Some Quick Takes Of The Day


The White House Spin-Meister, Robert Gibbs has just resigned (maybe with a slight push out of the door?) as the press secretary for Barack Obama. It is not clear yet who will become the new chief of “Obamaganda”. It seems that the message here from the White House is that Obama “didn’t make his message clear enough”, or so he stated. This is the height of denial, of course. No matter that he confessed that he “took a shellacking”, he seems unwilling to admit defeat for his ideological message. As much as he touts his willingness to compromise, I do not see him abandoning his ideology any time soon. The best he will do will be to offer us an Obama with a “new coat of paint” in place of the bad shellacking and you can bet it will not be a clear coat at that.

Government Unions

The thing that pisses me off the most about government unions, is that it is a never-ending cycle of shit shoveling (too bad cycle was not spelled sycle, as that would be a really cool turn of phrase then).  These folks are hired by the government, we the peeps, at an average of one-third more money and greater entitlements than private sector union members, and they then collect dues, paid by our tax dollars, and then use those dollars to  fund political campaigns for those on the left, in order to propagate their jobs: Truly a circle jerk.  If this were done in the private sector I am sure it would be illegal.

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One Response to Some Quick Takes Of The Day

  1. greg says:

    well as for Obamaganda which is aptley named it is just basic Alinsky tactic to never make anything clear. Stating, Misstating and restating info until you the target are disenorientated and are unclear on the truth. Speaking in code to those who Understand you get out your intentions but the laymen has no clue. the clear coat over the shellack cannot cover the true color of this administration (RED).

    As for the Unions the ones who are afraid of free and open monies coming from business who oppose there radical union worker agendas. show the true hyprocrasy of Progressives.

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