Likeability vs. Gullibility (Running the “Okey Doke” On America)

Some may read this and say “this boy is nuts” or “that’s why they call it dope”.  However I would say that if you do you are simply ill informed as to who Obama really is and probably are not one who gives much thought as well as investigation into the true state of our country, its economy and history. To the point, it absolutely befuddles me how people have thrown themselves on the altar of infatuation and cannot see the man for who he is and what he truly professes.  He smiles at many with his “shit eatin’ grin” and they simply swoon with adulation and forgiveness for even any shortcomings they are willing to admit he has, such as an unfit history to warrant his current position.  I think fifty years from now when the historians go to town on him as they did Jimmy Carter for his ineptitude, there will be a book entitled “THE GREAT BAMBOOZLE – HOW OBAMA FOOLED A NATION”.

There is a phrase in the Black community that I have heard over the years from my buddies and it is the “Okey-Doke”.  It translates to getting over on someone, a con, treating someone as prey or a victim. You have even heard Obama use this term with abandon as it is a “shout out” to the Black community, saying I am one with you, and a joke on the rest of the nation as he touts the fact that you have been conned.  Listen carefully for the next time he uses the phrase. When he does, you will also notice his toothy grin and know that he is simply conning you. What he is saying is what you want to hear but it simply is not the truth or what he will do.

Getting you to like him is innately who he is as he learned this “tool” early on in life in order to get what he wants from you. Even as Joe Biden commented; “Obama is a CLEAN, Articulate, bright African-American.” Now come on folks as if Colonel West the Florida Senator is not, nor millions of other Black Americans are not? This was clearly a racist remark and at the same time, Obama with his double “Okey Doke” fooled White and Black America at the same time. According to the not too bright Biden, with what maybe the biggest gaffe in his tenure, he claims in essence that there is finally an “acceptable” black candidate, one who is “clean” and not angry or in your face and one who the White electorate can finally accept. The double “Okey Doke” is that he also fooled Black Americans as the true Obama agenda is neither White nor Black. He is like a chameleon that can pander to any audience and run his “Okey Dokey” con and promising them whatever it is they want to hear. Sometimes he does this himself as with the Hispanic American Audience, promising them Arpege but giving them Skunk spew, with a patently politically timed and anti Constitutional promise of amnesty that has even caused the border guards and their union to take him to court over for dictating a policy that is simply against the laws of the land. Other times he uses his stooges, like Eric Holder, who while speaking in front of a purely Black audience told them that having to prove who you are in order to vote and so your dog or dead neighbor cannot, is similar to the horrible Pole tax of years ago. No matter that we have evolved as a nation, the Panderer-In-Chief will tell anyone willing to listen exactly what they want to hear.

So what is the real Obama agenda should you be willing to look behind his “Okey Doke” with his ear to ear grin? It is not what you think. He is neither motivated by the history of White America anymore than the history of Black America. He is motivated, as we all are, by his upbringing and family history and it is not the typical history of most of us, either White or Black and despite what anyone thinks he is not the champion of either. He is the champion of both a belief system from his family and upbringing which is very different from ours. Thus he will be looking to and has been promoting that belief system and not that which we hold true and dear. Hello!

First and foremost Obama does and has given us a road map to who he is and what he believes in. He wrote a book entitled “Dreams FROM My Father”, aptly titled and quite specifically NOT entitled Dreams of My Father or Dreams About My Father, but FROM.  What does that mean to you? He is not remembering his dad or about his brief connection with a father, but he specifically is recalling the DREAMS HIS FATHER HAD. Now if he is to be the messenger of his father’s political will, the Apostate carrying God’s word, then you had better understand what the message for America is!

Obama’s Father was a Pan African Socialist, having written his own “manifesto” and a prominent player in Kenyan politics until his drinking and behavior put him in disfavor and was passed by. He became a bitter man until his untimely death by “self infliction”, due to drunk driving.  His manifesto, which can easily be downloaded from the internet, wherein Obama Sr. states it is fine to “tax the rich to 100% of their income…” Obama Sr. further defines in his writing that the “African tradition is fundamentally based on communal ownership of major means of production and sharing of fruits of labors, so expended in production, to the benefit of all”. He goes on to mention that “there is no limit to taxation if the benefits derived from public services by society measure up to the cost in taxation which they have to pay. It is a fallacy to that there is this limit, and it is a fallacy to rely mainly on individual free enterprise to get the savings”. He further adds that “there are cases in which nationalization is bad, but there are, likewise, quite a few benefits to be derived from it”.

