CHAOSFINALShould the Supreme Court find the Obamacare provision illegal and strike it Obama refuses to present a plan B. Either he does not have one or if he does simply refuses to present one solely to be his usual “it’s my way or the highway, I am the king” way of doing business. He not so simplistically states “Congress can fix this as it is just four words.” What does he really mean?

It comes down to Obama only willing to accept two choices while excluding any middle ground or negotiation as is his usual style “take no prisoners negotiation.” His either or approach is A) fix it by adding the four word to amend the law or B) Don’t fix it and create not only chaos for 6.5 million subscribers  and then have new campaign style rhetoric to whip the Republicans with.  In my opinion he will be happy with either, as “stumpy just loves being on the campaign stump even more than governing”, if you can call his heavy handed dictatorial style governing in a Republic.

This like all else Obama does is potentially wrought with his only plan B and that is who he can blame when things go south. His usual target is, as he is fond of saying and I am tired of hearing, the “party of no.” I will give Obama credit here though, as he is sure to go down in history for two things: Our worst President and yet our best “sloganeer.”

Obama does in fact have a “plan C” and that is why he is waiting for plan A to be verified or vilified, his “Plan C” will be to continue to bully the court and keep flapping his gums to America in order to talk his way down from the precipice his mouth placed him on.

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  1. Why would Obama step into the middle of this mess? If SCOTUS decides against him, it can only hurt the GOP! They alone will have to deal with the millions of pissed-off voters who obtained insurance in the disputed states, but lost it because of their actions.

    I read his actions as tactical.

    • ira1942 says:

      Your comment Mr. Invisible, is not clear. You pose a question that Obama has already answered. He is campaigning in an undignified fashion against the Supreme Court. Ever hear of a little thing like separation of powers, yet alone dignity of office? I think the GOP will be the best judge of what can hurt them and in any event most Americans are against this law.

      • Thanks for your reply. Perhaps putting it this way will clarify my opinion. Obama is in a win-win situation with the court case. He will either win by prevailing, or he will win by the ruling going against the Administration. If SCOTUS rules against, all those who got Obamacare policies in the disputed states will immediately lose their coverage. They will blame the Republicans. I don’t know if this was Obama’s plan all along, but it’s true even if just dumb luck.

        It’s been quite clear from the arguments in the court that the plaintiffs don’t really want to “win” it. They know that by winning, they will shoot themselves in the foot and pay a penalty at the next election.

        Separation of powers is completely irrelevant to this situation. So is general public opinion about the law. All that matters is those particular people who might lose their coverage. Winning in court is a chess game. Tactics and strategy.

  2. ira1942 says:

    I understand your “opinion” but not so sure about your conclusion. Why, because the Repubs do have a plan B. Only someone as evil and cynical as Obama could be just as happy with a lose in court for his win/win. 🙂

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