Change Republican Strategy And Platform Or Be Doomed To Extinction

If the Republican Party does not change it will become extinct.As I have written over the past year, I was always deeply concerned about what I considered the poor messaging of the Republican Party and Mitt Romney. While I thought and still do, that Romney would have made an excellent president, the message was deeply lacking and misguided. On the political front much was left out from the message such as how the Democrats in Congress which initially included Dodd and Frank and as of 2006 Obama and how they threatened banks to make loans that were not only inherently risky, but many of the sub-prime loans were downright criminal as they could not be paid back in six lifetimes. While the republicans were chided for McConnell’s remark about his first order of business was to unseat Obama, while not addressing the reason for the remark. The reason was Obama’s retort to Paul Cantor’s offer to work with him by first arrogantly saying; “I won, elections have consequences”.

On the platform front I have the bigger issue of it being dated and loaded with self inflicting wounds. The silliest beginning commenced with each Republican candidate trying to outshine the other with “who was the most conservative”, culminating with Romney’s silly retort of having illegal immigrants “self deport”. That was not just out of touch that was out of mind!

A candidate should not have to expose or talk about his or her personal life choices but how he or she would govern. If in one’s personal life they believe in the “right to life” that is not a governing issue but a personal one and should never be a governing. There is no gain in trying to overturn Rowe vs. Wade, so enough about “right to life”. That is a personal argument between the governing person, the governed and their God and conscious.

Instead of these issues, the major concerns of the nation are all that is relevant: Defense, Economy, Jobs, Foreign Policy, etc. Even for conservatives, they must acknowledge that the Constitution enumerates the Presidential powers and they are limited to only a few things, so why talk about what the Present is not empowered to do, such as change Rowe vs. Wade?

It is time for the Republican Party to join the 21st century, learn from the Obama campaign re social networking, get out the vote and yes “get out of the way” and stop shooting yourself in the foot with topics that most Americans do not care about and those that do, will not vote Democrat in any event. I am not saying deny these issues but just don’t continue to campaign on things that will not get you elected as the country has proven that its demographics are not in step with the old Republican viewpoint.

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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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