“F__k The Tea Party”

An interesting scenario happened today. Some kid thought it “cute” to drop a graphic on Google Plus which read F–k The Tea Party. I did not seek this kid out, her “so called” political statement smacked me in the face as I logged on.

I of course responded, including reminding this “intellectual group” that if not for the Tea Party the IRS would not have been busted for what they are, an arm of the political left. I further reminded them that when Republicans come to power, I hope they don’t have to see the left suffer the same indignities as the right did by the IRS.

After several to and fro’s with the “illiterati” had one tell me to “stop trolling” as if I did not belong in their so called low intellect discussions. The problem with people like that, is that they would rather “fart obscenities from their mouth” to each other and within a closed circle who then communally can then all chant “oh yeah, cool” than gain any insight about America, its culture, people and politics beyond the little they know.

“Stop trolling”, whew, what an idiotic point of view as I was not asked how I stumbled across such tripe, but just the assumption that I was “trolling for an argument.” God forbid they learn something from someone else who may not only disagree with them, but also may be better informed. No wonder we are in trouble, as America is two armed camps of “mouth farters” who seemingly will never come together.

Let me ask that you invite some of your Liberal friends to discuss with us here ways to make America better rather than tear it down with ideologies that most who spout them don’t even understand. I guarantee you most never even heard of Alinsky let alone know what he stood for. However, no name calling please. The high road is the best road. 🙂

About ira1942

An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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3 Responses to “F__k The Tea Party”

  1. Carl Bahre says:

    I know how you feel, Ira. I also find it intriguing to converse with others over political differences and, like you, am amazed at how little substance comes up. These conversations (if you could call them that) generally end up with me/my observations being mindlessly denigrated. I really believe that I could write down what their answers will be ahead of time and be batting over .750. With the way people are polarized today civil discourse is becoming a thing of the past. It saddens me greatly, especially coming from young people. It is opportunity lost for all involved. I suppose that this is all a result of the loss of the ability to think critically which is a result of, in my humble opinion, our failing public school system and pop culture in general. The world is being reduced to soundbites.

    • ira1942 says:

      Sad but true Carl and one of the primary factors in this state of affairs is the state of politics. When you have a divisive President who culls out sections of the population and tells them there is a “war” on them and politicians who cannot argue facts but simply denigrate the opponent you have the road map for failure.

  2. Grant says:

    Agree completely – sad how these “conversation” usually go the way of common slogan/jingo slinging and then when presented with facts, either “but what about Bush?” or simply name calling. Sure our esteemed representatives in Sacramento are working on anti AssaultFact legislation now…

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