Or so the song goes….:-)

Senator Barney Frank is resigning after realizing he could not get elected again. Bye, Bye Barney. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

The only successful law this buffoon ever passed was the “law of unintended consequences”. When warned by Bush, McCain and other Republicans, that he was risking things by pushing his “Affordable Housing Act”, his reply was “I WANT TO ROLL THE DICE”. He sure did and this was  the root cause of the housing bubble bursting with this time the taxpayer “taking it in the ass”. Let’s not leave out here Senators Obama, along with  his pals in Acorn, who beat up the banks to make dead beat loans, who along with Dodd gave us the Dodd Frank act that has plunged business into a swamp of paperwork with more “unintended consequences”, but suspiciously left out of this law was FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC. Who Mr. Frank oversaw as chairman of the Financial Services Committee. Wanna bet this blowhard winds up working for Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac?

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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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