1. greg says:

    Not only are they looking for and insurrection but they fully expect the govt to help crush any tea party or constitutional challenge to the the demands of the left who will actually hold the civil society hostage lest they get their demands. There is nothing here Obama times this just right and he wins another swing of the wrecking ball against Traditional American values and another dull coat tarnish over what will become an un recognizable America. I say no compromise. let him raise taxes then we push for retroactive re-instatement to show the real color of Obama (RED).

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