What have we become when a Mayor can utter such garbage rather than some lofty ideal such as “keep the peace for your brothers?”

What kind of morons are we electing that can be so stupid that their comments and actions will only perpetuate the problem rather than fix it?

Yes it is quite possible that there is a grievance in that the police went well beyond their protocols and murdered their captive. However what is the appropriate response to this. Violence begets violence and that is not the answer but the catalyst for more violence.

What about the people who live there when they need their next prescription during an asthma attack or a diabetes issue when the need that RX now and not later as maybe a matter of life and death? Burning down the local CVS will now cause residents to go to the next town or well out of the neighborhood and lives will be at risk.  What about the local black or otherwise merchants who will suffer or the people who want the police to prevent them from the thugs who as of this writing are amalgamating into a “let’s kill the po-po gang”? The Cripps, Bloods and Black Guerilla gangs have formed an association of thugary. Who will protect the populace from them?

The problem is that of the Democratic party’s policies that keeps people in poverty and the real problem is that the Democrats don’t give a flying fart about the welfare of these people as to them these are not people, human beings who are suffering but votes. That is all they represent to the Democrats, Obama included, as he is not truly a “black man” in his heart, but a usurper of his color and these unfortunate soles are just votes.

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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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  1. greg says:

    Well this is a little more complicated then that. Firstly the Protests were started by Fliers that were distributed via Social Media to have a day of lawlessness i.e. the Purge. thugs were flown in and SEIU got in on the organizing process. This is what will cause Federal money to flow in to rebuild which will go to SEIU and Unions. the Work created will help grow SEIU and Govt interests. theres a whole lot going on here and even more under the surface.

  2. ira1942 says:

    You are correct, and not only that the Fakestinians also jumped in with tweets about it. It seems Rahm was right, never waste a good chance to invest in chaos.

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