The Definition of the Word Putz

The Putzes In California My non Jewish friends have sometimes asked: What does the word “putz” mean? Let me explain with clarity and an example. Jerry Brown is a putz and those who voted for him are putzes. If you voted for the “so called” Bullet Train, you are a putz. Here is why:

The Los Angeles to San Francisco route is a non starter. The train will start in bum-fart high desert and end up in a town 120 or so miles away with a population of 60,000, half of which are incarcerated criminals. Why, so the unions can have payback and the corrupt construction companies can supply kick backs? This is what you voted for, so the definition of a putz is one who shoots him/her self in one’s own “putzela”. Time to improve your aim! You do that by improving your brain. Ask questions, do your homework and for G’s sake wake the hell up. Remember, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”, so stop being a putz!

Now for your next lesson on what it means to be a “putz”. Does anyone actually know what cap and trade legislation is? I doubt it, so let me fill you in. Cap and Trade was started 8 years ago in Europe, by whom else? Europeans! (The very folks who Obama wants us to emulate). Why, “to save our planet”.

The EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) has been a dismal failure and has cost Europe 100 plus Billion Euros of pure waste. The reason is, that Cap and Trade or as they say, the ETS, did not nor does not reduce carbon emissions. What it did do, is set up a “carbon exchange” just like the one Obama envisioned here with Al Gore as a co owner, so that just like the Mercantile or the Nasdaq, one with “carbon credits” could sell to another who was above the amount of carbon the government would allow. In other words, if you were a cattle rancher and your cows farted too much methane (no joke, this is real) you would have the following choices: Put fart filters on their butts (device being developed in Brazil at the moment), move your business out of California (we are losing 5 major companies per month over the last few years and Google is now in Texas) or “buy” carbon credits in order for you to keep on polluting and pass the cost on to the consumer.

But the beauty of the whole thing is that CA can get a piece of the action as well as it’s cronies who will run the exchange. Thus this has nothing to do with the planet, and all to do with a grand marketing scheme stemming from the ignorant fear of the putzes out there in order to “wet their beaks” at our expense. The bottom line for any “putz” that cannot get this is that it is not going to, as in Europe “save the planet” but simply to enrich those on the left.

“Cap-and-trade is a tax, and it’s going to be a great big one.”

— Congressman John Dingell (D-MI)

“[It’s] the most significant revenue-generating proposal of our time.”

— Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD)

“Electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket” under cap and trade. Industry will have to “retrofit its operations. That will cost money, and they will pass that cost on to consumers.”

 President Barack Obama


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