Where Does The Campaigning End And The Lying Begin

At what point is it campaigning and when does it qualify for just plain lying your ass off to the public. Obama continually crosses that line and lies to you and what is worth, many ill informed people believe the lies. It helps of course to have a news corps that in a recent poll was found to be 89% or better very liberal and voted for a Democrat in an election.  It helps to have stations like MSNBC and newscasters like Dan Rather, Keith Olberman, and Paul Krugman knowingly passing on lies as news.


The hard part for me is listening to seemingly intelligent people spout the same crap without investigating the facts and simply believing it as if it were reality. Yesterday I sat in the Jacuzzi at my condo listening to two elderly Jewish neighbors espouse their opinions which ranged anywhere from “folks don’t like Obama because he is a black president”, Paul Ryan is evil, he wants to take away Medicare and the problem with the economy is all the fault of the banks. It sounded like “Operation Alta Cocker” was marching in my community, but in any event marching to the beat of the liberal drum.


What did I do, assailed them with facts from today and from history, including how Senators Obama, Dodd and Frank threatened the banks to make subprime loans and how Clinton, who I voted for twice, committed the “original sin” of doing away with the separation of bank and investment company, by deleting the wall between banks and Wall Street, thus allowing banks to invest and Wall Street to make loans; ergo “too big to fail”. What the hell was Lehman Brothers doing anyway in the mortgage business?


So, there ya go, the lies continue, and maybe I gave my neighbors some food for thought. I clearly stated “don’t listen to me, what do I know (quite a bit I must say 🙂 ), and do your own homework along with stop simply marching to the beat of the “Okey Doke Drummer” and use your God given brain to work out if you are being lied to or not. In any event, why should this election be any different from any other Obama election? He blatantly lied to you about Hope and Change, as he lied, smeared and extorted prior candidates to drop out of the race. This is truly the most corrupt candidate since Nixon. What is more important, did you learn your lesson? Yes Bush screwed up big time. We should not have been in Iraq, we should have not invested in nation building in Afghanistan, which is only one step away from the Stone Age and they like it like that and Bush spent too much money. HOWEVER, just because Obama came in out of nowhere, as if he was the Lone Freaking’ Ranger, you hated Bush so much, you would have elected my cat president as it was “anyone but Bush”. Now like all good Democratic cats, he votes and he is hoping that next time around he does not have to prove he is human and a citizen, but until then, he will vote, but he is smart enough to do his homework. Will you be doing yours????   “TRUST BUT VERIFY”, a very wise man once said.

About ira1942

An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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