More and more folks are coming to realize the level of ineptitude and outright playing of the “Okie Doke” on Americans by Obama. When he is not “speechifying his spin”, his best efforts are by surrounding himself with yes-men be they “experts” such as the 95% staffing with academics, or by phony and corrupt capitalists such as Jeffery “pay no tax before its time” Immelt, as he ships plants and jobs to China or Warren “millionaires should pay more tax” Buffet, who has not paid his corporate taxes in the last ten years and should tax rates rise, he would be happier than a pig in shit, as he makes more money selling annuities and other tax offsets.

The latest insult to America by Obama is to allow Plaquemines Parish, in New Orleans, LA, to now be at risk again during the pending hurricane Katia, as it heads straight for them. The last hurricane to hit there after Katrina did its misery on them, was about 3 inches from hitting one of the country’s major oil refineries there (Chevron, BP, Tosco and others are located there).

For the last two years plans have been ready, money set aside and congress has approved the completion of their levies, but not a single shovel has been lifted on this “shovel ready project”. Now the population is only about 10,000 in this parish so the amount of jobs to be lost should the refineries go down is not that many to be noticed among the already high statistics. Additionally, they are already a community that probably will not vote for Obama following his failed and mean spirited policy of stopping oil drilling in their gulf which put 45,000 people out of work. Is this what Obama calls focusing on jobs? Are the only jobs and oil that are important to him located in Brazil where he invested two billion of our tax dollars in Brazilian Oil (Petrobras), where his “One world, and to hell with America” buddy is the biggest shareholder; The one and only Mr. “lets ‘crash another economy, like I did with Czechoslovakia” George Soros?

Unless you are the “Homer Simpson” that the Democratic ideologues refer to, and then hopefully you are seeing the big picture here as to why Obama’s approval rating is sliding down the toilet, which is: Obama would be happy to see a refinery or two shut down. This way, he can start pushing more “green jobs” and have a few more failed and bankrupted companies like the three American solar ones that went down recently. He can even follow in the footsteps of Spain, who like Obama, could not visualize the “unintended consequences” of his ill thought out actions and plans. Spain by the way is economically in the toilet due to its green jobs fiasco.

Well Homer and the rest of you,  are convinced yet, that we are being run by a bunch of fools in Washington, who are trying to micro manage our economy and way of life, without having been schooled in such things. Almost anybody in business is schooled and experience on how to look out for the unintended consequences with prudent risk management and foresight. Mr. Okie Doke is following in the footsteps of FDR, who aside from Wilson was the closest we ever came to having a dictator. All one has to do, do you hear me Mr. O, is to read history in order to know that FDR’s policies failed and that his own best friend and Secretary of Treasury, Henry Morgenthau admitted to friends in Congress how FDR’s policies were a failure and the GREAT Depression then, like the GREAT Recession that we are in right now, were extended by his inane Keynesian economic dribble.

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