I just watched one of my regular Sunday shows that features both the left and the right in niche politicsregular debate on the issues; This Week with Christian Amanpour. I am pleased to say she has gone back to being a journalist rather than an editorial mouthpiece for the left. What is great about this show is that you get to hear the best arguments from both the left and right. Too many of us will either listen to one or the other and get stuck in bullet point speak. This Sunday her show featured four glib and highly intellectual people from both sides; Barney Frank, Robert Reich, Paul Ryan and George Will.  I did hear some excellent points from both sides. However, each side has a knack of arguing as “specialists” for their cause. The left argues from the point of protecting the people from big business and the right argues from the point of protecting the people from big government.

Each side had valid points. I agreed with Barney Frank that we should not be pulling back on grants to community colleges, Pell grants, and the very things Republicans want to do; educate and train citizens to allow them to become upwardly mobile in their careers, thus having a shot at the American dream. However where I jump ship is the lefts drive to create the Euro model of the welfare state and ignore the fundamental flaws in our system that are bankrupting us.

The thing I took away from watching this show the most was that each side is somewhat polarized. I believe the reason for this is that they have become so defensive in their stance that they have become “specialists” in their positions and thus entrenched, they seem totally incapable of seeing the bigger picture as our founders saw it: Checks and Balances. Congress should argue and theoretically come to a better conclusion as that is what our founders intended by creating a separation of the three powers. However, what congress did not intend, was the polarization of them to the point of becoming dysfunctional. If the “specialists” on both sides do not stop and take a breath and understand the they are harming the American people through their very “so called” expertise as “specialists” and start looking at the bigger picture, we are doomed to become the mediocre nation that none of us wants.

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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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  1. Grant says:

    Ira – couldn’t agree more! Partisan “gridlock” serves no purpose but to continue the paralyzing brinkmanship we endure now. As a Republic we elect representatives to do what they believe we want; on our behalf, not to finds ways to stay in power or riase money fron narrow focused special interst groups. Although we live in “always connected” High Tech times, our Founding Fathers were correct in viewing political office as an honorable, temporary way to serve.

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