Obama Offers Church “20 Pieces Of Silver”. They Pass On Offer By “Lord Of The Lies”

obama as caesar

All Hail Our Leader

As a Jew, and not even an observant one, but one who observes and appreciates our cultural heritage,as well as frankly one who is in favor of contraception and the morning after pill, one would think I would not have a dog in this race. But I do, as this is not about moral choice or a woman’s right to pro choice, or no choice, it is about Big Government and the Constitution.  It is about the slippery eel of shallow politics, again trying to slip down the slope of slime by not only going against that which he promised Congress, and the Church to their faces, but also wrote in a “so called executive order” which would have stricken any ability to force the Church to offer birth control against their teachings. Why, because this Progressive elite, is convinced that “he knows what is good for us all”.

In one recent remark to congress, Obama retorts: “I have advised Congress that I will not construe these provisions as preventing me from fulfilling my constitutional responsibility to recommend to the Congress’s consideration such measures as I shall judge necessary and expedient.”  Another doozy is his remark recently on NBC that he could not “force congress” to do as he wants. This time he blames the Founding Fathers and thus the Constitution for getting in his way.

As far as Obama’s concession to the Church, it is pure smoke and mirrors. If you ever wonder why he cannot get compromise with congress, it is because this egomaniac only considers a compromise to be one where THE OTHER PARTY compromises, but not “The Lord Of The Lies”.  Thus Obama’s “so called compromise”  “ stresses is “an accommodation” and not a compromise, “nonprofit religious organizations won’t have to directly cover birth control and can opt out. But the insurers they hire to cover their employees can’t opt out. If that sounds like a distinction without a differenceodds are you’re a rational person”. Wall Street Journal.  In addition, have you ever seen an insurance company, there for profit and not for women’s rights or anyone else’s for that matter, offer something for FREE? As per usual the “Great Dictator”, while not being as funny as Charlie Chaplin, is once again pulling the “Okey Doke” on the folks. Someone will be paying for the “Jimmy Hats” and other forms of birth control. It still will be the Church and if not it will be you. If you, how would you feel paying for someone else’s roll in the hay, while you are stuck at home with just Playboy or Playgirl Magazines?  I might add that at no time, did Obama bother to even consult with the Insurance companies to get their input as he felt it was just fine to bully them into “his will be done”.

There is also another issue, that of the self insured, wherein the employer pays directly for care and the insurance companies are there solely as administrators on his behalf? This is a large chunk of the insured population and these organizations or companies will take the hit.

On a final note, this is not about women’s health care in the least. There is no one in this country, who would deny a woman her choice or to utilize contraception. The latest polls show that about 98 percent or some high numbers of Catholics practice birth control, despite their Church dogma. This is about government taking further control of our lives and forcing on us “their will be done” rather than to those who believe as such “God’s will be done”.  The “Lord Of The Lies” is setting himself up to replace God as the arbiter of morality and rights. Is it any wonder why the “Beelzebub” of the Progressives, also does not believe that “our rights come from our creator” as written in the Constitution and has conspicuously and despicably left out those words when referring to the section that contains them?

If we wanted to make the trains run on time we could have resurrected and elected Mussolini and all become happy Fascists.

obama the dictator

My Will Be Done, Or Else.

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