THE PIMP OF POLITICAL PURSUITS currently, while breaking into his campaign trips at our expense, cannot make a leadership decision about the Keystone Pipeline, which is capable of bringing a huge amount of shale oil to our refineries in the gulf states and upwards of 20,000 union jobs. The unions want the work and for God’s sake need it. The environmentalists, who range from those concerned about the aquifir, even though prior government tests have approved this and the wackos who are concerned about the air in Canada as a result of the process. The air may or may not be affected to the point they claim, but their argument is falacious as their sway will have no affect on the production of this oil, as if we don’t buy the oil, China will!

Now Mr. Obama, is in a political conundrum. It is not about “what is best for the country”, but what is best for his reelection. He either alienates the unions or the environmentalists.

So, what does he do? He kicks the can down the road to after the election, so he can piss off which ever side he choses, but is covered for the election as thank God, after his mentor Roosevelt, we ceased allowing presidents a third term. So, the beat goes on and we continue to buy oil from the very people who would kill us, while he dithers away on a decision, good or bad and, as in Don Quixote, “Tilts At Windfarms”.

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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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