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Income Equality???

“THE LORD OF THE LIES” has been making his case for “income equality”, “wealth redistribution” and other such phraseology right out of the Communist handbook. Yes, Communism, as that system rewards people based upon government “providing income based on one’s … Continue reading

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Obama Offers Church “20 Pieces Of Silver”. They Pass On Offer By “Lord Of The Lies”

As a Jew, and not even an observant one, but one who observes and appreciates our cultural heritage,as well as frankly one who is in favor of contraception and the morning after pill, one would think I would not have a … Continue reading

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Unintended Consequences Or Intended Government Control?

Here you thought your government was out to protect you, “the guy in the street”, “the middle class” and all that the Populist Pinocchio in the White House wails about, like a cat in heat, repeating the same mantras over … Continue reading

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