Where Is The Obama Compromise?

In over three years the Democratic controlled Senate has either failed to come up with any budget to run the country or has shot down the ones that have emanated from the Republican controlled Congress. (Hey Mr. Obama, where is your so called compromise). Obama “the power grabber” has once again come up with a budget that he claims will save 3.5 trillion, but his own government, the CBO, tells us that once again he is lying (duh, Obama not tell the truth or be transparent?) and that the Obama budget is 7 trillion dollars away from REALITY. Hello!!!

Now, even before Rep. Paul Ryan, one of America’s brightest, releases his budget, the “party of yo” – money not mine) starts blasting it with pure demagoguery with its video “chock full of nuts”?  Good possibility, but most def, chock full of LIES, DISTORTIONS AND SCARE TACTICS built to do what Washington does best: NOTHING.

Ryan’s plan even calls for a higher tax on the top 1%, plus additional taxes on the U.S. earnings of multi- national corporations.  WTF, did the liberals miss that? Whew, I must be hallucinating. The liberals missed a tax increase without heaps of praise or even a whisper.

I am still waiting for the Democrats to come out with better than criticizing how Rep. Cantor “lives in a frat house” or that Rep. Ryan is going to “throw granny off a cliff”. For a President who claims to “seek but cannot get compromise”, he is sure sitting on his spendthrift ass, while Republicans are truly trying to prevent our economy from crashing while at the same time PRESERVE time honored institutions such as Medicare from bankruptcy, where it is heading very soon without intervention.

About ira1942

An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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