Income Equality???

“THE LORD OF THE LIES” has been making his case for “income equality”, “wealth redistribution” and other such phraseology right out of the Communist handbook. Yes, Communism, as that system rewards people based upon government “providing income based on one’s need, rather than on ones worth and success”. This has failed everywhere else in the world, but Obama is blissfully happy in his delirium to want it here. I would therefore ask. “Where are the valid and loudly proclaimed arguments from the right against this folly and for “income aspiration” and individual growth based upon our country’s history and founding? Where are the arguments from the right for “real hope” rather than the pap dished out in Obama’s “Hope & Dope”? Where are the explanations from the right on how all of our society benefits by our having real hope, growth and one’s ability to grow their fortune and take their risks for success, or failure, in the “arena of capitalist opportunity”?

These are the very things that set us apart from Europe, where there never has been a successful middle class in general and more to the point, with the exception of crime, sports or music does not have the permeable income class strata that we have enjoyed for so long, which has allowed us to fluidly move up and down within the various income classes. Americans have always enjoyed our unique ability to climb the income and class ladder, having thrown off our kings at our beginnings only to be threatened by the new tyrants on the left, who would homogenize our way of life, equalizing our wealth and abilities, pat Johnny on the head for trying, but failing, and stifle opportunity for all. Are we now to lose the very phrase that has defined us for three centuries? America, the land of opportunity.

About ira1942

An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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