The Obama Vision. Written 9-1-09

This article was written by me a few months after the first Obama victory 1 hopeand I believe it to be fairly prophetic as to how left he was then and how left, following his latest victory he is showing himself to be.

President Obama rode the crest of the “I Hate Bush” wave into office, promising change to the American people. What he failed to understand as well as communicate was that the “folks” and he each had a different idea of what “change” meant. During the campaign for the presidency the speeches given were as full of hope as new born baby on a spring day. Everything was going to get better and there were even images on television of people in “Sunday go to meetin’ poses” with hands stretched to the heavens, eyes closed and in a Mesmerized state of euphoria. There was even one woman who claimed on television that her mortgage and healthcare was going to be paid by the government, hallelujah! There was one big problem with all of this and that was that there were a truckload of unanswered questions and a stunning lack of detail with all of these plans of his. Here was a guy who came out of nowhere, somewhat like that old western or story, “A Stranger Comes To Town” and he was going to save us. He was going to bring change.

Well, the MTV crowd who live on slogans and 15 second sound bites, rather than details, who did not care about specificity and never spent much time reading history, did not care if there was a major lack of details on this “change”.  No one even cried out; “Look ma, the Emperor has no clothes”.  They could not foresee that if you don’t ask questions, nor demand the answers that the best you can hope for is assumption and we all know that assumption IS the mother of all stupidity!  Well my friends, the chickens have come home to roost.

We heard about “change you can believe in” until it gushed from every poor. The problem with our assumptions is that we all created our own interpretation of what change was and did we concern ourselves with why we should believe in it. Love is blind, and we loved him. We expected cleaner government, with an electorate that was responsive to the folks, who were not driven by re election, greed or graft.

We expected reforms in health care. We expected an interactive electorate and President who participates with the folks and not only educates them but learns from them as well. Learns not only what they want but what works in their lives, community and business. Instead, because we did not pay attention, nor ask the questions and were swept away with this wild euphoria, we got change, but can we believe in it.

We first and foremost have a government which has become so intrusive in our lives and businesses that one might even think we were under martial law. OK, a bit over the top, but still look at the control our government is exerting in ever increasing ways and wanting more control still, over the “land of the free”. If nothing else it has to make you wonder and question. What the hey is going on here and where is it leading us?

So what has changed? Charlie Rangel has now joined Chris Dodd, both Dems, in doing things that liberals would only assume Republicans were capable of. Dianne Feinstein has on multiple occasions made questionable moves that “coincidentally” benefitted her husband, Richard. From Wikipedia: “In U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings, three corporations in which Blum’s financial entities own a total of $1 billion in stock won considerable favor from the budgets of the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs.    The Washington Times reported in April 2009 that in October 2008, Feinstein had requested $25 billion in extra federal funding for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which days later granted real estate company Richard Ellis, on which Feinstein’s husband serves on the board of directors, a contract to sell foreclosed homes on the FDIC’s books. “Not to mention his repurchasing millions of his company’s stocks just prior.

So if you believed that Republicans, as the harbingers of big business were corrupt, here are the Dems doing the same thing. So, what has changed? Nothing! Nothing has changed that most of us would like to see change about our government. We wanted one that had more business sense, more ethics and to be more in touch and in tune with the people they represent, but that has not happened. All one needs do is listen to the grave disconnect between the folks and the political hacks at the town meetings. On top of it all just because the folks argue with the hacks on what is right, what is important and what we should be doing about reforming healthcare, such as Tort reform, coverage for the poor, without messing with what works for of the rest of the country, cleaning up the fraud in Medicare and Medicaid, etc., the hacks point a finger at the folks and call them names despite our freedom of speech. This flies in the face of the history of the Democratic Party that I supported most of my life. This is the very same party that has traditionally been the voice of opposition and in the streets, in the later part of this century, now complaining that those independents in the center have no right to do same???

So if this is not the change we bargained for or “assumed” we were to get, what is the change we are getting? It is clearly not the change you thought you were in store for. The change we are getting proposed is a change in our form of government and that bothers me. We have a President and congress that seems to want more power for the government at the expense of the people, our freedom of choice and our free market economy. That is the crux of the problem that we are seeing at the town hall meetings.

We are seeing a government that is disconnected with the folks, a government that seems to be functioning by ideology, party lines and expediency. “Let’s get it done fast” rather than right. Any health care bill even if it is a bad one it seems will be better than none. Yet how would these hacks know, most of them have not even read it. When the people are clearly telling the government what they need, and what is in their best interests we have a government preaching back ideology and screaming change and moving, not literally to, but closer to the Socialist point of view that government knows best. That is scary to me.

As far as I am concerned the best of us do not go into government because they don’t want the scrutiny concerning their personal life and who can blame them. What we get are the also ran’s, the second and third level talents and the hacks instead. When we do get some talent they prostitute themselves for power and re election. In the final analysis it was a Republican government under Bush, who started the business bailouts of our banks and institutions and followed through by the Democrats under Obama. That was a good thing as we did not want a run on the banks like in the Great Depression and some institutions and businesses like GM had gotten so big that the fallout from unemployment alone would have been monumental. But since 95% of the so called stimulus money is still unspent, it was the American business system that self corrected and now shows an economy on the upward swing, due to it being one of the finest economies in the world and I do not want to change it. Maybe McCain should not have been poked fun at for stating in his campaign that we have fundamentally a sound economy or system. It works.

By the way, who are some of the people appointed by Obama to bring his version of change? Would Van Jones be one that you would favor, a self professed Communist??

Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones: “I met all these young radical people of color — I mean really radical, communists and anarchists. And it was, like, ‘This is what I need to be a part of.’”

Regulatory Czar: Cass R. Sunstein: “Animals ought to be able to bring suit, with private citizens acting as their representatives, to ensure that animals are not treated in a way that violates current law.”

Science Czar, John Holdren: “Holdren co-authored in 1977 titled Ecoscience: Population, Resources, and Environment. The book reportedly includes this statement: “population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution.”

Urban Affairs Czar, Adolfo Carrion Jr.: The NY Daily News reported numerous developers made tens of thousands of dollars in campaign donations to Carrión around the same time he was considering approving their projects in the Bronx.

Before we sign on for change, it is a good idea to understand and be in agreement with our leaders as to the type of change a comin’. This could be the biggest stumbling block for the President in that he misinterpreted the change we wanted and instead offered us his far left ideology as change.

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3 Responses to The Obama Vision. Written 9-1-09

  1. J. Palmer says:

    How exactly did government become more intrusive with the Obama administration? I thought the Patriot Act under Bush was pretty intrusive (although it never bothered me because I have nothing to hide), but I do not understand the conservative opinion that Americans are losing freedoms. Perhaps it’s true, but it would be helpful if the folks that feel this way could offer more concrete specifics besides the recent government restriction on high capacity magazines.

    • ira1942 says:

      First of all I am not a Conservative, had been a lifelong Democrat and consider myself a midway moderate. I think you need to look no further than Obamacare which did not solve a problem, especially in light of other alternatives such as tort reform (Obama the Attorney, getting much support from them would not consider this) or allowing insurers to cross state lines, or a pool for the uninsured. Nope, Obama wanted it all under one roof, HIS.

      • J. Palmer says:

        I guess I can see that point. But that is obviously what America wanted. Obama campaigned strongly on healthcare reform and was very specific about what he would do. I feel like the people who say “forcing health care on Americans strips them of their freedom” don’t have much credibility with their argument–especially if they already had health insurance before Obamacare passed. The people that enjoyed the “freedom” of living without healthcare were most likely the ones who voted for Obama.

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