Politics Of The Absurd!

I asked myself whether the politics of these past two years had been horrible, comical or absurd. I am leaning towards the absurd. There is a saying of which you are probably familiar and it is “when you keep doing the same thing over and over again and each time expecting a different outcome, that you define psychotic.” This is not the verbatim quote, but close enough for the point.

Yesterday, in a discussion with an illogical liberal, who when I happened to mention that George Bush was a hero to Africans for his aids policy and also was astute enough to warn Congress in 2003 about the dangers with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and their sub-prime policies, she went off on a tantrum of vitriol and hate regarding George Bush, rather than address those positives. When I happened to mention that in 2006 John McCain also warned Congress about Fannie and Freddie, she went off again against McCain. I further explained that while I thought Jimmy Carter may be the worst president we have ever had, I still had to give him props for his charity work with Habitat For Humanity. She didn’t get it. Unfortunately this is a symptom of the times: Intransigent belief systems and failure to do ones homework.

This same woman, in one of her “rages against the machine” (Republicans) even went so far as to quote Bill Maher, in order to back up her points of view. Absurd? You betcha! It is almost as psychotic to be getting your politics from an angry and offensive comedian such as Maher, as it is to have an ex comedian in congress such as Al Franken. Our government is not a joke but it has been heading in the direction of a bad joke until recently.

Speaking of jokes and the absurd, I was out last night with a lovely woman who hails from Russia. I could not resist asking her the following question: “Considering the last two years in American politics, where Obama, with the help of Pelosi, Reid and a whole string of political appointees, hacks and union thugs, many of whom are admitted socialists (Van Jones, Richard Trumka, Andy Stern for example); what do Russians think of our lean to the left and of our embracing socialism?  Her answer did not astound me, but maybe it will you: She stated to me politely, with a bit of humor,  and with a hint of “you don’t really know?” “ALL RUSSIANS ARE LAUGHING AT US FOR EMBRACING A SYSTEM THAT FAILED RUSSIA!” There was a phrase I came up with when Obama announced his candidacy. It was “the emperor has no clothes”, from the famous children’s book, The Emperor’s New Clothes. It would seem that those on the left are also “without clothes” as they just don’t get it. Absurd!

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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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One Response to Politics Of The Absurd!

  1. greg buck says:

    In reading about your friends rants I am not the least bit surprised. It is liberals who act emotionally in the face of reason. The very same liberals that value equality over liberty. When you challenged her with speaking of George Bush’s honerable traits it riled her, because in her faith (liberalism), he is the devil. The same liberals find positives in murderous dictators such as Mao and Che etc. Liberals always are good at fighting Phantoms like Global Warming, The Catholic Church, Evangelicals and big business. but when it comes to real enemies like Al Qaeda the bury there head in the sand.

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