The Selling Out Of The American Dream (Or if you keep giving the same man a fish and not teach him to fish, he is an idiot and you are an enabler)


The cost to America of the Obama election strategy is that all of the takers swept him into office, but at the same time a new and disquieting “normal” has emerged. This is because it also was the selling out of the American dream. It was a dream that allowed the poor to rise to the middle class and higher on nothing more than ambition and talent and a dream that may now become extinct as well as potentially reducing the middle class to nothing more than a wisp of what it used to be. It will allow for two classes; the wealthy who most always survive and the poor, who will have their hand out to the wealthy. The only thing that will distinguish this scenario from the old Dickens “poor house” is that the government will hold the tin cup and disperse the “meagers” to the poor.

A coalition of “takers”, swayed by “free stuff”, cheap smiles and meaningless slogans were swayed away from the important issues of the day.  Hispanics who want virtual open borders, many Blacks (93%) who cannot see beyond the color of their nose, single woman who feel that a FREE “Jimmy Hat” is more important than their country and the youth who are not just uneducated in history and economics, but brainwashed by teachers and the usual “monkey see, monkey do” attitude of follow the hip leader rather than using their own cognitive process to make decisions helped to create our new normal.

What never seemed to enter their simple minded approach to democracy and the wasting of their vote was the fact that they were at the same time as voting to “empower themselves with free “meagers”, they themselves were enabling their enablers in return as they downplayed the important issues of the day; Benghazi and the cover up of Obama’s bungling and the resultant murder of Americans, the lack of jobs, the teetering economy, which will now suffer more with the pending Sequestration and higher taxation coming due to it, Obamacare and a myriad of hidden taxes on the middle class. These earth shattering issues meant nothing to those with the narrowest of issues and even narrower minds. So what if America fails, as two very important things in America have occurred; Obama won, as that is what it was all about and the “takers” get to receive more FREE stuff. The rest of us get a new normal and a much smaller middle class, as Obama was never about the middle class. He was about his colonial war between the rich and the poor.

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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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One Response to The Selling Out Of The American Dream (Or if you keep giving the same man a fish and not teach him to fish, he is an idiot and you are an enabler)

  1. Grant says:

    This will be most evident here in California as the brilliant voters handed the liberals a super majority in the legislature – now the GOP is truly irrelevant and VETO-proof from the Governor. Coming soon: driver’s licenses and more “benefits” to illegals, more GAY indocrination in the Public Schools, more anti-business regulations, more “green” regulations and of course, higher taxes on those “fortunate, evil, wealthy business owners” that haven’t been paying their fair share.

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