As Obama herds Americans into classes, as if he were herding sheep into pens by the the choice between dreams and nightmares this election cyclequality of their wool or how many lamb chops they could slice up into, Americans are truly faced with the biggest political decision of their lives with the pending election. Will it be pending doom or America as we follow into the dark night with Greece, Spain and yes, California or do we decide to bask in the sunshine of our founders and what America is truly about and the principals of what it was founded on? As Paul Ryan so astutely put it in his introductory speech during the Romney announcement of his running mate today, we are the only nation on earth that was actually “founded on an idea”:  The idea that espoused the right of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” and in addition the right and ability, from God and nature rather than Obama or government, to follow your dreams.

The choice is stark; do you follow your dream or your nightmare? My grandmother’s dream, as well as every immigrant coming to America, legal or not, was to build a new and prosperous life as well as in many cases escape the oppression from whence they came. My grandmother came to this country, as I have written about before, at the age of twelve and without the benefit, as most immigrants, of speaking English. This was in the late 1800s and by the very early thirties, during the heart of the depression, had established her own thriving small business, despite the despotic policies of FDR and his price and wage controls that jailed people for not following them. I remember with extreme fondness as she examined every garment right down to the stitching for quality as my uncles would do the labor and construction of the goods.

The net result of her efforts and the “business she had built”, without any help from government and with hindrance if anything due to the repressive policies of FDR (Obama’s political predecessor) and the Depression, she not only managed to thrive, but to leave the next generation better off, with my uncles going to university, medical school or starting businesses of their own. She left her offspring better off than her parents left her.

The question is, do you also want this dream for yourself and your children, or are you willing to gamble with another four years with Obama, who has brought us closer to Greece, Spain and yes California which has served to elongate the recession exactly as history has taught us and opting for the nightmare. Unfortunately Obama selectively read Progressive history which FDR’s best friend and Secretary of State, Morgenthau later admitted to Congress was a gross mistake and gross negligence on the part of FDR.

Obama’s “fair share, fair shot” rhetoric is simply taking your future and “sharing it” with others, some who are truly needy and many who are truly not. Fair in our country, our history and our language is meant to be that all, like my grandmother, had a fair chance to make something of themselves and not have some petty bureaucrat, albeit our Manchurian Candidate in the White House, dictate that you must share it as “you did not build that”, government did. The bottom line is that we have a progressive tax system wherein the top few percent pay virtually all the taxes and half of Americans pay none at all as well as receiving massive entitlements. However Mr. Obama would like to expand that even more with further taxation on the employers of America as well as making those same employers struggle harder to employ labor due to excessive and crazy regulations of which many are now quite illegally and in stark contrast to our Constitution emanating from the White House and not from Congress, the law making body of our government. I will also remind you that FDR tried this too and was the closest thing this country ever had to our own dictator. Is this what you want, to see our country in the name of a wolf in sheep’s clothing; the loss of our way of life masked in “fairness”? Think about whether you want to live your dream or Obama’s nightmare when you mark that ballot this November.

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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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  1. GF says:

    Amen to this! After 3.5 years, still hard to fathom how so many could vote for a virtual “unknown” for arguably the most important postion on earth, but they did!

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