An Open Letter To The Republican Party

While I respect and admire Republican Party policies on economics and the role of government, I am extremely concerned about your ability to get that information out to the public. It was the Democrats who referred to Joe Citizen as “Homer Simpson” and possibly that is not far from the truth. Even my intelligent friends espouse positions that are no more than Democrat talking points and in most cases, cannot be backed up with fact or reason. The logic of the Democratic machine and Mr. Obama is to “tell a lie, tell it big enough and often enough” and this has worked before in history,  unlike his Keynesian economics which has a proven history of not working. Unfortunately the public in many quarters don’t quite understand that.

What is needed is for the party to break out of its comfort zone and try something new, because when the obvious hits you in the face, that we are breaking the bank of the U.S. economy by entitlements, corruption and waste and still the Republicans in Congress are thought of as horrible by an overwhelming segment of the population, you just have to know that something is not working for you.

I greatly fear that no matter who among the candidates gets in, none of them is eloquent enough to match the “Campaigner-In-Chief”.  You must use someone that can deliver as well on the stump, especially off the cuff and without Obama-Prompters; someone who can parry anything Obama throws out with facts and not being afraid to say he is either misinformed,  knows not of what he speaks, trying to mislead or simply lying.

I suggest a campaign on TV, radio, print, social networks etc. headed by two of your best in your party. I would have them also go out on a national speaking tour, now prior to any candidate winning the nomination, sort of like Bill O’Reilly and Glen Beck did and “take it to the folks”.  My best thought is that it should be Paul Ryan, as he is the most informed among you and can speak off the cuff, witness his handling of Obama on the ABC round table two years ago. His partner should be Marco Rubio. Marco is well spoken, well informed, young, and being Hispanic is a good thing for the party as you will need the Hispanic vote. I think also that we both know that he is going to be a strong part of the party’s future.

I pray that you consider this, as the old methods are as stale as some of the current candidates.

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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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One Response to An Open Letter To The Republican Party

  1. Greg Buck says:

    While I agree with this I think the even bigger problem is that republicans always seem to be vying for next election the Democrats are playing for keeps! A slow descent no matter how comfortable can only lead one place. The Republican Party must not mince words and state the nefarious nature over and over without pulling punches. Just like the lies or demagoguery of the left sticks visa vie the aforementioned by my friend who wrote this. The truth if said often enough is like a double edge sword that will cut through the entire BS.

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