Ben Carson President

Ben Carson For President

Over the course of my life as a business person and stock holder I have always been drawn to watching shows about business. My favorite episodes were always the ones featuring highly successful business people like Jack Welch, Steve Jobs and others in the hope of learning a smidgen of the knowledge they have developed in their lifetime.

Inevitably the host would ask, once the topic meandered down the political lane, “have you ever thought of running for President or high office?” With almost the inevitable and universal reply came the denial of ever having wished for such a position and this was ascribed to the negative aspects of a system that demanded things of the candidate that were not suitable either to the temperament or integrity of the business person being interviewed.

What a shame when you consider the loss of great talent and the use that talent would have been for our nation. Instead we many times have wound up with political hacks or worse. Needless to say, a great candidate for President is one whose values match yours, but also those of the majority of Americans.

Those values must include a respect for the constitution and our system of government with all its accordant laws. In addition an absolute requirement would be one having compassion for the people as a whole beyond looking at them simply as votes. If only seen as votes that would portend to be a form of reducing one’s governance to only those who would vote for that candidate and not for the greater good.

In addition the candidate should possess the ability to govern in all areas and anywhere there may be less acumen, that candidate should have the greatest of abilities in order to incorporate those areas in their fullest realm. The candidate by necessity will eventually have to choose advisors, justices, cabinet members who are capable within their realm who can execute their function with integrity. Considering all of the above, we are finally blessed to have a candidate similar to the ones I could only hope would have even considered running in the past.

Now after two years in the making with many begging and cajoling for his candidacy has one come along that has not only considered this but has thrown his hat in the ring. That candidate’s hat is a rather large one as it sits atop the head of extreme accomplishment, intelligence and integrity. A candidate who is and will be bucking the odds, trends and party requisites to do “that which is right” rather than “that which is expedient” or is simply to “amass votes and make promises that we the people will need pay for down the road.” That man is Dr. Ben Carson and I for one feel that one of my “life’s wishes” has been fulfilled. Here is a man, that in my humble opinion that can help rescue us from the abyss that we are in and can help guide this country once again to the greatness of its past.

About ira1942

An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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  1. Grant says:

    we are liking Dr Carson as well – hoping he gets/keeps traction while the silly left plans to sift through his trash for anything of value…

  2. Craig bursau says:

    Any man that has his priorities in order, and has demonstrated discipline and achievement, that effects our culture and future in a positive way, is a candidate of consideration. Carson has the profile of a strong, positive leader. This country’ s strength and leadership will not survive another failure such as Barack Obama and his administration

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