WHAT does this mean? It means because of stupid politicians, including Obama, Sharpton , et al, the paid for demonstrators and the truly oppressed who think the problem is the police will continue.


FIRST more murders and crimes will be committed until the community and their business rise up and scream in almighty unison, NO MORE, FOR GD’S SAKE NO MORE!

THEN the police will go back to doing their job, and this time with less equipment so Obama can claim in true narcissistic fashion: “Ya see those disarmed cops, I did that”.

AND THEN, some other stupid crap will happen, Soros, Sharption, SEIU, Anonymous and all of the other opportunists, socialists, communists and anarchists funded by these evil bastards will once again march and march right into the line of fire once again of the police and more will be hurt, arrested and even die as the cycle continues.

AND THEN……………………………

UNTIL we break the cycle of this never ending stupidity, all preventable, by raising the minimum wage to a level above welfare, put back in the work rules to welfare, get rid of all of the welfare cheats so that only the truly needy are receiving it and stop buying votes with welfare will we provide people with jobs that pay better than rioting.

UNTIL we address the never end of streaming babies born out of wedlock and place a cap on how many babies can serve as welfare tickets, all we are doing is enticing people to take stuff rather than jobs which also provides dignity and a feeling of self worth.

UNTIL our politicians start looking at human beings as people and not as votes that can be bought we will continue the cycle that we are now in.

About ira1942

An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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  1. Robert Herring says:

    Its a slow march to facism… America is more divided than in 1860.

  2. Grant F says:

    your “Until” comments are perfect – could not agree more!!

  3. ira1942 says:

    Tammie telling the truth does not make one an idiot. But your “so called leaders” like Sharpton etc. have lied to you so much, it must make it hard to tell who is being truthful and who is lying to you. The truth is that you are not even a human being to these type of race industry jerks, you are a vote, a donation, a follower, and that is it. Do yourself a favor and look up the Tawana Brawley scandal, Chicago politics re Obama, do some homework PLEEEEEZ. This way you can offer more in rebuttal than name calling, the Democrat standard. You could actually participate in the conversation.

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