Hillary Clinton: ‘The deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top’

hillary clinton and wall streetNow Hillary’s deck is stacked with nonsense as she divides us with class warfare tactics just like Obama and right from the Alinsky playbook.

If a sane person wanted to help those in the working class rise or find jobs than a war on business is not the way. Now I know Obama claims many things, from “I built that” to “government creates jobs”. Yes government creates jobs when they hire workers in a bloated economy but the catch is it is wrecking the economy along with all of the government regulations plus Obamacare.

The left’s idea is to look to the rich, claim they make too much money so their money then is to be appropriated to give to others. That is called Socialism and since Keynes the original proponent of government trashing money on the economy, neither Socialism nor Keynes has EVER shown it worked anywhere. If the rich are rich, they either inherited or earned their own money.

Why should any business take risks and expand in America when all Obama and Clinton do is threaten their wellbeing with much unnecessary regulation which stifles the entrepreneurial willingness to grow ones business or start a business. It is easier to simply play safe and do nothing and that is exactly business is doing. If business hires labor in other countries and keeps the money the corporation earns in those countries it is because the left refuses to do what all other industrialized nations have done years ago and that is to allow the return of capital earned overseas with either no or limited taxation.

The “Great Depression” started out as a small one resulting from virtually no margin dollars required for the purchase of stocks and not from an economy that was bad. In fact the economy was booming until then. It was only until FDR started meddling and micromanaging the economy that it elongated into a great depression. The GREAT depression was actually the one before in 1920 which resulted from tariffs and taxes that Democrats imposed on the country. When the Republicans got in and reversed the taxes and tariffs we had a boom and we were out of the GREAT depression of 1920 within a year and a half. Shame on Obama as we are now six and a half years from a recession that we are still not out of as of yet.

The fact of the matter is that in a free society you either encourage business for what you want them to do with a carrot as the stick is illegal. While Hillary plays her class warfare games and divides, she needs to remember that it was Bill who allowed the banks and Wall Street, her benefactors, to grow so huge, by signing into law the ability for banks to act as investment firms and Wall Street to act as bankers.

These same bankers and Wall Street companies that Hillary so fraudulently rails against are in fact her benefactors? It is stupid to think she is on anybody’s side but theirs. She may talk the populist talk to get elected but she will not walk the walk once in and will in fact just enrich her benefactors and nothing will change.



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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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