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Change Republican Strategy And Platform Or Be Doomed To Extinction

As I have written over the past year, I was always deeply concerned about what I considered the poor messaging of the Republican Party and Mitt Romney. While I thought and still do, that Romney would have made an excellent … Continue reading

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The Selling Out Of The American Dream (Or if you keep giving the same man a fish and not teach him to fish, he is an idiot and you are an enabler)

  The cost to America of the Obama election strategy is that all of the takers swept him into office, but at the same time a new and disquieting “normal” has emerged. This is because it also was the selling … Continue reading

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The left would have you believe that when millionaires like Sheldon Adelson contribute to campaigns it is different from the unions, such as SEIU, the top contributor this season. However nothing we have witnessed in our lifetime comes even close … Continue reading

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