The left would have you believe that when millionaires like Sheldon Adelson contribute to campaigns it is different from the unions, such as SEIU, the top contributor this season. However nothing free stuff wins electionswe have witnessed in our lifetime comes even close to how this Presidential election was bought and paid for. Election fraud rose to new and sophisticated heights with a very refined buying of votes along the lines of Rome’s Bread and Circuses for the poor. It was the “takers” vs. the “makers” on Election Day. Bread and Circuses gave way to four years of vote buying by taking tax dollars from the “makers”, those of us who produce something society wants and needs, thus paying taxes and the “takers”, who are those who live on the government dole either in part or in full.

Free cell phones were given out by the Federal Government, along with a massive push to increase the rolls of those receiving food stamps where recipients now are 75% greater than job creation. By executive order, Obama has attempted to lessen the requirements for receiving welfare as established by his pal Bill Clinton and also by fiat, despite Constitutional law to the contrary has granted rights to illegal immigrants so as to allow them to stay here unimpeded. In every case these groups including blacks and Hispanics came out in droves to support Obama. In fact, they surpassed the record of 2008. I guess a free cell phone and food stamps trumped “hope and change”. On the other hand, those among us who saw the reality of his administration came out to vote in lesser percentages than in 2008.

What is becoming of America, where an election can be bought for “Bread, Circuses and a cell phone”? These are people who cannot see beyond the nose on their faces. They would rather have free fish than be taught how to fish it seems. It is astonishing how with the worst economy in the last 30 or so years, and getting worse, impending Sequestration, lack of jobs and a scandal bigger than Watergate where people actually died in Benghazi, that absolutely none of this not only mattered to many voters but that the “free stuff” trumped it all. Is this now the “new normal”, where we buy elections with “free stuff” and the selling of America for votes and a great smile?

About ira1942

An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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