Higher Education And Unintended Consequences

Typically the Progressives want to throw more gasoline on the fire than put out the fire bernie-sandersand find the root cause as to what started the fire and fix that.
Right now Hillary and Bernie are in a mad race to outdo each other by suggesting that in order to fix the problem of tuition costs let’s just throw more money at the problem. This is the biggest problem with the retarded approach of Progressives as exemplified by Clinton’s and Obama’s adventurism in Libya forward is that they NEVER whether by limited intellect or “I just don’t give a damn” attitude consider the unintended consequences.

Well, the unintended consequences in higher education which has already been proven over time yet ignored by Bernie and Hillary, due to their “liking the sound bite of more free stuff” is that this approach has been an abysmal failure. Not only has this been a failure, but it is the taxpayer that pays for it when they fail. Not the politicians as they make sure their interests are ever affected. That is the DC way. The students pay with ever higher tuition and the taxpayer pays when the students can no longer take the hit.


Why has this insane policy been a failure? It has failed due to most government handouts and policies because when the government provides the funds they NEVER seem to want to control how the funds are spent.

The only time the government wants to control anything is with your life and business. They regulate business until you have what we have now, which is a miserable economy which grows at a snail’s pace at best. Why can’t we have fewer controls and regulations for business and our lives and more control exerted as the government gives away our tax dollars?

The fact of the matter is that every time the government has provided funds for tuition or other areas of learning the funds do not ever seem to be helping those intended. Between 1975 and 2005 university administrations have tripled administration costs without any benefit to the student or learning. This is pure greed on behalf of the institutions. This is exactly what happened with the Sub Prime fiasco. The government forced banks to make loans which they then they would guarantee via Fannie Mae and we were off to the races. The banks were given a license to steal by the government. Human nature tells us that when the government hands out free cheese, you take the free cheese.

The bottom line is that the government seems to not be able to control what happens with our tax dollars when they dole it out, like with Solyndra. Therefore the real fix for education is that there must be checks and balances to all government funding. The universities must be told that if they increase their spending on administration without exacting justification as to the benefits to the school and its students, that the government will deny funding to those students applying to or going to that school. We must stop allowing this craziness to go on as our economy is being strangled by the disease of “unintended consequences” by people in government who seem not to care what the consequences are or are simply too ignorant to forecast them.


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One Response to Higher Education And Unintended Consequences

  1. You have it right. We cannot “spend ourselves rich.” Our dishonesty is a growing snake intending to eat us.

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