The crazy mullahs in Iran today are trying to take us on “a magic carpet ride”, but this time the intent is not drugs as in the old Steppenwolf song, but with hard ball intimidation and arms development. Today they announced their development of their creation of nuclear fuel rods, which can be clearly used for making weapons grade nukes. At the same time they are holding “war games” in the Strait of Hormuz, threatening to make it the “Straight Jacket” of Hormuz.  The guy in the White House is doing exactly what he historically has done, voted “present”. In other words, he is conspicuously absent from the chess match of world politics.

What would be the move that could, while not creating a check mate on Iran, at least put them in check? The answer is to deal strongly with their biggest proxy, Syria. Now this amateur that we have in the White House, who feels that while the CIA under a mandate from President Bush, killed Osama Da Bomba, that this portrays Obama’s great ability at foreign policy. Utter garbage! All it displayed was that he had the ability to say OK, the same way he did with the drones. If anything, killing Bin Laden, was an “act of war” against Pakistan and possibly questionable foreign policy.

The same way Obama used the UN, rather than just act unilaterally, and unfortunately awkwardly in his process of the move, against Libya, he could move against Syria in many fashions. However, hardly a peep from one of the biggest mouths in politics. From a man who can scream class warfare and race bait with the best ever, not a sound. We should be ratcheting up every sanction in the book, blockade the Syrian waterways, announce our support over the airwaves for the people of Syria, send in arms, set up a no fly zone and whatever else could be done short of sending in ground troops. Syria is not Iran. It is smaller and while both populations hate their leaders, it is possible if attacked the Iranians may rally around the crazies that are in control. In Syria, we have a different story. We have a majority of the population that have several hundred years of hate for their leaders. The Syrian people are Sunni Arabs. Assad and his henchmen are Alawite, which are for all practical purposes are Shiite, which partially explain the relationship with Iran. Thus a solid blow to Syria by the United States becomes a check against their ally, Iran.

As I have written before in my blog, where one must understand the geopolitics of Shiite vs. Sunni. Yes we are arming Saudi Arabia with our newest planes, but I cannot help think Obama looks at that as strictly a “sale of American goods” and is not quite focused on the real politics of the region. Therefore, I believe the easiest check to Iran, without starting a war with them or bombing their nuclear facilities, would be to give a hard “check” to Syria, where we do have a population that would support us, providing we start supporting them and a regime who like most killers, are also cowards. Remember, Assad did not utter a peep after the Israeli’s blew his reactor to smithereens. The just took it on the chin as they had a long memory of what it was like to war with Israel.

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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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