Why Do I Write?

I have not always been political nor anymore than a Jew in name only. However times ira-1-30-13bhave changed and for me the year was 2008 when Obama came to office. First I thought of him as an empty suit, a loser with a big rhetoric and a voting record of absent. I was fond of using the phrase at the time that “the emperor has no clothes” and that he was potentially the “Manchurian Candidate”: All this I blogged at the time where you are welcome to read them at ira1942.wordpress.com.

What was also an incentive to me was that I like the rest of my fellow Americans was being very noticeably hit in the wallet. I became angry and I wanted to know who was to blame. While I always was a student of history and a fair hand at economics, I started reading: Dinesh D’Sousa’s works, “FDR: New Deal or Raw Deal” which explained that all of the things Obama was doing to purportedly fix the economy were tried before by FDR, the closes thing we ever had to a dictator and as his best friend even related to Congress that FDR was wrong and elongated what was a minor depression into a great one, unlike the 1920 depression, far greater and over in one and a half years thanks to “smart government”. I read Thomas Sowel’s major tomb on the two great economic theories of the world as first espoused by Hayek (Capitalism) and Keynes (Socialism) the later the ever failed system. One had to be really angry to read what amounted to the equivalent of a book on nuclear physics.

In the course of my “studies and observations” what got me crazy is that many of the times a politician opened there mouths, they were lying and when Obama opened his it was every time. To me this was a sin against our country. We deserved better.

While Obama care was the most noticeable lie, with “you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” etc. He lied about the real causes of the recession. It was not as a result of the over spending George Bush, his “whipping boy” but directly a result of the sub-prime mortgage housing crash, as Obama, Dodd and Frank threatened banks to make loans to folks who needed a picture of a hamburger on the cash register to make the sale. Obama got his thieving buddy at Fannie Mae, Frank Raines, to let the banks know it was open season on loan making as the government is backing them. Obama also got his “enforcers” Acorn to march in front of the bank to further intimidate them into making bad loans. Well once the word was out, it was off to the races as every corrupt mortgage broker was writing up loans to every broke dick American who would apply. When both Bush and McCain warned Barney Frank that they were gambling with America, Franks’ treasonous reply was “I will roll the dice”. We did, we paid and Obama kept lying.

Then because no one wanted to listen to Romney during the debates and the fool let himself be intimidated when he had the “audacity” to question Obama on foreign policy, Obama opened the door to the world we now live in. His handling of the Middle East and refusing to use the phrase Islamic Terrorist has led to everything from ISIS to the Paris murders, from Putin’s takeover of the Crimea to Korea’s “take over” of Sony which somehow led those idiots to jump in bed with the low life Al Sharpton for probably a half billion dollars to “protect their image in the hood”.

We virtually all know that Obamacare is a joke and is bleeding our economy dry, yet the stupid Dems just stand up and still defend it and Obama threatens to veto any changes to “his artful work” that may even make it more workable. The act did not affect hospital costs, Obama jumped in bed to enrich the insurance companies and 30 million Americans are still uncovered. All they had to do was cut a deal with Kaiser for the poor or expand Medicaid, create Tort Reform, which Obama’s buddies at the Trial Lawyer’s lobby blocked and allow insurance to cross state lines. The 26 year old “gimme” was nothing and did not cost the insurance companies thus could be done without wrecking the system. The only real tweak that would have been needed was coverage by those with prior conditions and that could have been accomplished with a partnership between all of the carriers and government by creating an assigned risk pool as with auto insurance.

As a further result of the “Obama foreign policy” or lack thereof if you believe most pundants and I do not, we have also opened the door on an ever increasing campaign of murder against Jews and Christians as well as other minorities. As I watch emboldened “Muzzy hordes” raining shit on the world stage and on Jews, I have also grown much closer to my Jewish roots and am fighting back as best one can at my age, although I still have a pretty good right and a well oiled pistol should they come into range.

Following my continuing education and acceptance of my “Jewishness” I made the decision to see if I could influence any others in order to share my points of view. I write to both inform and to convince others even if only one person at a time. I have lost friends over this as they were incapable of looking beyond their own ideology that they felt secure with however skewed.

As Americans as well as Jews and Christians, now is a time we need to pull together and kick political correctness in the ass and call out the uber liberals and Islamists for exactly what they are. We will not be able to change the mind of the Islamists as they are 80 percent illiterate and generally convinced that killing the infidel as well as marrying their goat is very acceptable and I have posted references to same. Hopefully we can convince the liberals that they need to re look at their views. It is not the fact that a liberal who is one who cares for their fellow man and a conservative does not, witness the fact that Republicans give far more to charity then Democrats. Both care, but each especially due to this “Obamanation” of a government has spent the last six years separating us rather than trying to bring us all together as a nation. We are at war and Obama has not acted like a war time president having done so. He has done just the opposite.

Hopefully we can all pull together and achieve the America that it is supposed to be; land of the free and home of the brave.

About ira1942

An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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