My friend N, who I have known through much of my life and a typical and lovely East mccarthy1Coast sweetie, lumps the Tea Party into the same category as the KKK. She feels they are crazy and detrimental to the American way of life. My God, I hope she and you saw and heard the testimony of three brave AMERICANS, not Tea Party members, but AMERICANS. They were not crazy, they were highly educated, well spoken, and while we may not all share 100% of their beliefs we all share many if not most.

The singularly most shared belief has to be the promise of America as made by our founding fathers. It made me sick to hear what our jack booted government morons did to them, singling them out at election time to shut them down. Demanding even that they be informed about the free speech even of children in the applications they were holding back on. If Obama did not give a direct order, he surely created this atmosphere as he referred to the Tea Party a few years ago as a “threat to Democracy”.

What could you expect when those in the White House, let it be known, along with Sen. Schumer and about 8 other Democratic Senators lobbied with the IRS to investigate these “groups”? What we got was a reprise of McCarthyism with a system already broken, gone hog wild and buck naked. These Tea Party types in front of Congress today were you and I, repeat, you and I. N, I hope you were watching them on the news? Oh, I forgot, you don’t watch FOX, as you were told it was a Fascist station and Fox Lies as well as Obama claiming they were not a news network. Well, you missed this revealing testimony if you were watching CNN or MSNBC, as after all why would they censor the news by virtue of omission?

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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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