Where Do We Go From Here?

Ben CarsonAs Boehner pulls a boner by blasting conservatives, doing his P.T. Barnum routine telling all how conservative he really his, he not only went over the top but drove another wedge between both sides in the Republican party. Pure theatrics, casting blame and useless, me, me, me rhetoric will not only not heal the party but not win elections. America frankly is sick and tired of divisive politics of “us vs. them.” Boehner needs to just look at the polls and see where Obama’s divisiveness has gotten him and America or if it actually has helped him cover up his tracks of fumbles and deceits as it has not. I do not want to go into the next election having to vote for the “lesser of two evils” as I am at this point in my life an independent and if I feel that the Republican candidate is a buffoon I will again vote for the “lesser of two evils”, and that is assuming that no one the Democrats can bring forth is anywhere near fumbler, liar, incompetent and deceitful a person that Obama is.

What to do, Mr. Republican, what to do? The first example I will cite, following my point on Boehner’s error in tactics, which served no good but to compound Ted Cruz’s error in tactics, is for the Republicans to heal the rift between the Rockefeller Republicans and the Conservative Republicans. The Republican Party must end the divide by agreeing among them not to use Obama’s tactics of demonizing each other as was recently done and overly done during the Republican primary presidential debates. They must agree to work together for a common goal despite theoretical differences. Leave the theories to Professor Obama, as they did not work very well for him.

What Boehner should have done?

1-     Speak on the shared values of both wings of the party, looking for commonalities.

2-     Explain that while the Conservative wing had brought welcome ideas, backbone and attention to the party, their tactics were in need of review not demeaning. Knowing they could not win on the shutdown describes the poor tactic that it was.

3-     Clarify that both wings have shared goals, but the goals must always be somewhat tempered by the times, the ability to garner votes from both parties even with a possible Presidential veto, which then makes the President look out of touch. Be aware of what the American people want by not always answering every argument by its Constitutionality or lack thereof, but by addressing what the times are calling for and the people want. It is all about the way you phrase your points.

I am not suggesting that the Constitution is the fluid document as Obama would describe it, but that while functioning within its scope champion the people and not just the narrow point. The people were not for the last shut down and another over the Budget agreement would not have been tolerated by them.

I am suggesting that despite having an accurate position on fundamentals, one must address how the people see the situation. What is their perception and the perception was that a shutdown hurts and that it is offensive to them. In retrospect the last shutdown did not hurt, in fact was economically beneficial, but that will not get traction in the press leaving the “perception” by most people that it did.

What type of person do we need as a Presidential nominee? We need one who will tell the truth, not pander to special interests and unite the Republican party by addressing the interests of all and at the same time by being able to show that they will never get 100% of what they want, let alone when having to deal with the opposing party, and to accept the reality of while fighting for what they want, accept what they can reasonably get.

We need a person who can bridge the gap between politicians and the people, one who can truly serve the people under the constitution and providing a government that is “of, by and for the people” and serves their interests rather than their own political ambitions. The person we need must be able to respect the other wing of the parties’ issues yet espouse a formula for winning elections that do more than just “appeal to the base” but can bring in independents, and moderate Democrats from the other side in an election. We need a person who can address the needs of the wedge and single issue voters, such as youth, women and minorities and can step into their communities and address them with common sense win-win solutions. As much of the electorate are politically, historically and in many cases economically lacking in their understanding of what makes our country function well or not so well they also need to be able to speak to the folks on their level in order to bring them into the fold. Democrat Harry Truman did this exceptionally well with his “plain speaking” approach.

I do not see many in the Republican Party at the moment that can do this. I like Rand Paul for his ability to speak to the issues, but I am not sure I like his Libertarian stance, especially on foreign policy. Obama’s pull back from effective foreign policy has not given us much. Marco Rubio is a good looking, well spoken candidate, but did not impress me after he did not take a stand during the shutdown, instead recently deciding on standing with the Conservatives over the potential budget shutdown. I love the bluster of Chris Christy, but am not sure of his political will, as he may be as ambitious as Obama and that did not serve us well. I do like Paul Ryan, but am not sure he could stand up to the bluster and the big mouth of a Clinton verbal barrage similar to “what difference does it make?”

The person who impresses me the most due to his political values, clear and concise speaking manner is Dr. Benjamin Carson. His speaking manner reminds me of that old Progressive, Teddy Roosevelt who stated his policy as “speak softly but carry a big stick.” He is humble, well spoken and presents very cogent arguments in calm and reasoned manner on the issues of the day. I think he not only could be a unifier within the party, should they be able to get beyond the fact that he is not a political insider, but could be a unifier of the nation.

Dr. Carson could represent the country on a path back from the devastation the hard left and Obama has wrought on our economy, with over regulation and Obamacare. He also could be a blessing to our standing in the world after our becoming the laughing stock of it with a foreign policy based on a domestic political yardstick, from Benghazi to Iran Nuclear talks, to name a few, rather than what is in America’s best interests.

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