While his father was the main influence in his life and by following in his political footsteps, albeit masked with his “Okey Doke” demeanor and “Finochio” like grin as he lulls you to sleep with his con, Obama’s entire life was spent around and with radicals. We all know who Reverend Jeremiah Wright is, with his “God Damn America” and his “collective salvation”, a Socialist Christian belief, Ayers the bomber of the Pentagon and other government facilities, Frank Marshall Davis, his mentor and mentioned by first name dozens of times in his book, his mom a socialist, Lolo his step dad a Socialist, his radical professors, some of which since described as terrorists right on up to those who surrounded him following his election in 2008: Van Jones, admitted Communist, Richard Trumka, Union Thug, admitted Socialist, Anita Dunn, the big fan of Mao Tse Tung, the killer of millions in China, Valery Jarrett, his political mentor and number two by his side at all times, who argued against the killing of Bin Laden, an admitted Socialist and the frequent visitor to the white house the admitted Socialist Andy Stern from the union SEIU, who has vowed to “unionize the entire world” and I could go on for pages but I think you get the message, or at least pray you do.

One of the problems we face with all of these obvious facts, is that 99 percent of the media swept this and his associations under the table in 2008 and still refuse to look at this in the current election cycle even with the proof on the table of Obama’s dictatorial mandates overriding Congress and the many lawsuits stemming there from. In addition his attack on the Constitutional guarantee of Freedom of Religion, wherein he tries to force the Church to practice contraception and abortion despite it being against there faith.  Now most woman who desire to utilize contraception or have an abortion have the right to do so, and those who cannot afford it can have it paid for by Family Planning or many similar organizations to help the less fortunate, but why attack the Church to humble them into a policy that is against their religion? Just look at Socialist, Communists and yes Islamic states over history in order to consolidate their power over the masses looked at religious organizations as their competition for control and attempted to destroy their competition. So why should Obama, knowing that probably the majority of Catholics practice birth control and many have abortions, want to humble the Church? The answer is historically there for you: More control over the population and better they should worship at the altar of Obama and his “Okey Doke” philosophy than that of the Church.

So what happens if this “Manchurian Socialist”, who nobody really knows as a direct result of their own unwillingness to look at his history, let alone his policies? He will do exactly as he promised the Russian President, Medvedev while thinking he was off camera. He will begin to force policies on America by presidential dictate, just as Putin does in Russia, that “after my next election I will have MORE FLEXIBILITY”. This is who he is and it should scare the hell out of you. If Democrats sweep Congress and the Senate especially you will not recognize this as the country you grew up in. In accordance with “his father’s dream” on how the world should look, we will downsize further our military, continue to spend Billions as we already have investing in Oil, yes dreaded oil, all over Central and South America, rather than Keystone or other avenues here, as it is NOT about the EPA, but about the EPA acting as his hammer to stop oil here so that the rest of the 2nd and 3rd world can have OUR wealth “redistributed” to them. You have had the “Okey Doke” run on you about “Global Warming” in order to mask the real facts, our investment of tax dollars into the economies of other countries in order to spread the wealth and the downsizing of our military in order to spread the power. This is the agenda should Obama be able to run his “Okey Doke” on you, as if you fall for it, the Statue Of Liberty will cry tears for the exit of Americans, to other countries just as they are leaving California and other states for saner locations. The American Dream will become the American Nightmare and the land of opportunity will look more like Greece, where the only success will come from small government handouts to the masses and larger ones to the cronies of his regime. History has offered us the lessons of “Bread and Circuses”,  “Let Them Eat Cake” as well as the total demise of empires from long ago or as recent as our lifetimes. Let us pray it does not happen here and only a truly informed electorate, with one who is willing to take the time to inform itself and a media that will stop operating with lies and the “sins of omission”.

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