Those Evil Christians (or why Liberals feel such collective guilt for Muslims)

I recently visited a FaceBook page which is the largest liberal group on FaceBook to why taxpayers can't get no respect“discourse” with my “fellow Americans”. There was a post most “liberally entitled” “Right wing Christians are threatening Muslims with ‘bullets’ and ‘dynamite.’” Oh those poor Muslim victims, we must CAIR (pun intended) for them and protect them from those “EVIL CHRISTIANS”.


When I reviewed the various and sundry “so called” commentary, most were rampant with “bullet point” responses. They were without any clear and cogent argument to support their points. What was there was the typical “war on women” type of nonsensical comments. However the most disturbing thing about their arguments is that they mostly tried to deflect from the Muslim atrocities being done this very day with examples of Christian atrocities done centuries ago. In other words It is OK to accept what Muslims do in the name of Allah today as “we naughty Christians” did the same thing in the Crusades, with settling the wild west at the expense of the Indians, burning “witches” at the stake in Salem in the 1600’s and the Klan 75 years ago. The only Christian bad guys they could point to in this day and age were of course the right wing fundamentalists, yet they could not produce any date on mass killings by them. This amount of collective Christian guilt simply amazed me. Needless to say I did jump in with my arguments and hopefully educated some.


The problem with many is they do not know history. Do you know that the reason the Islamo Fascists blew up our buildings on 9/11 was not due to what America did to them. We did not have Gitmo open and our sin was to only buy their oil, enriching retards with a war against women, children, Jews and Christians. 9/11, 1683 height of the Caliphate, you know the one ISIS keeps talking about, when the Muslims were marching on the Vatican where there intent was to sack it and build a Mosque on top of it as they did in Cordoba Spain and Jerusalem.


Thank Gd for the Christian Armenian and Viennese armies who stopped them at the Battle of Vienna, 1683. This started the Caliphate as of 9/12 to sink into oblivion. This is why they want to kill us, as they want us either to convert or die.


This is why they have on many occasions called for Sharia Law in AMERICA, and they practice it in their enclaves throughout Europe. This is an enemy whose own holy book states it is just dandy to lie to the infidel, that’s all of us here folks, and to kill them and take their land. This is an enemy who practice what THEY call “stealth Sharia”, where CAIR poses as a bunch of victims rather than the extension of the Muslim Brotherhood that they are. This is how we have a WH that is packed with Muslim Brotherhood appointees.


So to all those folks who like to point to ancient history, the crusades (and if you really knew what happened you would know that the Crusades were not an policy of conquest but of DEFENSE, against the Muslim invaders of Europe and please show me a time in the last fifty years where the KKK or Billy Graham lynched anyone. 🙂




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One Response to Those Evil Christians (or why Liberals feel such collective guilt for Muslims)

  1. robin92648 says:

    “Good Jews don’t support Israel”, this was a newspaper headline in England. It could put their lives in danger on the streets of England. In America it is true for different reason. Many America Rabbi’s and Jews have divided minds, half of it supports Israel and other half supports the Palestinians. My question? Supporting Palestinians to do what? Kill more Jews, Israelis or their Arab brothers?
    American Jews who love their children unconditionally. Love Israel conditionally only if Israel does and behaves, as they want. If Israel violates one of those imposed conditions these Jews turn to helping the Palestinians who want to kill every Israeli and Jew.
    If you love Israel unconditionally you won’t abandon and betray Israel as many of you have done.
    If you stand up for yourselves and Israel you will be respected. If you don’t you will be seen as weak and disrespected and Anti Semitism increases.
    That means you support Israel no matter which Government is in control.

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