The Foreign Policy, Or Lack Thereof Of Barack Obama

Is Obama a) a complete amateur who is totally ignorant of foreign policy as it benefits The United States, or b) a complete political hack, who would rather sit on The View with a bunch of twits talking about himself as “eye candy”, pursuant to his re-election rather than the foreign policy of The United States?
Answer: Both! He has dismissed an opportunity to meet with our number one ally in the Middle East which serves as a message to the mullahs and crullers of Iran, that Israel is just not important to our foreign policy.

Further, this contemptible political hack has no problem when it comes to lying to the American people when it comes to his “foreign policy” as it serves to his political ends. One must remember, that Saul Alinsky not only taught him that “the end justifies the means” in true Marxist theology, but Obama also taught the Alinsky “Rules For Radicals” to his students.
Obama, through his stooges and proxies lied to the American public about the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya. Within the first reports of the attack it was absolutely clear to our intelligence that these savages with RPG’s and mortars, where not just some ignorant worshippers sent from the Mosques with instructions by their Imams to create a scene in the streets, but armed and trained terrorists. Five days after Obama’s stooge, Ms. Rice, is going on a half dozen talk shows claiming the reason for the attack was a slur on Mohammed by an Egyptian expatriate, that in fact no one had even seen as it was just a rumor that it was done in the video. There was a massive amount of evidence weeks in advance to the attack, including prior attempts, wherein appropriate foreign policy would have been to pull out our consulate or have Marines there with clear instructions to kill any savage trying to scale the walls or attack our compound. The Liar in Chief further carried out this charade right up and through his boring speech at the U.N.

Right now rather than Marines, we have the FBI sitting on their hands in Tripoli, nowhere near the now well compromised consulate, so that Obama can further fend of questions by stating “the event is under investigation”.

Bottom line: Barack Obama is the Benedict Arnold of American Foreign policy. He has spread our most precious secrets to make himself look macho in a “policy that is foreign” to him as he does not even understand what our foreign policy should be. He has blatantly lied about the terror attack in Libya as well as Egypt, where the real reason behind Morsi’s Brotherhood was to garner the release of the “Blind Sheikh” who first torched the Wall Street Towers and was a spiritual leader in their final destruction.
Richard Nixon lied to America and he was forced to resign. Barack Obama lied to America and four innocents were murdered including our ambassador which is a massive affront to America. Obama is slightly ahead in the Presidential polls and no one is yelling for him to resign or be impeached. What the hell have we become that we can allow this and make believe it did not happen to us. Shame you every one of you who can vote for this fraud, as that is what he is and always has been. You did not want to heed the warnings from the very beginning about his background, his radical friends or his stated beliefs. You chose instead to hate Bush and knee jerk vote for a “fakir” (read as faker, but double entendre meant), who smiled at you, made wonderful promises of “Hope and Change” and totally fooled you into believing his evil “Okey-Doke”.

If Obama lied to you about Benghazi and the death of our ambassador, don’t be stupid enough to think he is, has been and will be lying to you about the economy and all else.

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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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