The Age of Justice

“Social Justice” is neither social, nor just. It is not social because its premise further separates the economic classes. It penalizes the wealthy, by appropriating their wealth in order to give it to the lower economic classes. It segregates the middle class, as they are told by the multitude of politicians “they are the protected class” by not raising their taxes, should own a home and have all of the benefits of society one can attain. It creates a sense of surreal entitlement in the lower economic class, that would one day have them rioting in the streets as in Greece when the government can no longer pay for these “entitlements”, in order to protect that which they have not  earned, but feel “entitled” to.

“Social justice” is “redistribution” of the earned wealth of others, in order for the lower economic class to be able to “wet their beak” at a public “redistributive trough”.  There is nothing just about driving a “social” wedge between Americans based on their economic status, let alone finding a provision for this in our Constitution to do so. It is not justice for Americans when you “appropriate” one’s earned wealth and provide it to others as an “entitlement”. What is just, of course, is providing Americans who are in need, with the tools to earn their own wealth. Obama is not Robin Hood, nor are we living in the middle ages.

However, there is hope on the horizon for real justice in America for all. Historically, there were two things that allowed justice to prevail or not. The first were laws providing for justice and equality in America, starting, with the founding of the nation with the greatest document ever written by man about justice and equality; the Constitution. The second was the ability of those in power to be transparent and uphold the law, as well as create none that would conflict with the intent of the founders and the Constitution or to be unjust and subvert the law to their own ends.

I firmly believe that we are at a crossroads or “symbiosis in time”, where specific events and interactions can allow for a new reality of justice as the word was originally intended and not the subverted phrase of “Social Justice”. This “symbiosis in time” is resultant of several events that have led to where we are today: Two administrations had polarized Americans over the last ten years causing a large swing of the political pendulum.  What was clearly memorialized and replayed over and over on the news and blogged until it bled, were the abuses of power and injustice of both political sides. We saw the hawkish reaction to 9/11, with a protracted Iraq war, that many felt was misdirected and as the pendulum swung the other way, we saw Mr. Obama trying to remake America, with his themes of “social justice” and “Anti Colonialism” trumping the Constitution.  Most importantly I saw a country that has now had enough of both swings of the pendulum. It is time to become centered again as a nation and with our values.

I have been inspired by the recent political “wave” in Congress which I believe has the ability to also be a wave that can wash through America and bring real justice to all. I see an incoming freshmen group entering Congress, who not only understand justice and its meaning as written by our founders, but who understand that they have been elected to serve us and not to pervert justice, but to encourage it. Marco Rubio, the Senator Elect from Florida, stated after his win: “We make a grave mistake if we believe that tonight these results are somehow an embrace of the Republican Party.  What they are is a second chance, a second chance for Republicans to be what they said they were going to be not so long ago”. Clearly, there is a large segment of those in Congress who now understand what their role is to be and that role is to create just laws as well as repeal or amend those that are only “socially just”, such as “Obama Care” and thus un-just.

More than ever in our country’s political life, the spotlight is on our leaders. They are also under a magnifying glass which can scrutinize them like never before due to the 24/7 news cycle and investigative journalism such as that on cable news and the blogosphere. The scrutiny is also there by an electorate that has been propelled into activism. Now it is not just the extreme left, who has used activism for decades, but the entire spectrum from the hard right to those left of center, which have become politically active. You only have to look at the results of the Tea Party in our new congress to see that. It is a time when the phrase “one’s civic duty” includes keeping up with the political events of the time and staying alert to any potential erosion of our freedoms.

I think from now on most of us will not be either sitting by the sidelines or propelling an unknown into office on a “knee jerk reaction”. I am hopeful that the electorate will do their homework about candidates before they make their choices in future elections, rather than just jump on a bandwagon such as “Hope and Change”, without bothering to ask what the change is to be.

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One Response to The Age of Justice

  1. Greg says:

    I see a lot correct in what you say about social justice but I have to thoroughly disagree when it comes to the polarization of our country. George Bush did not polarize it was demcrats and progressives who drove the election between the kook known as Gore into a wedge Issue. George Bush was a Moderate republican who tried to play nice rather than stick to conservative principles. He let Ted Kenndey co author no child left behind and it became a wedge Issue. It was Bush that got a consenus. that included Al, Bill, Hillary and all but 52 desenters to go to war. But when the war got unpopular the Dems drovee that as a wedge issue. You want to call it polarizing but we need to stand firm in our principles this is “WAR” and progressives will evoke the name of Bush, the War, racism etc to tear apart the fiber of our constitutional republic. You see social justice is just another wedge issue to say us vs them. to divide small groups against the status quo in order to meet some pie in the sky idea (the same pie in the sky that Hitler, Mousolini, Stalin and Mao talked about. We must just stand firm and put our message and those who love freedom will follow.

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