What Value Does Trump Bring To The Party?


Well, let me start out by saying that he is not one I see as “Presidential” and neither is  he my choice for the Republican candidate. However he does offer value and I am happy to see him in the race and on the debates.

Why? Glad you asked as he has BALLS! There is nothing more frustrating than to see the “same ‘ol, same ‘ol” white bread Republicans who do not have any. What are the symptoms of “lack of balls”? Again, thank you for asking: The symptoms are portrayed by candidates who can’t look you in the eye and say WTF is going on here and will not look Obama in the eye and say same. I call that Romneyitis.

I am tired as a member of the legal voting class of seeing candidates who don’t have the balls to address that which most Americans are asking to be addressed and Trump does this with gusto, however clumsily.

What should be addressed you ask? Well, thanks again for asking so show me a candidate that will address the economy and jobs, our borders, honesty in politics and most of all “The Islamization of America”. You see there is a war being waged and although Obama will not speak of a “War on Islam” we need a candidate who can speak of the “Islamic war on America and the West”.

How does this “war on America by Islam” manifest itself ? It manifests itself in several fashions: 1- The overt war by ISIS on our allies 2- The proxy wars of Iran on our allies 3- The overt attacks on Americans by Islamists whether homegrown, imported or dropped here from the moon, as it is all moot as they are killing Americans 4- Stealth Jihad, a silent corrupter of our government and institutions by Muslims who would bring Sharia Law and their way of life to America and make it the dominant way of life, replacing our Constitution and laws. This includes appointments made by Obama to high positions in government of members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

How do we deal with these attacks on our American way of life? I am not so concerned about Obama’s JV squad, as in reality that is what they are but I am concerned with Obama’s phony war as our air strikes are a joke and only being done to the extent where Obama is covering is ass. We need to pull out all stops and bomb these savages back to the Stone Age so that they not only get the message but our allies will trust us again and heartily get into the fight.

We need to stop pussyfooting around and call it what it is, “Islam’s War on America”. After that we need to start “cultural profiling”, investigate the Mosques, putting operatives in the more fundamentalist ones and stop worrying about “hurt feelings” and being politically correct. If some secular Muslims are unhappy, too bad as it is long past the time when they should have been marching in the streets in support of America. When was the last time you heard or saw of the “Muslim Million Man March on DC in support of our way of life? Oh, never you say? I thought so.

We need to start over with the Iran negotiations and not simply “give them the store” as Obama has done as he is in his heart “pro Iran”. We need to include in the negotiations wording that forces them to behave and not act like Hitler invading Poland, as they have done in Yemen and Lebanon, Syria and Iraq via proxies.

We need to wake up in America and ban Sharia once and for all and take away all tax benefits from Mosques who act as political factions for “Stealth Jihad” and Sharia which are political systems and not religious ones. Most of all we need to kick our Congressmen in the ass and make them not just aware of the threats against our country but demand they act to halt them. We need leaders with balls and if Donald Trump forces the rest in the Presidential race to face issues that may be uncomfortable for them to face, then as far as I am concerned he has done his job for America and is a patriot.


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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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6 Responses to What Value Does Trump Bring To The Party?

  1. pagarymac says:

    He can speak blatant unadorned factual truth because he is a free agent without ties to lobbyists and moneymen. It’s refreshing and sorely needed. Don’t know that he’s my final choice, but I do know that any and all that attack him are undeserving PCers that will never have my support.

  2. Jane van der Zee says:

    I want Donald Trp for
    president Is like to see a
    President who has the fortitude to stand up for AMERICA. I don’t care if he’s abrupt. Maybe even a
    Little rude…..I want a
    Man who will smack down the ayatollas and cut off
    Money to rogue countries
    And stop wholesale illegal immigration. In short, I want a “Real Man” In the White House !

  3. Joseph Anderson says:

    He has balls, but he is not your choice? So who is your choice? Because all other candidates are exactly what you said Donald Trump isn’t! Are you actually going to vote for a run of the mill, insider politician, who says all the right things, but will never follow through? Who doesn’t have balls?????

    • ira1942 says:

      Who I vote for is not anyone’s right to know. That aside, you may want to re read what I wrote. The point being, like extremes in any group they tend to have an affect of moving the center off point and closer to the left or right positions. With a year and a half to go, I think we have time to see if that is true.

  4. Nancy Frye says:

    This make sense to me, and I’m starting to like Donald Trump more and more for President, Why because he seems to be the only one addressing issues we as American’s are concerned about. So grow some if you want to serve as our leader,

  5. I agree, he’s not my choice. He’s contributed way to much to the enemy camp and hasn’t refined his ‘conservative’ ideals… yet. But I do like what he’s bringing to the conversation, he’s forcing issues to be discussed. I like truth. I like honesty. There IS ONE candidate besides him that has the courage to stand up to the RINOS and do it as a gentleman should.. Ted Cruz.

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