The Borg (Star Trek) And The Hard Left: A Humorous Comparison

The Borg are joined together in a hive mind called The Collective (As espoused by George Soros and his “Open Society”). The Borg are technologically more advanced in most areas than the Federation or us (especially with cell phone and social networking technology). They are driven by an almost spiritual need for perfection (and “Social Justice” by taking rather than earning), which they believe will only be achieved by assimilating all worthy species in the galaxy (or in the case of OWS, claiming 99% and making demands on the 1%).

The Borg

Young Borg Youth

The process of assimilation involves capturing members of other races and turning them into Borg drones (or in our case, unwitting students with class warfare) by grafting cybernetic components on to them (or as in our case Leftist bullet points), and linking them to the Borg’s collective consciousness (in our world called “Social Justice”). This strips the individual of their individuality. 

Typically, the Borg refers to the collective as WE because they have no self-awareness of any individuality. They are referred to by Borg designations that show position in the Borg Collective. Since Borg rely on multiple redundancies (as the Obama administration refusing to delete government department redundancies that contain union votes), they are often named Third of Nine or Five of Five.

OWS Youth Looking Mighty Borg Like

Once processed, useful information is retained and distributed throughout the Collective (unlike the Left, which only distribute bullet points and chants-“this is what democracy looks like”). Each drone only carries the information that it needs for its primary goals (those silly bullet points again). When the Drone needs information, the Collective instantaneously retrieves the information from the databases (in our case politicians, czars and departments, which is not “how democracy works”) and transmits it directly to the drone’s brains (as bullet points, without history or facts).

The individual drone is virtually worthless to the Collective since no single drone carries information (just those pesky bullet points). The Collective will sacrifice drones for the good of the Collective (as the Left in the Alinsky mode, as taught by Obama at Harvard from his bible “Rules For Radicals”).   Drones separated from the Collective will feel agitated and will try to get back to a ship or station and restore contact (the “Social” in “Social Justice”). The group consciousness is divided into subcommands necessary to carry out vital functions such as defense, communications, and navigation (here again, Obama uses Czars, departments and appointees).

The Borg believe that their collective nature is inherently superior to the disorganized and chaotic nature of individuality (oh, those chaotic Conservatives and Republicans). The Borg believe that perfection should be the primary goal of all societies (as Soros with his “Open Society”) and that through assimilation (or “Social Justice”), they will be helping others achieve this (whether wanted or not J ). Once they have assimilated the best of what the galaxy has both the organic and technological to offer, they will have reached the highest state of perfection possible. All species that resist assimilation are either overpowered or destroyed. Any species that would not contribute to the Collective is thought of as

unnecessary and is simply destroyed (this sounds like how the left tried to destroy the Tea Party). The Federation maintains that the Borg are one of the greatest threats to individual freedom in the Alpha Quadrant and in the Galaxy itself (as are those that would “assimilate us” in their image of collective thought with the loss of our individuality, which made this country great).

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